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My stories

The Waits Land

Well now, the clue's in the title, ain't it? Image by Semaankhawam used in acc w CCA-SA 4.0 International

Cold Paradise

I used to live in Spain... currently suffering yet another heatwave. It wasn't always bright sun and flowers. One month every year all the rain and wind used to come at once... And it was cold


A Veeeerrryyy old story almost 12 years old, in fact. It shows. Image source is pixabay.com so that's all that needs to be said about that.

The Picture Ranch 44

I bet at least 2 people laugh out loud. Image from maxpixel.com CC0 Public Domain

The Picture Ranch 43

Might as well get them into every famous Hotel in the Los Angeles Metropolitan area... Image was taken by Tony Hisgett ( https://www.flickr.com/people/37804979 @N00) and used in acc. w/ CCA 2.0