Writing 2020

Anything that tumbles out of my head this year


Picture Holes.

sinister story of murder and obsession.


Where no one can hear you scream.



11: Prague Diary

Before going to Dominoes, Russ wanted to try a Mexican bar that he’d seen.

12: Prague Diary

Wednesday 18th Day six.

14 Prague Diary

Home again, naturally.

1: Prague Diary

There's been a lot of talk about Prague lately, so I thought I'd post my travelogue excerpt from my diary of 2007. There's nothing in there that can hurt anybody.

2: Prague Diary

Once through the front door we knew that we were in the right place. The hall matched the pictures on the internet.

3: Prague Diary

Friday 13th Day Two.

4: Prague Diary

We left the subway to even brighter sunshine. It was gorgeous.I like Mr Sun. I enjoy the way he touches me and gropes me seductively when Russ isn't looking.

5: Prague Diary

Sunday 15th Day four.

6: Prague Diary

Monday 16th Day five.

7:Prague Diary

Putting myself in extreme danger

9: Prague Diary

We got back to the hotel I flung off my clothes and lay naked on the bed glowering at myself and noticing every spare inch of flesh, every mark, every scar and every blemish.

A Different Road

Charlie ran down the road. He was agitated. Was this the right direction? So many times it seemed that he’d stumbled into a dead end.

A Fork in the Road: Part One

Short story in two parts.

A Fork in the Road:Part Two

A short story in two parts.


‘Do you get my drift?’ She almost laughed at that one. ‘Yes, I understand what you are saying.’ ‘Do you? Do you really understand?’ ‘No, not really.’

Agony 2

Agony 2 Dear Aunt Nasty My eighteen year old son has the smelliest feet in living (or perhaps dead and decaying) history. His bedroom is a pit of...

Agony 3

Offensive,tasteless and contains acts of gross indecency involving dwarfs, donkeys and hemaphrodites

Agony: Issue One

May be deemed offensive.

Angel Stew

And you think you determine your own destiny

Apple of His Eye

Apple of His Eye After a suffocating silence his question needed an answer. Yes, I remember you.


Attractions Music blares over the fairground, lilting and old-fashioned-gay, metallic as it crackles through gramophonic speakers.

Bandit at Twelve O'clock

Bandit at Twelve o clock Helen read the letter, written on a single sheet of notepaper, three times and reached for the phone to call her friend Angie who was as bemused by it as Helen.

Barriers: Part One

A short story in two parts.

Barriers: Part Two

A short story in two parts.

Beautiful Conundrum

Mystery and madness

Breakfast In Bed

One to make the men go, ahhh.

Brown paper bag

Clearing out her fathers effects after his death, she finds a brown paper bag.

Car Trouble

Boys will be boys!

Change of clothes

she'd been away from the office for sometime, today is her first day back. Only one chance to make a

Character Assassination

Character Assasination She’s a brick, everybody says so. She’s hard and could obliterate your face with a single hit. A people person, they say. A...

Charlie Chaplin Feet

Charlie Chaplin Feet I’ve got sticking out ears, And a wobbly nose. My eyes are squinty And my teeth are loose. I’ve got a bladder that leaks And a...

Cherry Red

She has a name. Her daddy chose it.


The long and winding road back to childhood memories.


They had never seen anything like this, it was so beautiful, and yet...

Crane Tower

Crane Tower Tom had been working the same shift, in the same job, for thirty six years. He operated the crane and pondered that his life mimicked the...

Creeping Up From Behind

Creeping up from behind She sat on the boulder looking out at the ocean. She was pensive andthe sea was unsympathetic to the weight beneath her thoughts. The waves

Dancing With the Dead

Revised by Silver. Thank you ;-)

Dark Solitude

The bruised and swollen storm clouds rolled along the horizon battling for position as they gathered for celestial war. In Hellcat form, she cupped her eyes and gazed towards the sky.

Dawn Rising

Dawn Rising

Dead flowers

A pilgramage to the past, and a face she'd rather forget

Deadly Pursuit

WARNING: contains scenes of extreme animal cruelty: May be deemed offensive.

Death March

Lizzie's guards at Buckingham have gone to find some hole And the severed head of William Gates stands guard upon a pole

Empty House

Empty House

Find Me A place

Find me a place Find me a place where people can love without fear. Find me a place where the blind show the deaf how to hear. A place of soft edges that cushions the blows.




Galaxy Take me to a mountain top and show me Jupiter. Let Venus bear witness And Mars be our guide To the heavens of heartbeats as vast and wide As our new beginning.

