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Down the years I have lived in many places and I have done many jobs. Now I live in Bulgaria and the only work I do is tending to my lovely garden when the sun is shining and scribbling away in my big book of writing stuff when it is not.

I may have left it too late in life to become a famous writer or celebrated gardener but I will persevere anyway. These are the things that occupy me in a seemingly effortless and satisfying way.

204 of my comments have received 214 Great Feedback votes

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I really enjoyed reading this

Posted on Wed, 25 Aug 2021

I really enjoyed reading this. I like the way that your words seem to slide and ripple as smoothly as the grass snake and the surface of the canal water. As I read I could clearly see in my mind the scene and the movements and sense the...

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Posted in Swimming Snake

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This is a very well written

Posted on Sat, 28 Aug 2021

This is a very well written poem, Jenny, which I read twice to ensure that it had sunk in.

Your explanation helped me appreciate it. I can fully understand what you mean by 'Feelings from the past have an impact on who we are now' as my...

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Posted in Curious Ambiance

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As I see it / her, although

Posted on Mon, 23 Aug 2021

As I see it / her, although Alexa sounds like a lovely young lady, she is merely Wikipedia personified. If you ask the Wikipedia website itself if it is a reliable source of information it will give you an honest 'no' as an answer. Perhaps one...

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Posted in Saint Patrick's Day (17/3/21) : Part 3 by Mr A.N.Muggins