Credit Crunch

A collection of writings inspired by aspects of the Credit Crunch and the recession that is, will be, or may be, or might have been. They are thoughts about and comments upon our society. They may be about potential scenarios, or be greatly exagerated.


Schooling In The 21st Century : After The Credit Crunch

In a school where lottery winners’ kids are schooled in the same class as the kids of top bankers, stockbrokers and politicians, while millions exist on meagre benefits.

Bank Director Looking For Work : (The Man Who Spoiled The Economy)

A Bank Director reflects upon the effects of his ambition and greed, as the economy reels from the effects of the credit crunch.

Tanya The Lottery Winner

Tanya won the lottery at 18, after only 6 months of work. However life does not proceed smoothly as she encounters personal problems, and workers become excluded from the consumer economy!

Drawing Pictures

Janus puts all his efforts into creating his works of art. Following the advice of the worldly wise he tries to sell his art, but were they wise?

Have We Written Too Much?

Have We Written Too Much? We wrote stories to sell as paperbacks, hardbacks and short stories. Then the movies, crime dramas, science fiction,...

The Husbandry Of Youth

Making the most of their talents, Building a better society. If the policies had been different, No yuppies,(puppies), No asset stripping, no...