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StoryFaded - haiku Deliberately Ev...48 years 7 months ago
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You can't have your cake and eat it

What's it to be? birthday cake? Freshly iced, sugared flowers, candles lit for surprise to light the eyes on a happy face? decide on the sponge.....


Heavenly blue sky. I gaze into your dazzling eye - sunshine burning bright, I'm lost and wandering. Floating a dreamy passage, through seas of azure...

I am a sheradised annular nail - re written

I am a sheradised annular nail - which means I am sturdy and stable. I fix down wood; try do it with as minimal damage as able. A sheradised nail is...

a dozen roses

1. red - a symbol for our passion and love. 2. White for your youthful vigour and charm. 3. Pink - my appreciation of your happiness. 4. Light pink...