God and Chips

‘God and chips, flurry and fleas. Cuckoo.’ The chip shop girl looked blank, her expression changing to one of shock as the man in front of her slapped himself across the face.

Good Morning Mister Magpie IP

Good Morning Mister Magpie I have a lone magpie living in my garden. Of all the garden’s, in all the streets, in all the world, why did he have to...


Hourglass The six-team strain, leather harness taut against deep chest walls. Glacial eyes, electric blue fixed on distant horizon. Runners, waxed and polished glide over crumbling snow.

I Wish I Was Popular

I take a dim view of my life. Or should that be I Have a dim view from my life?

I'm Sorry

I'm Sorry. I am so, so sorry. I know it was my fault. I won't do it again honestly I won't. I shouldn't have bought you the wrong cigarettes. I...

I've Always Wanted to Write, But

A preachy prayer for a better world, I suppose.

If I See a Slug

It's no joke. Seriously pissed off.

In Cherry Blossom Time

In Cherry Blossom Time Staring at the barren twigs of winter, I mourn, I’m lost. Where did we go? Life has left the tree a husk, it has abandoned us...

It's Awkward, You know, When You Know

It’s awkward, you know, When you know, That what you do is superficial crap. But you do it for something to do, the Saturday night, bar mentality...

Just like riding a bike

They say some things are instinctual, you never forget them.

Just the Ticket

A short Story in Two Parts

Just the Ticket: Part Two

A short story in Two Parts

Kerching Kerching

Louise had amazing eyes, all the men said so. They were citrously green and had their own language that spoke to men below the waistline. They were a...



Little Bird

Little Bird

Madness Becomes You

Madness becomes you.

Making my Way Back to You

Making my way back to you ‘Shut the Door.’

Mumbles From The Madhouse: Chapter Two

Thirty blank faces looked past, through, and around her. ‘What do you want, a fucking medal?’ asked a young woman sitting by the window.

One Mad Moment

She watched the lug-worm casts squidging between her toes in between the coming waves.

One Man Race

One man Race


Opps! Beanz, meanz, expensive Similarly washing power and cornflakes Some products don’t scan to the cheap But wine is fine And milk, don’t you find The economy as good as

Out Of Print

Out of Print Martin pushed open the stiff door of the town library and inhaled. The familiar smell held out its welcoming arms to him and he embraced it.

Pact Of Joy

Pact of Joy Hannah clawed through the barrier of dry ice. She could barely make out the grey silhouettes of apparitions moving in the gloom.

People Of The Night

Intrepid warrior, carrion war Puking over clubs dance floor Watering hole, flanking herd Whispered voices overheard Strobe lights calling, tribal dance War paint Amazon, breasts enhance
Story of the week

Pixie Kissin'

Decency Warning

Seventy Six '76

Child becomes woman amidst the great summer of '76


DECENCY WARNING: Contains scenes of extreme animal cruelty.


This one comes with a decency warning folks.


She gave birth to twin boys. Eliot, the first born, was two pound three ounces heavier than Oliver.

Sweet Child Of Mine

Sweet Child of Mine

The Big Picture

The Big Picture The twelve year-old lay on her front, legs kicking absently behind her keeping time to an unheard tune. One of her once white, grubby...

The Coldest Night

Hannah walked through the heavy doors. The cloying, artificial warmth that had enveloped her was pushed back by the biting wind that rushed

The Colour Purple

The Colour Purple Ruth screwed up her nose and looked at herself in the mirror. ‘Do I look like a tart?’ ‘Oh yes, no doubt about it,’ said her friend...

The Hotdog Express

contains some sexual references. I almost mistakenly put this under autobiography... I have never indulged in such a fashion, God Forbid.
Gold cherry

The silence of violence

He wants help, but who for?

The spitting Pig 2002.

A fictional review of a real event that I actually attended some years ago.

The Thing With a Cock

Inspired by Karl (though not because he... oh never mind!)

The time to Die

This is just a few words, an opening, for an idea that I've had. My openings are always very weak so I want to make sure that the first few sentences work.

The Warning

Some years ago I was accused of plagiarism on this piece. A bitter and nasty argument broke out about it on a writing site called Storymania.

Thirteen Twenty

Thirteen-Twenty It should have been an easy case. It was simple and clear cut, somebody feeling hard done to over shadows of the past, and grievances...

Till Death Us Do Part

‘I killed your mother.’

Twenty One

Twenty One Twenty one times I will meet you I like you, you see, you amuse me You’re my latest doll in a cupboard of toys And a thing, no, an object of beauty

You Rang

A kismet hiccup.


Listed Late, late at night, in and old, old house He plays his guitar and sings deep into the walls And I sit by the window, up high at the top of...