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My stories

The Memories

You glistened like sunlight You shone like the sun Your eyes were like water I knew you so fine You would touch me Me hand, my hair- And I would shiver At your fingertips

The Angel of Liberty

The day of the flight She soared into the clutches Of the sky- Her heart beating hard Saved by the one Who wanted her Would she have known? I wonder With grace-

Chapter Four- The Punchline

The car ride home occurred in pin drop silence. Our parents in the front, expressionless. Saawan in the middle back seat, biting his nails.

The White Dove

Did I tell you when The bird entered my heart And whispered to my senses While it soothed my soul It sang to me In tones so sweet And so heart breaking I wanted to comfort it

Chapter Three- The Emergency

I cannot remember how long I stood there by Saawan’s bed, shouting his name, then my mother’s, then Pavni’s, but I do know it was quite a while before I realised that Ma had left the house.