Parson Thru III

Still livin.

Also surviving at

I want to be with you

Broken poem of love to a busy world


North, South, East, West please.



All my loving

The Beatles' All My Loving is in my DNA There's nothing more to say


No train. Standing in the rain. Fatality, we're told. Met his fate. Shame about the rain.

Between worlds

The initial jolt to stun.

Captive / Contradiction

The place approaches and almost everything that I am ceases to be The groundedness of me in the earth gives itself up and the familiar madness creeps in The differences are subtle


A message to Claire

Come in and sit down

Come in and sit down Kevin. How are you? Well, you know...



For a child

Re-written: Perfect childhood morning Unreachable but never lost Pristine light of infancy Glimpsed in half-awakeness

I walked across the Levels today

Searching for truth along ancient paths


So I walk in the bar and cross to the stage and the owner asks "What ya gonna play?"

Shopping list

Publish the other thing another time

Some days

Somer magic



Do you have any idea?

To no one in particular

Do you remember?

20 years since the party


Nothing is ever enough

Fake / Lineage

I wouldn't say I was a fake exactly, but I don't have a catalogue or great literary lineage deposited in my depleting grey matter.

Have fun!

You haven't had your best day yet


I watched the flickering light against my eyes Canaletto skies playing in my mind

Maid of iron

Some will rest


There's the moon Pale whiteprecise halfmoonshaped ghost of itself against a fragile sky Regular and real among the fakingclouds slashed by soonforgotten trips to america

The red box

The wild nights bring the clearest thoughts And I wake up with a start as I recall the box I threw away as I emptied out your shed

Something I ate?

From the head to the belly or the belly to the head? Is it something I ate or something that you said?


Messy eater

Thicker than water

They say that blood's more thick, but water runs more clear and doesn't leave a stain


Wakeful, restless night


From a frozen field

It's a miracle!

Right under your nose.

No name

Under pressure to tidy the books

They say it's going to snow

My head is tired and crammed My body tense My fingers will not run along the strings Landing on each pavement crack Muscles overrun by a thousand raging thoughts It's cold


Oops! There I go ma head's a-spinning Felt life going well but seems that I ain't winning Watch those pretty fairy tales involving women who slide you down a snake to the beginning

Times like these

When the scenery falls over.

Infinite Sky

I looked up above me and all I could see was infinite sky. Am I too late?

So I sat down

So, anyway, I sat down and put in my earphones and that was good because I couldn't hear the bitching anymore. Dylan was providing palliative care.

The Journey

Know what I like about the journey?

How are you spelling conceit?

He likes to think he's an intelligent kind of guy


What's in a name?

The naked self

Apologies for repeating myself. Wanted to keep it as a whole and do some tidying.
Gold cherry

Secret paths

I draw the paths of childhood.

Suspicious Minds

I lie with this technology

Well, Madame

A watery grave for the unwary

Everything is old

Everything is old The world has a tiredness about it Like Fukayama was right And everything has been done

Just a way of gettin through

Hacking through the undergrowth.


Improve Your Management Technique - Case Study 28 by Chuck Witt Extract from “Management Improver Magazine”, February 2013

The beck

In a dip beside a river ran a beck.

Language is

a wonderful thing

Wake up people!

The Lump is back.

The letter

A quiet afternoon is unexpectedly disturbed.

The letter (2)

The four men sat quietly in the room. Juan handed the envelope to Javier. He examined it before opening it. The letter was written in a careful hand...

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The orphans of hope

Walls and bridges

Autonomy Pt 1

Fledgeling idea

Autonomy Pt 3

Squeeze the fruit a little more

Autonomy Pt 4

More autonomy

Autonomy Pt 5

Plugging on

Autonomy 6

Turning the handle to see what happens

Autonomy 7

The murky world of the well meaning

Autonomy 8

John goes on and on

Autonomy 9

We'd like to thank you once again

Autonomy 10

On! On!

Autonomy - Epilogue

In the weeks that followed the death of John Chine, several notable events occurred. A pessimist or paranoiac might conclude that these were related.
Gold cherry

Autonomy Pt 2

Perhaps it'll fly

Strange bedfellows

Ronnie had stretched himself along the sofa