The reflections on life by a middle-aged man

A darkened soul

Someone who is forced to face family memories of the past, by events in the present.

Beach (the)

A comical look at the British seaside and general family mayhem!

Coming Armeageddeon

A bit of a black look at the emotions of this age.

The Wrong Side of the Track

Life began for me in a small terraced house back in the Fifties. My youth was spent in a tiny council house on an estate that could have been created...

Time To Reflect

Of course forest_for_ever isn't my name. I just created a pen name as most others seem to have done, but for this piece it is important I maintain...

Two To One To Two

Two To One To Two She was from Venus, I came from Mars She loved books, ballet and modern dance. I loved football, beer and football What made me...

Running Scared

I am a great one for chattering too much and this is a reflective piece on the one enemy we cannot run from.

Does It Matter?

Does It Matter ? My mind made up Does it matter? Thoughts and dreams And cosmic scenes Do they matter? We’ve spit the atom! Does it matter? A quark...

All Rise

I had the sad misfortune to accompany a friend to a disciplinary hearing. I could tell their minds were already made up. I saw no compassion, no forgiveness, only the preordained judgement. It made me angry, but I was powerless to stop the circus.

Time Is Ticking

I spend my entire life being measuured in one way or another. My days are measured too...

Ask Not Why The Wind Blows

Ask Not Why The Wind Blows Speak not of the wind Or where it blows. It roars when it chooses, Rattling rooftops, Shaking the trees. Speak not of the...

Before I Go...

Before I Go… Before I go, I’ve things to do. Where did I put that list? Like odd socks their kin long lost My dreams lie all alone. All the promises...

One Chance And I Blew It

One Chance And I Blew It Dear Mum, I never told you just how much I loved you and now I cannot. Born when neither of you expected me, I was a child...

Searching For The Word

A lot of writers will relate to this. Searching for just the right word or phrase in vain.

Hero Or Zero (2)

Written during a bout of insomnia this is a sequel to my first offering that hopefully expands some of my thinking. The picture was taken during a charity walk.........have I always been a

Can You Direct Me To Memory Lane?

Can You Direct Me To Memory Lane? On shifting sands An old man stands. Faded glitter of wealth Supplanted with fears for health. As each breath is...

In a Rush

A lifetime of rushing food and eating 'on the go' has left me wondeiing why, now I am retired do I STILL rush my food.