Experimental Works

A few poetic forms I have experimented with.


More experimenting

4 Connecting Haiku

A little philosophy

A Triolet: A Scary Thought,

for a challenge I almost won! (-;


A poem that can be read three ways, see if you can work it out.

And The Sun Shone Down

Another old one, yet the message is still relevant.

Bluegate Fields 1872

A take on Blanchard Jerrold’s London: A Pilgrimage and an engraving by Gustave Dore. Edited 14/5/09

Three Than-Bauk

Than-Bauk has Burmese origins, it has three lines, each with four syllables. It has a falling or climbing rhyme. 1st line 4th syllable, 2nd line 3rd syllable and 3rd line 2nd syllable.

House of Dreams

An experiental Villanelle. Tell me if it works for you...

Three Little Bites

A Cinquain- And an invention of my own (sort of) an Acrostic Cinquain- And a Haiku.

To See The Devil Dance

An old one from my files, yet still relevent.. will it ever end?


This story illustrates a point Ewan made in Six Articles in Search of a character. This character kicked me out of the way and wrote her own story. I had meant it to be a comment on the NHS.

Interlocking Haiku of Truth

a little bit of philosophy my way :)

Life, Not So Freely Chosen

One from my archives A dark poem in the form of a Tersa Rima,

Stolen Innocence

A piece of poetic horror fiction

Stone Cold

Just a bit of an exercises.

Electric Litter

A poem I wrote at Christmas time a couple of years ago.

Four Englynion

I wrote these for a challenge at UKA. If you want to find out more about them you will find it here http://www.noggs.dsl.pipex.com/vf/englyn.htm

Shaking The Winter Blues

More experiments for challenges. This one is a Burmese Climbing Rhyme, of sorts!

Green Shoots Of Spring

... and a peace to hope for


More poetic form to play with- The Tetractys - Two Cinquains

Nowhere Land

A poem... Should be formated differently but I don't know how to do it!!

Third Time Lucky

A mirror poem of sorts. (-; another obscure poetic form.


Pandering to my penchant for poetic forms I give you this, Pleiades. Each of the 7 line stanza starts with the letter that begins the title.


for an explanation of this poetic form, The Paradel See here http://www.abctales.com/node/524651

Time And My Drawers

This is me experimenting with something different. I definitely DO NOT get this bored!!


A Passing weary thought!

Why Am I Still Here?

A piece of Prose poetry

Rio de Janeiro

A Sardonic peek at Rio, 'The River Of January' A piece of prose poetry Carnaval-Portugese spelling: Pivetes = Street Children

Intricate Kenning

This was the first of two written for the same challenge as Luigi's My approach is much different though

Intricate Contingency

2nd of my intricacy poems this one is an acrostic but reading diagonally down.

The Ash to The Oak (A Curtal Sonnet)

The curtal Sonnet invented by Gerald Manley Hopkins 1844/89. My feeble try at one

It's a Nothing

Who has the right?

The Great I Am

IP/1 Syllable. The form is called a dimminishing hexaverse.


For a challenge, the prompt word was Silence

Four Little Fibs

Some experimental stuff.


A Villanelle, a tale of illicit love