Poems of Life and Love

Love lost, love taken, life lost and life evolving


Hi there j... I'm trying my luck here, and having a bit of cheek... but I've this cool idea for a book, part three in a trilogy, part one being Eish! London, part 2 Haikona! London and part three yet to be named. Anyway, as it's autobiographical, I was wondering if you would mind if I included some of your stuff in it? If not, that's cool, but thought I'd ask, in case you'd be cool with it :-) Please let me know. Hope you are well. On with the Cherries :-) $


More than welcome Shannan, my poetry isn't going anywhere else!


SCHWEET ... heh heh, only cause you aren't taking it there ;-) THANKS a million, not sure what I'm going to come up with, but I hope to have fun with it this time. Have a great weekend $


The Meaning Of Life ( Cont)

Continuing form part one. More about this man.

A vision beyond reality

Real? Or just the booze

Bag Of Snout

Something my old Grandad would say.

Blue Lights

Dreaming or something else?

Blue Lights Again

Blue lights again.

Chalk and Cheese

THEY said we’d fail. Chalk and cheese. You with your degree Me, with my CSE in woodwork. Our first meal, you ordered Bruschetta and Carpaccio I had soup, then Steak and Chips.
Gold cherry

Christmas Dreams

“Can we stay up late?” “No, get to bed,he’s coming.” “Will it snow mum?” “Wait and see, it might.” Tucked up tight, all warm Kissed goodnight, door closed.

Consuming Darkness

Deep, dark, menacing.

Cos I Love You

For my wife on Valentines day.

Love Is A Burp

Love comes in strange places.

The Aylesbury Estate

Life on the famous estate.

What God Said

The power in a three letter word.

Corned Beef City

A part of outer London known as corned beef city.

Laughter, Love and Loss

Sad when it happens...

The Meaning Of Life

Just a point of view.

Kiss Our Tears Away

He loves her, he thinks she loves him too. Then finds her diary...

The Missing Seasons

I wrote this for my dad who was a big Horse racing fan. Sadly missed,

Wasting Water Over You

Let down again and again then finally stands strong...............

My ex-girlfriend

The Ex is looking good....

Sleeps Revenge

Never curse sleep or it will have its revenge...

For You They Come

The demons of thought...

Lifes Worst Word

Sad, true, close to home...

Not a Day for Trainers

We've all been there...

It's Hard to act Cool

Growing up..its hard to act cool

It's Hard to act Cool ( Grown Ups)

And now the grown up version....

My Brothers Christmas Girlfriend

I promised myself I wouldn't write a Christmas poem, but then came Eastenders and I was so bored!....

My Love, My Life.

For my lovely wife

My Sisters Weight

I'll always remember "Bridge over Troubled Water"

Nitty Norah

The legend that is Nitty Norah

Our Disused Sodastream

We all had one once...

Pimlico Anthem

This was going to be added to Shoreditch Anthem as a contrast but have done it as a seperate piece.

Julie's Giro

Doesn't last long!

Mr Wilson Can You Ring The Bell?

He’s got a Pistol Mr Wilson He’s gone and got himself a gun He’s gonna shoot somebody down sir I think it’s time for us to run. He’s walking up towards the school sir


Taken too early.

I'd do this for you.

If only...

Holding On To Nothing

Remembering the good times, but...

The Birth

Cord wrapped tight, he burst Into the light. Ripped from a wet red world Into the light. Sound, smell, sight, all new No more dark. Upside down, now he gasps No more dark.

One Way Ticket

The last fix.

Love, Like a Cold Lamb Sandwich

She entered my life like a cold lamb sandwich Looking good but disappointing once tasted, The blonde streaked hair, straight from the bottle Blue contact lenses to hide those grey eyes.

Go on, Tell Me.

Go on, tell me the truth, I can take it, But be gentle, be kind. Tell me it’s you, not me Or I’ll fall apart. Seperate ways, sounds good to me Want different things

The Things I'll Miss

One for my wife.

Morbid Trumpets

I've never liked them!

My Mortal Love.

I hear her breath. Slow and distant. My whole being wants to feel that heat on my skin. I move closer. My hand touches flesh She moves backwards...

I've Got This Rash

I’ve got this rash Know what I mean A rash that’s there But lives unseen A private place Meant just for me I saw it when I tried to pee. I’ve got...

Kids With Bread And Jam Faces

Latch key kids with bread and jam faces Hand me down trousers held up by braces Worn out shoes with string for laces Stand together in the pub car...


I didn’t cry when it was over Just got on with life, picked myself up, and brushed away the memories. I didn’t ask why or who No point in that. When...
Gold cherry

Sort Your Life Out!

You’re a lady, but a baby and those pills just make you crazy. You’re a user, self abuser, a fifty seven year old cougar. You’re a coke head, a drop...

My Tsunami Girl.

She came in waves, and Like a tsunami, hitting shore, The devastation was the same. I was bowled over, Hit by a force I’d never Felt before. My brain...

Not Us?

Not us, not us. It happens to others but, not us, not us, It’s cold, damp, bleak But we’re okay aren’t we? safe inside, warm, cosy. Heard the...

Get A Job!

You’re boring, keep snoring, pick your pants up of my flooring. You’re lazy,think I’m crazy, this aint no “Drivin Miss Daisy!” You’re a brat, give me...

Your Picture On The News

I waited there for ages, But you never came to meet So I walked back dissapointed Shoes dragging on the street. I passed a running stranger A...
Gold cherry

The Revolution Has Not Yet Begun

Politicians have their point of view. Their slight of mouth will dazzle you. They use big words and look sincere Same old stuff year after year Just...

Nan and Grandad

She smelt of soap, hairspray and Californian Poppy. He smelt of pipe tobacco, brylcreem and hard work. They always had the strangest fizzy drinks The...

Like He Should Have Done

Stiff white collar, top button done, tie knotted Like HE would have done. Polish black brogues, shiny as a mirror, Like HE would have done. Hair...
Gold cherry

Pretty Wings

Once clipped, they became strong Feathers grew from broken wings. Vicious tongues made her climb, high. Till blood dripped from her perfect nose and...

Brisket and Buttons

Tired eyes open slowly as rain pours. She stands. Ragged coat held together by string. Thin scrawny arms reach into empty pockets hoping for a money...

Secrets and Seashells

With damp, reddened eyes, she emerges from her foetal position and hears the familiar “ping” of the microwave. The Sainsbury’s meal for one is ready...

Under A London Sky

The tube was packed. I gave up my seat for that old lady. You smiled. A proud smile. We changed at Mile End for the Central Line. Still packed. We...


Cadaver I breathe damp stale air as I wake. The water bottle once hot. Now ice cold. My bedroom window is raining on the inside. I see cloudy blue...

What Am I?

I’m a thing A word An action A thought A number. I cut, I bleed I tear I rip I destroy. I am your boss Your landlord Your Bank Your Master Your...

"Get Ready To Play. It's..." ( Poetry Monthly)

Snotty nosed kid, with sodden nappy and a bowl of Rice Krispies, sits inches from wonder. A smile appears, when it’s THAT time. He tells no time, but...

You're Not Welcome Here

You wanted “Postcode” so you moved round here. Brought in the builders and an engineer Replaced its features with designer gear Put in some marble...

The Bird Catcher ( Poetry Monthly)

He hides in the shadows, this man sized demon. Cloaked, still and silent. He waits, patient. Then, at first light, when they begin to sing. The bird...

Better Days

It’s damp. So damp our windows cry every morning. Three of us, arms and legs intertwined . An octopus of flesh, seeping yellow on a matress that once...