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Bearsden Ballpark

Sighing and yawning with appreciation that the day was over I went to the control box by the front door of the shop to let Katy out.

Chocolate Petals

Tourmaline in pink and blue decorated your fingers.


...a boyfriend of mine, a photographer, asked me if I would be interested in earning some cash.


Sap rising Stalk growing Throb hurting Cum dripping Balls tighten Warm duvet Girl wakens Hands slide over Hair brushes Cheek flushes Lips part Tongues dart Balls rise Balls fall

Jacqui (fragment)

This actually happened to me over the Summer about three years ago. I had been seeing this Australian girl, from Perth.

Sarah's Story

I do however find your breasts very distracting.

Red Head

Her skin is as soft as it looks and as warm and as welcome as I’ve ever known.

Forcemeat Stuffing

Roll with the times and hold on for savour and kiss me right now and bugger the pud.

The Sister

If you fancy one girl, you’ll probably fancy her sister, right? Well, yes, in this one case certainly.

Flirting with girl met at a party last night

You ask what I would do? I would come around to your house with a picnic, a bottle of wine and dressed nice. Shame I forgot one thing though - that...

Buttered Crumpets

She walked out of the room as I was waking-up, that mystery woman. Her perfume lingered on my hands and on her pillow. Her footsteps padding down the...

playing with you

Ainyway, I suppose you've heard it all - that I would take as much of you as deep into my mouth and all that sort of stuff but - yeah - that's not...


It was a new text. 'Come over now. Platonic beer. I need you.' I had enough change for the bus. I showered. Upon arriving she plied me with drink...

Indian Summer

I was on holiday, in London. A walk in Hyde Park had turned into a trudge through the kind of rain that bounces back up your trouser cuffs. That part...


I awoke in the Winter night, swaddled in my featherbed. The stars lit my arms through the uncurtained windows and my toes, feet too long for this...

Heritage Roses

Happily, within a space of time after my wife's death, some very timely things occurred. Of course the first of these was that our daughter, Freya,...

Getting by for Summer

Na m e ? Cora Age ? 47 P l ace o f bi rt h ? Defiance, OH Re s ide n ce ? Black Clapboard 2-room Occ up a t i on? Dental nurse A pp ea r a n ce ?...

Comte by Candlelight 1

Victor was being a dick. Charlotte had found him rifling through the ribbon-bound letters she kept as a reminder of Hector, her deceased fiancé. Puce...

Comte by Candlelight 2

The next week, Victor announced, Charlotte would be joined by his sister Helena, who would accompany her to Karnak and the Valley of the Kings a...

The Girl That I Love (or 'With Whom I am in Love')

She's a girl with nice legs and a blonde head of hair. She's a girl with huge breasts and some great underwear. She's a girl that I love and I wish I...

Staying in with a Chinese Dream

Sitting on the sofa this Winter's evening, nothing on the telly so I'm browsing on my 'phone. Takeaway menu .pdf downloaded I start to make a mental...

Crystalised Sky

From the moment I met you, I did not know what to do. We are miles apart in many ways. You are younger by 15 years. From a country I know very little...

The Older Woman

She presented herself as a woman who just happened to have arrived on the top tier of the regional education hierarchy. Years of toil and ambition...

Bryan, my Brother

I was twenty two when I first fucked my brother. He had recently broken up with my best friend, Saoirse, and was going through a difficult time, So I...