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My stories


The imperative (Poetry Monthly)

revisit a dream and check on progress

Noisy silence

Silence put lips to the house...
Gold cherry

Karelia (Poetry Monthly)

Time lingers in the corners of such bars from the White Sea to the Gulf of Finland...

Grave news

Words trickled down my wrist, followed blue veins...

All change

Time started one billionth of a station clock's tick from where you looked.


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I know the place Rhiannon and

Posted on Mon, 25 Jan 2016

I know the place Rhiannon and your lovely description brings it back to me. Always seems cold up there. Coincidentally, I've also written a Clee Hill piece, which I dug out the other day to pare down. 

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So much to see, so much to

Posted on Wed, 28 Oct 2015

So much to see, so much to think about, in so few words. You have conjured up true pathos. A gem.

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Posted in 'Incident on the Line'

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It is a great title, as Bear

Posted on Wed, 14 Oct 2015

It is a great title, as Bear says. A piece that sets me examining my own memories. I really love the lines:
"............................bashful as hell, you were,
as you undressed"

just perfecty expresses that age.

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Such a brilliant starting

Posted on Mon, 05 Oct 2015

Such a brilliant starting point with the inspection tag, then the thoughts spreading like unfast dye.

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Posted in 'Made in India'

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I was really moved by this

Posted on Thu, 24 Sep 2015

I was really moved by this section in particular and the way the words pinned and needles and stolen and normal work together:


and Mother's evils - pinned, 

as she was, to the wall by the...

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Posted in Meet the Folks

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The reference to prints

Posted on Thu, 06 Aug 2015

The reference to prints washed away can be so significant. The bare footprint on a wet beach is an ephemeral human mark - we make an impression, but it is quickly erased.

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Posted in Beach

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Love it. Number four on the

Posted on Tue, 04 Aug 2015

Love it. Number four on the Bristol Scale. Perfectly formed. 

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Posted in sad old man taking a shit

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Love the cardi, and mice in

Posted on Fri, 12 Jun 2015

Love the cardi, and mice in the  hives. Redolent of our disappearing human space.  I can picture it all.

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Posted in The Birds and the Bees