These are the products of my little mind.


Somehow, I seem to be stuck between two needs. First is the basic physiologic need, sleep. Second is the self-actualization, studying.

A Letter For His Perfect Girlfriend

It's about a perfect couple. So perfect that the guy seeks imperfection in me.

A Prayer for Her Heart

this is for my dear mother..

All the Nothings

All the possible nothings I can say will probably never reach your ears nor sink into your consciousness. You can go on drinking all the stale beer and cheap liquor that you ever can.

Alpha and Omega

Alpha and Omega, Birth and Death, the welcoming of life and the welcoming of the after-life.

Borderline Beauty

Miss Serendipity Oh through your face I see.. true and lasting beauty! We meet by chance through the winding corridors and for but a passing moment these eyes consume the wonder of you..

Chains of Freedom

I'm walking with chains on my legs hear them bang as I hit the steps They clasp my legs like frozen glass I live bearing the whole world's mass I can head to the north or east

Daddy's Apple

Oh I wrote this because of my father. He loves apples and I just HAVE to write about it. It's more like a free verse poetry.

Tomorrow Won't Run

something inspiring..

Entity of Lust

Erotica is never my speciality, but I still tried. So here it is.. Hope you like it.


Dramatic features displayed by each line Create unique likeness defined by time Subtle imprints magically combine To fabricate a face that is sublime


In every love affair, tears are always there they are vital parts dwelling from the hearts. There are private reasons behind falling tears, countless emotions kindled by fears.

Said But Not Done

What would happen, when everything's been said? and yet they were not done.. What would cure the heartaches, when actions can't overcome the words?

How To Be a Head Turner

Walk across the street With your delicous looking feet Smile with your luscious lips Slowly sway your tempting hips Do a sexy catwalk Look hot when you talk Be proud of your breasts


I had a dream about this. It's totally weird so I had to write about it.

In a Trance of Romance

Such wonder mixed with bliss Often sealed with a kiss Only few may resist The warmth that can exist Unconsumable flame With countless secret names A steady flowing rush


As I walked through the leaf-covered path leading to my Granny's house, I thought of life and how very important it is that actually knowing it's value would leave a man crazy.


Poverty echoes everywhere, in every corner of our beloved homeland, the Philippines.

Guileless (Rondeau)

Amusing words like honey balm What woman can resist the charm? Nice words from lips luscious and red What lady will use the word "dread''? She'll only beg for words unsaid

When the Night Cradles Me

Moon, shine on me tonight Make everything alright Oh let me sleep so tight As I switch off my light Sweet dreams, pay a visit As my sweet smiles repeat Let warmth enter my feet

The Visitation

My first horror poem..


A Rainbow is a heavenly bow which forms after the rain. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet.

Flowery Tongue

Don't be civilized 'cause you know you're not Time has lapsed and you are obviously hot Let me tumble down your small train of thought I will bring pleasure you have always sought

If Only

I hug my pillow, and imagine it is you. But somehow, the pillow is not warm enough, the pillow is not talking or breathing, it does not smell like you, it doesn't hug me or kiss me back,

Those Eyes

I swear I'll never forget how those eyes met mine I was made a fool by them Even so I knew in my heart that I love them. Day and night, all I thought of were those eyes


another try for horror poem..

Fur Ball of Love

It's about our pet. Any grammar corrections will be largley appreciated. THANKS.

Pebbles of Heaven (Haiku)

a cookie haiku.. yumm

Fire and Snow

It's pretty much a love story about giving and taking, and of fire and snow.

The Encounter

It's about my encounter with a weird man who asked for donations for his mentally ill sister. I just turned away. Now I wonder what would happen if I gave him some money.

Microbes in Contact Lens

A poem for microbes in my contact lenses. I can't imagine myself wearing my lenses together with these microbes.

This is My Cross

As the Poor becomes poorer the nails are getting deeper As they cry out and perish the thorns begin to pierce. The blood of Christ is shed when people scavenge for bread.

Love's Worth

If you want love to win Fight it, you must not. But if you must fight for love Win, you must.

Half In, Half Out

a free verse about how I view romance in my life now..

Hot Chocolate! (Haiku)

hmm I just love hot chocolate.. during any season at all..

The Pee

never hold back a pee

Flirting with Death

Sometimes, death has a bright side.

One Night

I looked into your charming eyes you smiled lovingly back at me I moved my lips closer to yours & we gently kissed You held me in your arms gently You held my hands between your warm ones

Internet for Him

I went to the Cathedral today to attend the feast of St. Paul.


I have lots of things to do and I don’t know where to start. Sometimes I think I don’t have to do all the school stuff. There are moments when I feel like the things I do are useless.

Fated and Fixed

When it’s time, it’s time.

Third Party

Being a third party is something I’m not proud of. The anticipated hurt is greater than the possibility of being with him.

Ninety-four Year Old Eyes

Grandpa Jose, my paternal grandfather, lives in our house. I go to his room every now and then to check on him and today I know he couldn't catch a glimpse of me.

Earthed to the Clouds

Earthed to the Clouds

Line of Rejection

It's never easy to reject someone, but one must do it to save the other from bigger despair.

Repositioning the Spectacles

Spectacles, or what others may call eyeglasses, are such interesting gadgets.