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Cleanser of Demons

Edward remembered his induction clearly. Together with Judy, his colleague, they had spent three days at a conference centre watching Brian, their...
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I couldn’t understand why I’d never discovered it before. Perhaps I had, once, years ago during my childhood but it had frightened me and I’d locked...
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There's Still Enough Time

He looks so nice; an unfolded smile, harmless eyes. No thoughts at the front, only the manners, his mother wrapped up and gave him, when, as a boy,...
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Ladies who lunch at The Entomol

The waiter served the mermaid pie with a glass of our favourite tipple As he pulled out the cork, a wasp flew out and stung me on the nipple Daphne...

Another Day

Another day, announced the birds in non negotiable verse, sharp tools to cut you from the sack of your sleep and nick you just enough to feel the...


324 of my comments have received 349 Great Feedback votes

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'gingered bracken' - I love

Posted on Thu, 21 Apr 2022

'gingered bracken' - I love this description and the photographs are beautiful. The way you've included a glider, it adds another dimension and forces you to imagine the view from above as well as at ground level. The whole thing is very...

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Posted in Climbing up from Minton

2 Votes

I can imagine how all those

Posted on Mon, 28 Mar 2022

I can imagine how all those soft colours blend together beneath the spring sunshine. It's lovely to see the sheep and lambs in Wales but I can't help wondering if they will become a rarer sight with changing consumer habits and increasing...

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Posted in Sheep, flowers and sunlight

2 Votes

The earth is just about

Posted on Mon, 14 Mar 2022

The earth is just about perfect except for the bits where human behaviour, often driven by big business have reduced it to a polluted wasteland. I agree that we all have a hole, maybe it is God-shaped, I don't know but there is great contentment...

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Posted in This Cannot Be Our Home

2 Votes

Incredibly moving.

Posted on Sun, 13 Mar 2022

Incredibly moving. Brilliantly layered writing.

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Posted in Nor There

2 Votes

You've painted quite a cold

Posted on Tue, 22 Feb 2022

You've painted quite a cold picture of our modern towns here, the combination of the weather, the ever increasing number of empty shops, the enduring problem with homelessness and the facelessness of facemasks. I do worry about the future with...

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Posted in Blustery Day In Town

2 Votes

A magical poem which really

Posted on Wed, 24 Feb 2021

A magical poem which really captures the spirit of the night time. I enjoyed, neon street lamps, urban penumbra. For people who still have energy after the demands of the day, the night represents another world where the planets seem closer.

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Posted in Forgotten Souls

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Lovely, watery poem, I

Posted on Fri, 12 Feb 2021

Lovely, watery poem, I enjoyed the free flowing arrangement of the river's description. It's so alive and very much an apt theme, given all the bursting banks and frozen, flooded fields I observe on my drive to work.

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Posted in River in Spate

2 Votes

Enjoyed this. The idea of

Posted on Thu, 30 Jan 2020

Enjoyed this. The idea of getting dirty among nature while somehow getting your mind cleaned all at the same time. I would love a glimpse of blue sky against the bare bones of trees.

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Posted in Grey-Day rambling

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Hi Rhiannon, these nature

Posted on Wed, 16 Oct 2019

Hi Rhiannon, these nature poems you write are so professional now and this is no exception. There's so much texture and the way you extend beyond the visual confines of the scene, 'enjoying the expanse as if they could fly' because that's how it...

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Posted in The Long Mynd, Shropshire (12/10/19)

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What a descriptive snap shot

Posted on Tue, 07 May 2019

What a descriptive snap shot of the sea and its natural surroundings. I love the way you've included sound in this, the gentle booming, also the scent - of seaweed and of course the coastal flowers so beautiful at this time of year. 

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Posted in Arrival – Evening Wander