Written in Australia

More recent poems written since returning to Australia from Ireland.

MOBILES (poem)

...turning us all into business buskers barking at buildings...

Smack Talk

Inspired by a Wiki entry: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smack_talk


Written to a theme of 'Invention' for the WA Spring Poetry Festival 2008.

Desertification (published poem)

Inspired emerging writer Marlia Douglas to responde with her own peom. John Kinsella asked me to read this poem at launch of "Shades of the Sublime and the Beautiful".

My Life As A Sari ( poem published in 'indigo Journal')

Securely tuck your fears under elastic at the centre of your waist with your left hand, and with your right, hold the remaining metres of spun silk - your future, facing inside.

Flood (poem)

Like the Fitzroy River threatening to change lives love breaks heart banks. (Inspired by thefloods in Queensland.)

Tall Tree Tanka

Unfortunately too many enjoy trying to fell tall trees when they should be hugged. We need to learn to look up. Frances Macaulay Forde © 2014


That moment when I realized you weren’t asleep, I couldn’t cry. I wanted to, thought I should, but I couldn’t shed tears for all those years when I...

Wardrobe Mistress

I stood in front of the wardrobe we shared and stared and stared. I had just seen her with overalls down below her knees, your familiar bare bum...

Moment of Birth

My Darling One you are so new helpless - yet so strong! You didn't really need the Doctor quiding you along... Now I know how every mother feels at...

Yellow Days

Driving through Toodyay in late August before Spring arrives officially yellow makes me smile Broome just opening dotted with hives flavouring the...

Two Fans

Two fans enthusiasically spin amongst a pile of rubbish waiting for pick up, roadside. Through wind and rain, even thunder “Look at me!” but nothing...

Brolga Dance

Newly hitched we hit pop-hot spots in Sydney. Occasion marked: Us. Tickets to ‘The Lion King’ in old Capitol Theatre took us back to Africa. Sticky...

Without Wheels

Old-fashioned suitcases, the ones without wheels... Such treasures themselves for the memories they held. Skippered with no regard to a life-time of...

A Natural Mum

A Natural Mum a farmers daughter knew about living what was important filtered accordingly allowed her children freedom to explore worlds in books...


I hear my world better when there are no words closed library eyes see eddying images churn before being controlled writing a new narrative it’s kind...