Imitating Life (One-off Stories)

One-off stories, written mainly in response to Inspiration Points

All You Need Is...?

It’s not that I’ve never known love. I’ve had my share. But when it comes to writing about love, I can’t. I just can’t.

Back When Elvis Came To Town

Imagine the time before recorded sound. Before wax cylinders and piano rolls and music boxes. When all you had was the singer. Back when Elvis came to town.
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Song For The Girl With The Corn Coloured Hair

Originally intended for the 'Result' IP but life intervened and I didn't get it done in time.
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I'll Teach You To Burn (IP)

Fire was a dominant theme in my childhood. It was for most kids in the fifties and sixties. It was one of our earliest lessons on the contrariness of life.
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Not Quite The Eve Of Destruction (2017 IP)

‘Can’t I have one? Just one little one? I’ve been so good all year…’ ‘No you bloody can’t, and put that Scythe down or I swear to Me I’ll confiscate it for good.'
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The Game of the Name

Hooray! The most popular baby names list is out! No, I couldn't care less. Yes, I love a bit of a gawp at other people's choices.
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What Goes Around (IP)

You can't miss what you've never had. Unless you've had it before. Picture: Pixabay Creative Commons
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I don’t associate cats with beaches. Dogs, yes, flappy ears and flappy paws, chasing balls and sticks, challenging the waves to a duel. But a...