Inspiration point (IP)

I'm feeling somewhat jaded - like most of the nation I guess.  I wonder if you can help me out in renewing my optimism?  I'm hoping you'll inspire me with this week's inspiration point - a fresh start.  


Inspiration point


It happens sometimes, where you know, you just lose it and actually mean the words you say and then try to cover it up, but the cover, just falls right through and you end up saying Fuck You anyways.


Vadim, documentary transmitted on German TV, channel ARD 1, 21.45 9 January 2013. Lettland= (English) Latvia

Fish and Chips (I P)

Wonderful day in the golden sun playing around as I'm queuing at the St Anne's Well Cafe Babies in their high seats gurgling to each other near the table I am sitting

Worry In The Wind

Where there's smoke there's fireand there's a worry in the wind