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'It's the World Turned Upside Down' - interview with songwriter Leon Rosselson

First on 'That was the Week that Was' in the 60s, performing satirical ditties about topical news Leon Rosselson has enjoyed a long, fruitful career as a songwriter and children's author. Billy Bragg thrashed a scorching cover of his protest ballad 'The Digger's Song'.

Talecatching - Francis Hallam, Talecatcher and Teller of Mental Health Reality.

I met Francis last July. He worked as a Peer Reporter, story collecting for Recovery Devon. His secondary job. The tales can be found on the mental...

Visit to A la Ronde

‘Bet the servants weren’t too pleased, sweeping up all the feathers,’ says Friend, looking at Jane and Mary Parminters’ spiral frieze in the drawing...

Les Rowse, Philippe and I

‘I have no use for the great heart of the people. Or rather that is about all of theirs I have any use for: their emotional life, its depth and...
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Les Rowse, Philippe and I Part 2

‘We’ve given you all the advantages, all the advantages’ That’s not Les’ old man, it’s mine – his favourite war cry when the old girl cranked up his...
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Les Rowse, Philippe and I , final chapter.

Warning,the incident that makes me leave home is a bit sordid.
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Why Feminism - Me too?

Two nights ago I was kept awake by my neighbour battering his girlfriend. Today I was in my garden. It’s all hunky-dory now and he is on the phone...