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Story29. (Oh Lord, Won't You Buy Me A) Mercedes Benz Ewan13 years 5 months ago
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My stories

the dude

Psychologist: “What is the trouble?” Patient: “It’s my memory.” Psychologist: “And when did this trouble start?” Patient: “What trouble?” $

A dream

It was a lazy monday. I’d seen the doctor about the cut in my finger and slept a bit during the day. Went to bed that night and fell asleep.

The other side

Pretoria 1986

its workin so wel!!

she ain got no mony her clothes aa kina fonny o but luv luv luv groze werr mirabel goze! she talks a kina lazy kina crazy her lifes a mistery! o o luv groze werr mirabel goze!

The Possible vs The Impossible

You've been with the professors And they've all liked your looks With great lawyers you have Discussed lepers and crooks