Writing 2008

This that and all sorts ... maybe, if I actually write anything this year.


Fag-it Girls

Saw these two today when I went for a butty this morning.

A Time to live.

He loved her so much.

Blind youth

brothers with remarkable gifts

Cats Chorus

Look who's talking!

Change of Heart

‘I love you.’ But we’ve only just begun. How can you say that? ‘I love you.’


May offend

The Thirteenth Station

The boy has vanished ... but an old nightmare returns.

U) I Came Away High

I embarked on an affair that will last a lifetime

V) Gary's Crazy Legs.

He made them dance like Elvis.

W) Fear The Banquet No More!

Food was everything; and she'd do anything to avoid it.

X) The Time Was Then

A deserted railway station late at night, was she in time to catch her train&;#063;

Y) Grounded

Where the Bloody hell was she&;#063;

Z) So Easy

Midnight; New Years Eve; Alone.(This is not auto-bio just got to thinking about lonliness)

E) Tainted (chapter 2)

Second chapter of the novel about a little girl who overcomes after wirtnessing her Mother's brutal

Four Minute Warning

The End has come

G) A Little Bit More

Dedicated to Marian Mawson died (1st November 2001) My first and last attempt at a Villanelle!

Gorilla Burglar

A policeman, a ladder and a gorilla!

Hell on earth

Someone I knew came through this and is stronger today

Hhmmm Effect (The)

Things that make you go Hhmmm

Image of a clown

sins ofthe past come back to haunt a travelling fairground

J) The Black Marble

A child is given a sinister black marble by a travelling gypsy, only as an adult does the marble ret

Long walk back to Jurassica

A look at progress and whether it is moving forward or heading back in time.

Looking for trouble

First couple of chapters of a new psychological/horror that I've been tossing round my mind for a fe

Naughty Bunny goes to Ibiza

18-30 Bunny style!

Nice cup of tea

It seemed poor Edna was losing her mind

Open Door (The)

One mothers agony

P) Tired of waiting.

Remember the trepidation and butterflies of that first date&;#063;

Play with me please

He only wanted to play with the other kids on the beach, why couldn't they see that&;#063;

Q) Beauty

Twas the beast that killed Beauty.

Rush Hour

The buisiest time of the day, tempers burned to a frazzle; but I love traffic jams


I am proud to say I actually knew this woman, a character begging to be written


I wish this piece had come across with more empathy for them, I felt sorry for them both ... but it didn't, and maybe that's the way it's meant to be.


The birth of an empire.


The old woman had her.

It's only a name

Inspiration Point entry.


It's hard being famous

Silly Love Songs

Whistle down the wind.

Paper cuts

Patience is a virtue

Mill Village

It's a man's world

Which Andrew?

Blood's red and shit's brown.

Inspiration point: A minor Incident

My challenge piece, after waiting all day to find something to write about...

Dust to Dust

Inspiration point (late)

With Love

What will it take?
Story of the week

Mourning Glory

One of my first and favourite stories.

Deep Blue Eastern Light

Sunlight rising, filtering dreams through the griddled mesh of dawn. Unspoiled country, unspoiled land, unspoiled dreams of love. Misty Budapest morning, misty-eyed Budapest girl.

Swimming With Goldfish

Not for the fainthearted.

Go To India

In memory of my son's grandmother: A remarkable woman who was raised as an ex-pat in Celon.

Gary's Crazy Legs

Sal had a new client, a young man. Her workload was already stretched but she couldn’t turn this one down, he was going to be a challenge.

Jasmine and Gardenia Love.

‘Come lay beside me my man,’ she said ‘Let me light a fire of love in your breast. ‘Come bathe in my moisture, you know that you can ‘let not your body lay flaccid in rest.’


How important do you feel When it occurs to you for the first time that your entire life is but a hyphen?


Memberwhen the sun shone fourteen hours a day Memberwhen the daisies grew waist high Memberwhen our time was a time Of gentle kisses and sweet reminisces Memberwhen we knew we were forever

That Damned Bell!

That damned bell. ‘Yes Tom, what is it, love?’ ‘May I have a cup of tea please, nurse?’ Just give me a few minutes, love, and I’ll make one for everyone.’ That damned bell.

Through the window

I looked through my window and watched as the little boy pulled himself up the hill. His gnarled and twisted legs, each with a manic, jester-like will of its own, pulling in the opposite

Spanish Eyes

A buissness trip leads to a journey of discovery

A tattooed Angel

A child's death and a tattooed angel to stand sentinel.

B) A Week From Now

She simply loved him

Time to spare

For all those people who know that feeling of guilt when they should have e-mailed a friend ... thre