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Maso is my king. Occasionally. ;)

Scent of a Bust

Sometimes being in the wrong place at the wrong time is the right place to be.

7 Habits of Highly Effective Wankers

Caveat: This is supposed to be humorous. But like a lot of humour, there is very much an element of truth to the following.

Always the Way

“I can’t breathe.” The voice was shrill with panic. I threw a look over my shoulder.

An Invisible Man

People watching flash piece

An Open Letter To The Council Of Higher Beings - An Inspiration Point response

A response to the latest Inspiration Point - 'There is no greater God than the great God Google'.

Bobbie & Billie Joe - IP Response

What happened on the Tallahatchie Bridge?
Gold cherry

Bossman & The Mimi

This is a long 'short' I've been working on for a while. It utilises northern Australian Aboriginal folklore and I'd be very interested in reader's opinions.

Bye Ways

Don't let the last words you say be angry ones...

Chords of Love

Her neck was smooth and dark, with a hard ridge running from just below her head all the way down her back.

Darwin's Helper

I prefer profundity to profanity. There is no fucking joy in shallowness. But the depth of her ignorance was like a stick of dynamite in a bon-bon; it shocked me so much it nearly killed me.

Death Becomes Me

But she was a stranger on a train and I was a silly man for thinking I could be any comfort to her.

Kids Will Be Kids

She flipped on the external monitor and dialled up the outside ambient temp gauge. It read 56 degrees Celsius. The time on the bottom of the monitor read 5:34 am.

Nobody's Business

Obnoxious mobile phone users beware...

What Becomes Of The Broken-hearted?

His princess was never going to be rescued. The dragons had her and would never give her back.

Growing Up - Competition Entry

Competition Entry for Growing Up

Gone To Ground

We all know someone who takes themselves far too seriously. This is a fable about what happens to one such person.

Just Desserts

He wrote so hard he must have imprinted half a dozen cheques beneath.


A quick piece written after reading the Inspiration Point for this week. Don't know if it is actually what is required but wanted to have a go anyway.

Winter Morning War

I don't like cold mornings. Not one bit...

On The Rails Version 2

After some excellent advice, I've rewritten this piece. Let me know if it is more engaging and in keeping with this week's Inspiration Point.

Know Thyself

The saying "Know thyself" may refer by extension to the ideal of understanding human behavior, morals, and thought, because ultimately to understand oneself is to understand other humans as well.

Spring 1972

Inspiration Point

Inspiration Point - Smoke In The Valley

The valley spread out before me. From high up this end, I could see all the way down to the old weir. Beyond it, behind a stand of eucalypts, stood my grandparents house, the place where I grew up.

Running With The Wild Boys

Everybody has to grow up some time

Grey Areas - Inspiration Point

A flash piece for Inspiration Point.

Everlasting Tears

He wondered how many tears a man had in his life and realised he’d not cried nearly enough.

Strange Little Bloke

Why is it when you want to be left alone, that is when you're likely to attract the strangest folk.

What Happens In Vegas...

A nasty, messy tale from Sin City

No Less, No More

Response to the '7 Minutes' IP


...becomes more than a game.

Shooting Dogs

She’d given me a look that said “I dare you, Cotton Wilson.” Now, she knew I couldn’t resist a dare and while she might not have said the words, she knew what look she was giving me.

Learning To Let Go

Maggie’s eyes fluttered open, first soft with sleep then wide with confusion.


A conversation with the Muse
Gold cherry

What Could Be Burning?

The start of a hot day in the city

The End Of It All Part 1

This has been inspired by a recent news story that the world is going to end on the 21st of May this year. There will be a part 2 soon.

End Of It All Part 2

Even though the rapture didn't happen, this story still wanted to be told.

First Dance

A clash of cultures


The difference between looking and seeing

Warranty Expired

When a worrying angry lump leads to unexpected events

Always You

I spend too much time thinking about what I'd do if you were here when you're away on one of your trips. But sometimes, when you are here, I feel...