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'It's the World Turned Upside Down' - interview with songwriter Leon Rosselson

Appearing first on 'That was the Week that Was' in the 60s, performing satirical ditties about topical news Leon Rosselson has enjoyed a long, fruitful career as a songwriter and children's author. Billy Bragg thrashed a scorching cover of his protest ballad 'The Digger's Song'.

Talecatching - Francis Hallam, Talecatcher and Teller of Mental Health Reality.

I met Francis last July. He worked as a Peer Reporter, story collecting for Recovery Devon. His secondary job. The tales can be found on the mental...

Visit to A la Ronde

‘Bet the servants weren’t too pleased, sweeping up all the feathers,’ says Friend, looking at Jane and Mary Parminters’ spiral frieze in the drawing...

Les Rowse, Philippe and I

‘I have no use for the great heart of the people. Or rather that is about all of theirs I have any use for: their emotional life, its depth and...
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Les Rowse, Philippe and I Part 2

‘We’ve given you all the advantages, all the advantages’ That’s not Les’ old man, it’s mine – his favourite war cry when the old girl cranked up his...
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Les Rowse, Philippe and I , final chapter.

Warning,the incident that makes me leave home is a bit sordid.
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Why Feminism - Me too?

Two nights ago I was kept awake by my neighbour battering his girlfriend. Today I was in my garden. It’s all hunky-dory now and he is on the phone...


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Reviews - In The Day by Kevin Marman

'That's an awful lot of stuff twisted up inside there, Tom' (In The Day page 98) Tom, the 49 year old character of Totnes-published author Kevin...

1984 Politics -My two retro snapshots

And in the Blue Corner Hard, woman, hard, voice, hard views. Rock hard perm, chilly flash of teeth. She said there was 'no such thing as society' but...