'The male Manners'

Fun Story men and their bad timing sometimes :)))))

Behave Please.... he he

All good things come to those that wait..... or does it he he.

No Time For Me

Ooooo Iv just had a naughty Thought,while the kids are A sleep I think a midnight Shower would be just What is needed right Now. In goes the bubble bath And Off with the clothes,

Tis the season

Humor and serious short Christmas poem

Oh Those Summer Day's

Oh those summer days!!

People And Their Funny Ways

More like a comedy sketch at a insane hospital than a family sunday meal!

Speech Speech

Keeping it in the family.

Human Vultures!

a different take on a funeral

Spectacles. I.P

Spectacles and laughs

Never Decaf Teabags again.

About working with family. Fun story.

If only I would

A bored hardworking man. I was originally going to arrange this for lyrics to a song, but change the last two paragraphs, let me know guys what you know thank you :)

Trumpet Alarm

Women trying to enjoy a day off from work

A Man Needs Space

No time to get changed out Of my greasy work clothes, They will have to stay on, Theres no time to waste, I can't be late, I have an Important date...

From out the window, IP

'Madge where's me drink, I said yes half an hour ago'. I bet she's got her Hearing aid down low. 'What was that Fred, I've hit me head, on this...

Pleasant Stranger

Arriving at my local post office On this clear, yet frosty winters day. I'm greeted by a lengthy queue At a quarter past two. And not so happy faces...

Night Friends

Oh Mr spider, please Don't crawl on me. All I want to do, is Have my regular Middle of the night Trip to the loo. I won't squash you Like some may...

Worn Out Old Thing

To look beyond what Your eyes see, is not Easy and can be misleading. I have many lines and are Not at my best, but the Story's i could tell you...

Watch Out The Sun's Out

Watch out,the sun's out That can only mean, Pale bare legs will Come out. With blue Hawaiian shorts, That's what I saw as They passed my house While...

Slice Of Pie, Made Me Cry

It was a devious hard crusted Pie, that took my last good Teeth.One slip from healthy Food and doomed to dentures For life, gourd I cant half get my...

Some Times Bad Things, Can Be Fun

A few sips of e thanol liquids in My own time, wouldn't seem a Crime to most, while others could See it as a slip to decline,especially If you happen...

Woke Up This Morning, (originally For Competition).

Woke up this morning feeling Fruity for my gal Lucy,but Instead I had to settle for my New best friend Mr muesli . You see she as me on this Health...