Shalirion : Land of Magic, Sorcery, Peace and Sex

The Empire of Shalirion is a haven of peace and contentment, including sexual contentment, for there is plenty of that to be had, in ceremonies and open practices of promiscuity. Unfortunately there are barbarian kingdoms without, and dark creatures who are jealous of its wealth and its bounties. Invasion, bloodshed and enslavement lies on the horizon and will despoil the ancient land, unless magic and sorcery can be harnessed in effective resistance to the barbarians and their dark magic.

Princil's Magic : Chapter 4 : The Trial (Part 1)

The Dark Wizard goes to the Council House to see what has happened to Remzain's father, sees him on trial, in a humiliating charade, and finds himself the subject of scrutiny.

Ceremony : Part 1

Shalirion is a haven of peace and contentment, including sexual contentment and plenty. Unfortunately dark barbarian forces threaten with evil greed and magic.

Ceremony : Part 2

Shalirion is a haven of peace and contentment, including sexual satisfaction and plenty. The ceremony develops as sexual magic is channeled to counter the dark barbarian invaders.

Princil's Magic : Chapter 1

Barbarians using dark magic are invading the prosperous and liberated city of Cromilil. The only way young mage Princil can save his household is to create magic by breaking taboos.

Princil's Magic : Chapter 2 (Part 1)

Princil persuades members of his household to break sexual taboos to create magic, which will hide them from the barbarian invaders sacking their city.

Princil's Magic : Chapter 2 (Part 2)

Princil breaks normal taboos with his secondmother to create the passionate magic which will save the family from the barbarians

Princil's Magic : Chapter 2 : (Part 3) Sisters In Magic

Princil completes his magic to protect the household by breaking taboos with his halfsisters and his fullsister.

Princil's Magic : Chapter 3 : Aribor's Search

A dark wizard searches fallen city for leading families, but finds the beauty of his dreams protected by Princil's magic.

Princil's Magic : Chapter 3 : (Part 2) Aribor's Servant

The Dark Wizard claims his beautiful prize Remzain and finds his pleasure while he can in the conquered city.

Princil's Magic : Chapter 4 : The Trial (Part 2)

Valdark the Great Sorceror searches Aribor's mind to determine his motivations. Discovering Aribor's obsession for the beauty Remzain he takes her from the wizard.

The Downfall of Avarica (Balance and Fairness : The Principles of Shalirion)

Pre invasion Shalirion followed economic principles of balance & fairness. But one city, Avarica, invented its own rules, opening the doors to greed, mismanagement, and ruin.

Princil's Magic : Chapter 5 : Guthelm's Woman (Part 1)

The sorceror Aribor has been forced to pass the beauty Remzain into the hands of Valdark, the Great Sorceror, who takes her as a prize to the odious barbarian King Guthelm, her father's executioner.

Princil's Magic : Chapter 5 : Guthelm's Woman (Part 2)

Remzain is forced to become the concubine of her new master, barbarian King Guthelm, and finally faces him in relative privacy.

Princil's Mindreading : ( Life In Shalirion Before The Invasion)

A merchanting voyage upriver by Alos and Princil, before the conquest of Cromilil. Young Princil learns more about his sexual and magical powers now he has come of age.

Charlerion Of Pelancir : Princil's Magic : Chapter 6 (Part 1)

Remzain observes a powerfully handsome man who is treated by King Guthelm as an equal. King Charlerion wishes to build a flourishing colony from the destruction and waste of Cromilil.

Princil's Magic : Ch.4 : The Trial (Part 3) Sorceror In Love

Valdark, the Great Sorceror, obliges Aribor to reluctantly give the lovely Remzain up after reading his mind.

Charlerion Of Pelancir : Princil's Magic : Ch.6 (Part 2) : The Dance

Handsome King Charlerion dances with concubine Remzain at the feast hosted by the barbaric King Guthelm of Grumandor.

Charlerion Of Pelancir : Princil's Magic : Ch.6 (Part 3) : Negotiations

As the two barbarian Kings negotiate for the next stage of conquest, the beauty Remzain finds herself part of the negotiations, and finds her future may be far different to the one she expected.

Princil's Art : (Life In Shalirion Before The Invasion)

Princil practices his magical arts by creating pictures portraying the inner beauty or character of his subjects.

Princil's Magic : Charlerion's Concubine : Ch.7 (Part 1)

Remzain has been delivered to her new master the handsome King of Pelancir, after he struck a deal with the odious King Guthelm. Her new situation seems much more to her liking as she feels his attraction.

Princil's Magic : Charlerion's Concubine : Ch.7 (Part 2)

Remzain is finding she can enjoy her new life with King Charlerion, but the King is beginning to feel the influence of Shalirion over his sexual desires.

Princil's Magic : Ch.8 : (Part 1) Goblins

The Sorceror Aribor, still suffering the loss of the beauty Remzain, observes Guthelm's goblin allies, raping and killing women of the conquered city. Her memory induces him to intervene to protect the women, which is out of character for a Black Sorceror.

Princil's Magic : Ch.8: (Part 2) Dwarves

Dwarves involved in the invasion of Shalirion are ready to take their pillaged treasures of the conquest back home across the sea, but are forced to consider the value of profit over the value of their own lives and the lives of their prisoner/servants.

Princil's Magic : Ch.8: (Part 3) Escape From Cromilil

Mothers and sisters use their charms and Princil's Magic to escape the conquered city and join the resistance of their people of Shalirion.

Princil's Magic : Ch.9: Charlerion's Pleasure (Part 1)

The confident successful King begins to call himself Emperor. Meanwhile he exercises his pleasure in private with his two rival concubines.