Argibel The Orc : The Bitter Romantic

Apologies to Tolkein if this is not exactly what he might have had in mind when he created Middle Earth, but many of us have taken his ideas further in many directions. Most fantasy writers of any sort owe a great debt to his creativity. I certainly don’t wish to cheapen his creation with dark or simple humour or with sexually motivated excess, but there are so many questions about how the various races in Middle Earth could interact, or find common motivations. Can they rise above their stereotypes to work together or to live together or teach each other to understand themselves? In the real world we generally now accept that different races are all basically the same. We are all humans, but that was not always the way people thought. In Middle Earth the differences between races are far more pronounced and the hatreds, fears, and misunderstandings far more extreme.

Argibel The Orc : The Bitter Romantic Chapter 1

He felt the cold breeze of the early morning stirring through the caverns, despite it being summer. ‘Oh curses, I need another pee,’ he swore under...

Argibel The Orc : The Bitter Romantic Chapter 2

Mannioch, the King of the Orcs in the mountains at that time, was trying to force the Elves to stay in their fortresses at that time. He did not want...

Argibel The Orc : The Bitter Romantic Chapter 3

The elf female ate the porridge she was given with relish. Argibel noticed this and wondered whether perhaps Gruby had not been feeding her enough...

Argibel The Orc : The Bitter Romantic Chapter 4

There had been a raid on a settlement of man. Many things were brought back to the cave, among them things of thin paper, bound together. He had...