Carpet Bombing and other poems


Carpet Bombing

Everything I've ever wanted to say about war without saying anything about war

Adam's Crib

The birth of the Lemming


We all need a kick, don't we?


Ssh now

Blackberry Picking

That's a better version

Bonfire Night

A commemoration for the unheard

Breaking Bottles

There was a wall once in my past Not much of a wall


Two sides to every river


How are you?


Time condensed and evaporated


A rose blooming from bad seed?


Written as a young man potraying an old woman. It has a simplistic charm.

Empty Bedrooms

Do they leave a gap - or cause it?


“I love you” he breathed earnestly While his profound gaze probed the glaze Of my lambent ebony eyes, For his own fragile reflection

Variable Rate

I bent downward, the plug rigid in my fingers Like a crucifix in a dead priests hand And pushed it toward the socket It chipped at the sides so I leant in further

Kay Too

I reach for you with hands Shaped like a fins…



Odds On

The red note’s my last I grinned mirthlessly You couldn’t turn it into a family, could you? Do you take me for a mid-wife? A banker then Did you write this note?

To See What Steven Sees

In memoriam R I P Stevie

Ice Sculptures

But baby it's cold inside


Everyone needs a job

Gardening Leave

Life stirs leisurely beyond these dead irises Flowers bloom and sigh Sunsets laugh and cry Short grasses grow tall and bend inside time But not for me Bird song breaks each dawn
Poem of the week

Foreign Correspondent

A different kind of postcard

Dock Leaf

Burns, stings they're ay' the same

Question Time

Beware the greasy poole


Step by Step

The Diver

Now I will dive Dive down Dive down deep Down to where my ears howl mutely And there is no colour And no sound But the banshee of memory Go Go down Down deeper

Highway Blues

There’s nothing like concrete; nothing as Seamless and inanimate; Frost free and Seeping into the vapid horizon Its hand servants - desiccated trees and Shrubs are poor companions

Stuck Outside Letterkenny

getting closer to what I want.


And so the cuffs fall away, rusted As those delicately wrought silver handles That bear your weight I never asked to be your captive And you my gaoler It just happened


Happy New Year!

Dressed Lamb


Greek Myth

Δία, πού είσαι τώρα

Infinite Sky

Once upon a Christmas

Death, be my Friend

Death, be my friend Although we’ve never spoken Come quickly as I end Embrace the body broken I’ve seen the sallow plastic skin Draped across these...

Return to Sender

This wall I remember,

Return to Sender (Version)

It arrived unexpectedly

The Approach to Lethe

On these open shores, Birds leave And doors shut silently Beneath the calm waterline, smooth pebbles shift And something is lost Unknown… Straddling...

My Voice

In Mumbai and Rio Kibera and Shanxi And in Smokey Mountain From Landscapes of litter, literature rises Soulful And sweet Sounds lift from the tongue...

Unrealistic Stunt Doubles

We wrestle like uncoordinated snakes Hissing and shedding skin Our emotions knotted with Badly rehearsed movements Coated in isolation and tears;...

The Lament of Barry Wom

When you find the girl of your dreams In the arms of some Scotsmen from Hull There’s no room at the Premier Inn And the local youth hostel is full...



A Universe between Twilights

In sweeps the light: Now, resting momentarily On your dipped shoulder; Decanting through glass Its butterscotch beams Sliding over the base of your...

Valentine's Day 2017

Chelmsford Railway station Upline Shivering bodies, self-compiling in clusters Along the cold grey dais Default positioning For downloading Onto...

Dry Wood

Witless, winding through a frosty Forest, my way, suddenly, blocked by a pair Of wooden slippers, sodden Through the cool morning rain Side by side...


A sunbeam slumbers by me, weightless and serene Careless of the atoms smashing through the screen Understanding nothing and everything between...

Chariots of Fire

Incontrovertible the reason that I cling to oh so dear Driving in concentric lines, these stallions of fear Harnessed to great chariots, they drag...
Gold cherry

Cider Fruit

Round, rusty red and hanging, Mocking science, rendering Newton absurd Swinging steadily in the stillness This seed of clay, enslaving Time and...

Double Helix

They chased him out of the long grass Beating him with sticks Blood running obediently Along the grain, mingled with The sting of angry rain teeming...


Love is immaterial within these pitiless threads; pillow-less Discarded piles, slumped into corners on comatose Cobbles with corrosive patterns and...

Fahrenheit 451 revisited

If this year was a book so bad You’d burn in tongues of flame Take it off the furnace And read it again


One day Mortality walked in and sat Beside me. We chatted. It seemed friendly and Knew me well. Then after a while it left, but Occasionally comes...

Ethnic Cleansing or The Tale of the Man, the Dog, the Cat and the Mouse - A child's allegory

Part 1 Immigration On an average street Stood an average house Whose occupants Were an average mouse An average dog And an average cat Although it...