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StoryAddicted...Ignoring a Warning From Wolf ice rivers62 years 10 months ago
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Meeting with a Dark-edged Bee Fly

‘You look kind of menacing?’ ‘Oh really, tell me more…’ ‘That long proboscis thing, It’s rather like a sword.’ ‘It’s for getting at the nectar In the...


Phantoms, that’s all we ever were, Vapour trails melding in the rush hour. The same shades of green flicker past And morse code blinks winter sun...

Happy Mother's Day

Mother of dragons The cat’s mother The martyr who reminds Us how it was so much harder The numb mother numbering The days from when it started And...

Strange Beings in Strange Times

Something changed. People crawled out from under rocks, Wiped the moss from their heads And headed out alone or in choleric pairs, To where they...

Imagine if we Didn't Feel Pain

Imagine if we felt no pain No stinging thorn to dock us To the margins of our term Or cuspate pin to hold us Down upon this sober ground We’d be...


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Superstition is addictive yes

Posted on Tue, 10 Dec 2019

Superstition is addictive yes. Friday 13th puts some people on edge and makes them look for the dark side in everything. 'Ears to hear, supporting power will make good in time.' words makes me instantly feel more relaxed.

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Posted in Awoke, then awaking

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I can really relate to this

Posted on Sun, 13 Oct 2019

I can really relate to this and the pleasure you derive from walking in the forest. I think the Japanese refer to it as a 'forest bath'.  I wonder if there could ever be a return of some of the creatures we've lost now that we have too many deer...

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Posted in Nature's Ambiance

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Hi Rhiannon. This reminds me

Posted on Fri, 27 Sep 2019

Hi Rhiannon. This reminds me of the cosy nights in, indoor heat and nice things to eat and all the glowing shades outside. We're so lucky aren't we, to have warm, clean houses and such a choice of food. Every season has its grey days, you're ...

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Posted in Autmn's faces

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I love 'soft full stops'. The

Posted on Tue, 24 Sep 2019

I love 'soft full stops'. The very thought of jam making is so comforting and those brambles provide so much cover for our wildlife, 'small birds flicker', beautiful!

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Posted in recipe

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This starts of like a

Posted on Sun, 15 Sep 2019

This starts off like a painting I'd like to own and then zooms in like a drone on the microcosms which exist all around us. A wall may appear dead but on warm days watch carefully and it really does give birth. I remember holidaying a North Wales...

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Posted in wings, late summer

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Cold and beautiful. The

Posted on Sat, 24 Aug 2019

Cold and beautiful. The Little Matchstick Girl must be one of saddest stories, I love this twist on it because you've kept it clean yet adorned with imagery.

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Posted in Buyers market

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Really interesting piece Di

Posted on Tue, 03 Sep 2019

Really interesting piece Di_Hard. These lines: 'use science to rock to and fro' and 'if we think we're at the top it's because others hold us up' particularly stand out. It all seems so precarious doesn't it, all it would take is a mad person...

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Posted in wall

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I enjoyed the way the grass

Posted on Sun, 28 Jul 2019

I enjoyed the way the grass stalks run like threads through this poem and the way it highlights the complexities in nature which we take for granted every moment. Those black beetles appear this time of year don't they, incongruously huge and...

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Posted in grass/july

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Hi, thank you for your

Posted on Wed, 03 Jul 2019

Hi, thank you for your comment onemore. There is so much inspiration you can take from travellers in all their forms, the transport and all the etiquette and frustration. 

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Posted in A Man Riding the Tube Train

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You are categorically granite

Posted on Mon, 17 Jun 2019

You are categorically granite celticman.

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Posted in We are Rocks