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Mr Russ.

I don’t have any War Medals from relatives. Dad did National Service in 1950, but was too young to serve in WW2. My Granddads were too young for WW1...

Monroe (5)

Both Frank and Terry looked at the photo of Thomas Sago on the whiteboard and then back to the video. Yep, it was him. No doubt about it. Sandra...

Monroe (4)

Terry Walters was ambitious. A Detective Constable at thirty-four with his sights set firmly on being a DCI by the time he was forty. That was now...

Monroe (3)

Mark Latham arrived at St Leonards primary school at 10.55. He walked up to a small reception area and waited for a petite middle-aged woman to stop...

Monroe ( 2)

The Metropolitan Police were going through change. Lots of local stations were closing, being sold off and converted into flats others were being...


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This is our Facebook and

Posted on Mon, 02 May 2016

This is our Facebook and Twitter Pick Of The Day. Get a great read everyday with Abctales....

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Posted in I'll Teach You To Burn (IP)

1 Vote

Really enjoyed this. The

Posted on Sat, 30 Apr 2016

Really enjoyed this. The characterisations were superb. Felt like I was standing beside them listening to every word.!

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Posted in The 100/1 shot

1 Vote

Good concept with lots of

Posted on Wed, 30 Dec 2015

Good concept with lots of possibilities to explore. This chapter does need a lot of tidying up though. Lots of typos to sort out and a lot more punctuation is needed to make it flow. Good start so keep at it.

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Posted in A.E Book I Arc I

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I wrote "Knob" on everything

Posted on Thu, 03 Dec 2015

I wrote "Knob" on everything I could put my hands on at school. I used to pinch other kids books and write "Knob" and draw a cock all over them. Why? No idea. Just thought it was a cool thing to do. We all did. The drawing of a cock and balls on...

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Posted in the anatomically correct penis

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Love the last few lines. Sums

Posted on Mon, 30 Nov 2015

Love the last few lines. Sums it all up.

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Posted in the We of We

1 Vote

This is so much better than

Posted on Mon, 23 Nov 2015

This is so much better than the first one. You've tightened it up and not used too many words. The first two paragraphs are good. But I'd lose a few of the "inhales, exhales"

Keep writing and keep reading. Try a few different genres as...

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Posted in Ice Heart (part 3)

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Me? I loved it. We say sorry

Posted on Thu, 20 Aug 2015

Me? I loved it. We say sorry for almost everything. Sometimes it's brave to say it just the way it is. "I'm not sorry for telling you you're a complete moron and making you cry." Being just one of them...

But then there's the ending, where...

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Posted in I am not sorry

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Firstly a big warm welcome to

Posted on Fri, 14 Aug 2015

Firstly a big warm welcome to the site. Nice start. Liked the way you used Macbeth lines to break this up, I thought it worked well. Good dialogue. Very current and beleivable. Look forward to reading more.

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Posted in Tis Unnatural: A Tale of a Great Schism

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Good start. I liked the way

Posted on Wed, 29 Jul 2015

Good start. I liked the way you gave the history of the two families relationships all within a walk back to the kitchen! Look forward to reading more of these,

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Posted in The Pennyfeathers, Part One: History

1 Vote

A big warm welcome to the

Posted on Sat, 11 Jul 2015

A big warm welcome to the site. Best thing I've read in ages. SOOOOOOOOOOO beleivable. Saw the characters as I read it. And...who the fuck is Alfie! Or should I say, "Whats it all about Alfie".

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Posted in Grown Man Cries In The Bahamas Chapter One