Elsie's Selection Box

  1. I plan to create a 31 piece Set, 1 item from each Abc genre.

Humour - Wasting me foddle dee doddle dee time (nonsense rhyme for Poetry Monthly)

O me Facebook is fun – it is second to none With me flick-a-dee, click-a-dee dido. I post all me pictures of Saffron me puss And me pal Jenny’s...

Love - Jess' bag, morning after

Half litre vodka, half drunk Clear plastic wallet, hefty shuffle of college notes Provisional license, untested Big pink purse, small change Bronze...

Opinion - Five Reasons for Rhyme

The feet of free verse can be flat But rhyme can scarper like a cat. Beauty, spirit, elegance, Form mirrors feeling - come let's dance. Poetry to...

Other Fiction - Treasure Island

My brothers thought I was mental to go to school each day but I fancied Miss. Miss Clarke was the first love of my life. She was young and beautiful...

Other Non Fiction - We Did It Ourselves! (Women's Story from the Dawn of Time to Today)

When bold Lilith * near Adam lay He tried to force her down that way And she put up resistance.. Her backlash came of rage and fear And she's the...

Surreal - Anapaest Soup

Elsie I love my three-foot anapaest She is my hairy mate She's not a pest, she is the best Anapaest I shall dance, I shall prance Take a chance, go...

Talecatching - Francis Hallam, Talecatcher and Teller of Mental Health Reality.

I met Francis last July. He worked as a Peer Reporter, story collecting for Recovery Devon. His secondary job. The tales can be found on the mental...

Unclassified - Bulgy Smoking Mum + Spin Cycles I - IV + endpiece

When I knew I was expecting My body told me to stop Smoking now sickened me. But we're not all made the same. She's young Fleshy tattooed arms...

Western -This machine kills fascists

' go to sleep you weary hobo' but the boxcar's full of folks cussing, bragging, smoking, fighting speaking memories, swapping jokes. Big white house...

Mum, when?

A twisted tale of love and politics

Inspiration point - scribbled couplet

I could handle life without... and I would like to try doing this the ancient way

Dodgy Betting

Country Parable

Gladys Aylward - Wembley's own Saint

Many of you have seen the movie - the Inn of the 6th happiness. It features the true story of Gladys Aylward, Wembley's very own saint and missionary...

Gladys Aylward 2 - How Gladys helped her entire family

When not hard at work in her many positions of ecclesiastical service, Gladys thought of her family. Some of them were stuck at home in Harrow,...