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Voted Southend's worst poet 2017

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Barry the Monkfish

There once was a monkfish called Barry Who lived off the coast of Canvey Given the chance, He loved to dance But he couldn't because he was a...

The Pub

I wandered lonely as a tramp That floats on, high on heroin When through the darkened haze and damp I saw a most delightful inn Beside the pound shop...

Free verse poem

Free verse poetry is bollocks, It has no rhyme scheme or metre, It may as well be a dialogue. It's written by people who Are too lazy to make Words...

How Would You Describe Yourself?

How would I describe myself? That's not an easy task, I've been told that I'm like many things From many harsh remarks; I'm like most pieces of...

Home Thoughts, From Abroad

O, to be in England My home, I love the best For those who stay in England Don't put up with this mess Trapped in some foreign land Robbed of...