My Twighlight Days

I'm semi-retired now and fast approaching sixty and have more time to write now.

Gambling My Life Away

It is Monday morning 9.a.m and I sit in the serenity of my lounge sipping tea and reflecting on the sunlight outside as it lights up the fields that...

Kindred Spirit

I have tried to examine the apparent conflict within myself between carnal desire and a spirituality that is more closely linked with what people call 'love'. It takes my observations about others and focuses in on my search.

Don't Ask

A simple look back and daring not to glance forward. A middle-aged man with a new perspective. A simple well-worn philosophical piece, but deeply personal non the less.

Yesterday Again

I wrote a poem some time ago about Anne, my first ever girlfiriend. I was a magical time of discovering, a tender love that was never spoiled. This work is my way of saying "that little that we had, will endure as long as I have a mind to remember.


I spent twenty three years on the railways. So I thought it a good way of reflecting briefly on my life so far...

In My Mind

Remember the song 'In my mind I'm going to Carolina...' Well I've been some places in my life and over the years they seem to have stuck with me. I...

Cosmos Calling

I often wonder why I wake at four in the morning and just why I become so philosophical at that time. Daylight comes and all seems well again. If the...

Did You Ever Wonder

Did you ever wonder? What made your mortal coil? Stardust all around us Yet we speak of 'common clay' I am a Starman fell to Earth I come in bits And...

Wild and Beautiful

Whistling Moaning softly Searching for an ear The wild wind calls me Whispering Hissing secrets Only I can hear The wild wind shares Bustling The...

Don't Look Up

Don't look up you might actually see the world that is right in front of you. It could be a frightening place, it could be a world of wonder and...

An Infinite Number of Possibilities

As I sat in church on that summer Sunday morning my mind began to wander. I don't recall the Minister being particulary boring, but I seldom really...

Sorry Susan

This is a frank and honest reflection of who I am and a warning to myself should I ever get conceited or judgemental of others.

Florence Gently Weeping

Florence Gently Weeping In times long lost, you voyaged in youthful splendour. Resplendent beauty, proud virgin youth gliding on a sea of glass Your...

Last Night

Last Night Funny, when I was young and bound to live forever I had all day to lie in idleness and create a dream world of perfect living. Back in the...

Pinball People

Playing Pinball People Dodging dog-dirt On the streets of gold. Pinballing along, Careering on. Who let’s them beg? How dare the prick My conscience...

Fat To Spare

Fat To Spare “I lost three pounds!” Slimmer of the week “They must be somewhere. Have you tried under the stairs? Or maybe down the sofa.” “Don’t...

Why So Loud ?

Why So Loud? Silent night, creeping dark A wasteland of velvet black Duvet-shielded from reality Careening thoughts caress my soul Peace, peace...


I sometimes look at driftwood floating and wonder of the stories it could tell if it could speak.

Empty Page

Empty Page Empty, expectant, quivering With blank expression The page lay shivering. Harbinger, messenger. Lover’s cooing call, Or summons to battle...

All Alone In A Crowded Room

All Alone In A Crowded Room I’m all alone in a crowded room Sunny faces everywhere A pit of darkness in my soul Fear, uncertainty and never ending...
Gold cherry

All Washed Up

All Washed Up As I’ve never been able or confident enough to make a decision I thought I’d struggle to choose one thing with me in the post-...

To A Marse (To A Mouse)

I was asked to read some Burns poetry at a Burns Night a few years ago. I am a southerner and did not feel confident in doing his work with an appropriate Scottish accent, So I wrote 'To A Mouse' in my own version of Cockney rhyming slang.

Grey Rules

This was fun....hope Grey wins the vote

Dare To Forget

I often tease my wife about hearing her voice of command when she's not around and this piece is one of those voices. The last of a trilogy about my mother in law's passing.

When The Penny Drops

I'm a compulsive gambler nearly ten years clean. This is a combination of the pennie shove arcade machines and the state of mind a gambler uses to run from reality...until the penny drops

Chasing Winners

I am a compulsive gambler. I always will be despite being ten years clean. This piece was written for the many who still chase 'the big win' only to fail once again.

The Secret Of Survival

Not a cheerful piece I know, but when I found out about the nuclear bunkers...far to late. I had to smile and wonder...

Blossom So Divine

So called beauty flares and is no more. Beauty that shines like a beacon from within can light up any life. Clipart royalty free

He Is The Beat

This was a wandering journey in my mind, but the theme was based on a Seventies Christian rock star who had a track that was entitled 'Why should the Devil have all the good music?'


This poem merges the endless rotation of our planet with one or two of the 'spins' upon which some depend.

A Spiritual Scrooge Takes Stock

Charles Dickens was writing about me, he just didn't know it.

The Train On Platform 4

I hate replacement buses on rail services, but this is not a rant.

Beware Of Platform 4

Make of it what you will. It started off real then got 'ghostly'

Hear Hear

Hear Hear Said the Right ear to the Left, “Am I East or am I West? I need get my bearings!” “It depends upon how you look at it. I mean, to be North...

Stonehenge 1965

It's only just occurred to me how fitting this piece is for several of the recent 'Inspiration Point's' So I guess I am looking at Stonehenge from several perspectives.I is true to say that as a young boy the exeprience that day/early morning was to change me forever....forest_for_ever! The image above is actually a clrcke of stones near Chippping Norton.....I didn't have a camera back in 1965!

Remember What?

Remember What? At worst my body is run by an organic computer, at best it is a creation more fantastic, more complex than any scientist can ever...

Non Stranger

I thought long and hard about the Inspiration Point and came to the first face I saw this,

Nightmare So Real

Nightmare So Real What wide-eyed waking do you keep? Those wild, tormented features Warn of madness that shatters sleep And tell off shadow darkened...