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I have 108 stories published in 7 collections on the site.
My stories have been read 66080 times and 26 of my stories have been cherry picked.
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Disenchantment 20

Yeah, it's difficult to jump in in the middle of story, but hey, read abot ancient Greek calendars and lunar cycles!!! :)

Disenchantment 19

The first thing she noticed in the off-white foyer was a photograph hung on the wall. A couple in their thirties smiled out through the glass frame,...

Disenchantment 18

***** Nannette Chan had a bad feeling about the attorney, Malbourne, even his name was a premonition of something bad. What kind of ancestry was...

Mouth Rape and Alien Fashion Choices 3

When I finally met the dentist, or the one who was going to pull my tooth, I have to say that my initial reaction was not of him being highly...

Mouth Rape and Alien Fashion Choices 2

It was only about twenty minutes between the last Alien message I had sent to the group, and the next: What kind of asshole majors in xenomorphology...


83 of my comments have received 83 Great Feedback votes

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Another great one

Posted on Sun, 10 Jan 2021

I always enjoy when you write about nature. You are quite good at it.

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Posted in Freeing My Spirit

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Nice, nice, nice

Posted on Thu, 31 Dec 2020

I think the use of musical intruments to explain, or maybe represent, emotions was awesome. The words went very well together and I see why you got your gold cherries

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Posted in Symphony Of Emotions

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Good Read

Posted on Thu, 14 Jan 2021

Aren't other cultures so damn interesting, especially at the beginning? Good writing. I look forward to reading more of your stuff.

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Posted in The Haunted Fort of Bhangarh

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Posted on Sun, 20 Sep 2020

Makes one think.


You do have a typo, as I am sure you are aware, with the word, "Lucky."  Just letting you know in case it has gotten by you. I know, I have many that I don't catch before I post. I usually don't fix them here,...

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Posted in Worlds Apart

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Posted on Wed, 02 Sep 2020


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Posted in Peace In The Forest

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Another good one

Posted on Sat, 22 Aug 2020

Hey Jenny, I was wondering if you would be interested in allowing me to read some of your stuff online? I am considering starting a Youtube channel, to kind of promote my stuff a little, but to also examine some other writers and even some...

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Posted in Half-Hidden But Significant

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Great job. Some nice word choices in this one. :)

Posted on Mon, 17 Aug 2020


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Posted in Thinking Out Loud

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Posted on Thu, 06 Aug 2020

Outstanding, Jenny. This one is extraordinarily good. Well deserved cherries.

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Posted in From A Window

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Yes, don't we all need a

Posted on Fri, 17 Jul 2020

Yes, don't we all need a place to read? Also, I think you speak for every writer when you say that it began with reading. :)

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Posted in "Once Upon a Place to Read"

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Hello Penny

Posted on Sun, 02 Aug 2020

This could actually be prose if you threw in some punctuation, but it works as poetry too. I like the idea behind it.

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Posted in "Perception"