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Story"Doug" rosaliekempthorne12 years 8 months ago
StoryThis Darkness rosaliekempthorne12 years 9 months ago
Blog entryABCtales - Good news! tcook232 years 9 months ago
StoryGrampa's Little Angel hudsonmoon122 years 10 months ago
StoryMindy Unsworth: Weed rosaliekempthorne32 years 10 months ago
StoryWHEN MY GIRLFRIEND DUMPED ME BIGGUS42 years 10 months ago
StoryMindy Unsworth: Some Words About My Best Friend (2) rosaliekempthorne42 years 10 months ago
StoryMindy Unsworth - Some Words About My Best Friend (1) rosaliekempthorne62 years 10 months ago
StoryDownpour(1) Paradise Lost Mac_Ashton42 years 10 months ago
StoryEyes of the Owl (Part Two of Two) rosaliekempthorne12 years 11 months ago
StoryEyes of the Owl (Part One of Two) rosaliekempthorne12 years 11 months ago
StoryAngela McPherson rosaliekempthorne22 years 11 months ago
StoryBelief rosaliekempthorne72 years 11 months ago
StoryEntomophobia queen beatle82 years 11 months ago
StoryWriter, Writer Ewan22 years 11 months ago
StoryMY WIFE WAS IN THE BATHROOM BIGGUS22 years 11 months ago
StoryThe Queen of Corona Ewan12 years 12 months ago
StoryWait a Little Longer rosaliekempthorne53 years 4 days ago
StoryAn Apology paborama23 years 4 days ago
StoryMum rosaliekempthorne13 years 2 weeks ago
StoryIN THE VEGETABLE WORLD BIGGUS23 years 2 weeks ago
StoryI Can See Around Corners rosaliekempthorne23 years 2 weeks ago
StoryWinter Birches rosaliekempthorne53 years 1 month ago
CollectionHaiku rosaliekempthorne03 years 1 month ago
StoryPrimary Forces rosaliekempthorne13 years 1 month ago


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So, here I am. Standing in this familiar hallway with a suitcase in each hand, wondering if I should be here at all. Turn around and leave again? I...

The Beauty of Our Women (Part 2 of 2)

The lords and ladies arrive. There are two days before Firenight, before the feasting and dancing and music. And they just seem to stream in, along...

The Beauty of Our Women (Part 1 of 2)

She gazes out the window. Something a little bit less than a silhouette. From the ground there is only the shape of her, silver against lace, the...
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The lake almost freezes. Never quite. Even in the heart of winter. But when the weather is fierce enough, in the snow-bundled heights of winter, the...
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It was my own fault really. I should have paid more attention to the instructions. The manual had been very clear on one point: do not overfeed. But...