Songs We Ask Ourselves



I'm not making an apology But an explanation no doubt Never forgiveness have I had sought But truth, I have thought out Clouded visions cloud, condemn one's mind Farseeing one perspective

"Eco-friendly Epiphany"

If the world we know will change one night How many of us will hide in fright? If the world we know will change tonight Then I hope today I loose my sight


Listen, can you hear it? The bells above that are ringing Listen close! your ears hear it The screams, the agonizing singing Listen please, can you hear it?


Everything is much simpler as a child


a sonnet


What a drunken poet might say....


A world. Of lies where men can not stand with and not without sinful acts where blood stained, not of by foes, but by tears drenching behind the hands of your own .."brother"

Epiphany of the dream

Ive writtin a few more after I posted it...apologies


whether fear or fantasy I quack!

Oh, why Poseidon?!

for the tsunami...

How things work

This happened to me earlier today.

A Mood

half asleep staring out the window on a late late night drive the small talk and the low hums of the radio distort time in your head, dreams of the...

Here's to a new year

tomorrow will be better. the cracks on wall and skin will mend; and the bitter taste that left your tongue pressed so hard against your cheek, with...

Muffled voices

Muffled voices above my ceiling meant it was time to sleep. The red neon glow off the table clock Blinking its two dots, chanting what appears to be...

Look at the stars

One day you'll wake up and see that the night sky was full of stars all along; and that it was just a bad time and the wrong place to look up.

thunder of the storm

Hey mom. I know things have been rough lately. And some days I see it’s got you too. Your voice would crack, your smile would wither, and you fuss...

eid mubarak

I used to stay up at night so I’d be the first to know if tomorrow would be any different than today; but today was good. And maybe it’s always been...

the parable of the moon

*/ “you tried. sometimes that’s more than enough.” –said the sinking sun to the moon who tried to quell the rolling tide. “but you’ll drown” –said...

Luna, Selene, Chang’e, Artemis...

she called herself the moon, alone, and on the days she would wax and wane; forgetting the name commanded the tides, carried the footsteps of a...


Be the kind of light that your ten-year-old self would have waited all day in anticipation for. The kind that makes people stop and stare. The kind...

grazing on the prairies

Westward wind blows hot air once again. Up ahead, boulevards riddled with palm trees amidst a sea of sun kissed faces. and now as the engine bellows...


The commute home felt easier- even the crowds provided a different level of comfort. Something about their tired, old faces worn out by the day’s...

Evolutionistically Yours

I’ve accepted that maybe the road I took was a lot longer; the footpath more worn down, narrower, and at times far too dim to see what lay ahead. I...