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I have 55 stories published in 6 collections on the site.
My stories have been read 38804 times and 12 of my stories have been cherry picked.

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Sex Ed. Redux

How well did Sex Ed. really educate you? What did it tell you of infatuation? The intoxication of humanity that draws out the small: The rich tones...
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Homage to Mr. Ginsberg

I Thank you, Silence. Thank you for settling in the pits of my heart in the dead of night And smudging the Things That I Have Seen: Raving madmen in...

Sand, Water and Blood

To the sea, my friends, to the sea. Bring your boats and your rafts, for this one will not be parted before us. Behind us are our homes, Which we...


Searching for a daemon on a cloudy summer day ‘Cause life gets awfully lonely in the lighthouse on the bay. Visions bleed into my brain and I’m...

Stormy Voices

Basking in the kisses of raindrops. Fingers reading whispers in the wind. The murky odor of things long gone and perfume of what's to come. Airtight...