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StoryWalking Part of the Herefordshire Trail Rhiannonw92 months 22 min ago
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StoryBelow proudwing72 months 2 days ago
StoryMy Victor Meldrew Moment skinner_jennifer122 months 2 days ago
StoryBlowing Up the Street (IP) Ed Crane82 months 3 days ago
StoryRV Di_Hard92 months 4 days ago
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StoryAbove Clun Rhiannonw132 months 1 week ago
StoryThe Value of the Gift Rhiannonw172 months 1 week ago
Storywintering in warm Britain … Rhiannonw62 months 1 week ago
StoryAn Outing: Part Two HarryC162 months 1 week ago
StoryDandelions luigi_pagano122 months 1 week ago
StoryBedtime Rituals Jane Hyphen102 months 1 week ago
StorySnowdrops Rhiannonw72 months 1 week ago
StoryA Boss Departed pkroutray12 months 1 week ago
StoryEven the IRA couldn't get us a telephone. jolono62 months 1 week ago
StoryAvocet Rhiannonw92 months 2 weeks ago
StoryMesopotamia Philip Sidney182 months 2 weeks ago
StoryWalk In The Park With Snow (Part 2 of 2) airyfairy142 months 2 weeks ago
StoryEarthly Paradise skinner_jennifer122 months 2 weeks ago
StoryBeech Lines markle122 months 2 weeks ago
StoryFirst of February luigi_pagano82 months 2 weeks ago


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Walking home from shopping 8/3/18

You know how, if you find a piece of quartz on the beach and hold it up to the light you can see white, cream and amber fractured bright as the...

predator (just re uploaded)

snow lies outside waiting like a cat thick fluffy fur white gleaming flat bumper deep cars lurk stuck fast as burrs in streets shaken by sky ripping...


Forgetting things is so scary like standing on a bank a river is eating away at. My Dad died of dementia unable to talk. My son hates that I want to...

It's all about bread

It is important to be able to look down on your enemy. Though they are not enemies rather bread and butter. That sort of spongy white pap I wouldn't...

emperor's new clothes

Invisible the air is cut and sewn when whistles, chirps and warbles sweetly shear off from the rolls of space, as silk ribon freed catches light,...


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this is one of those you find

Posted on Sat, 08 Sep 2018

this is one of those you find new bits in each time. So far my favourites are

Despite all this I know even less (I miss being so sure what the right thing to do was when I was younger)

Disordered files...

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Posted in Feeling Confused about Time

1 Vote

many clever lines in this,

Posted on Sat, 01 Sep 2018

many clever lines in this, particularly like the idea of hoovering up things wished unsaid! I know from my son talking to his friends online in chat writing how easy it is for things which if said with your voice would be known as a joke can seem...

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Posted in Healing or Provoking

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this is so good, you have all

Posted on Wed, 29 Aug 2018

this is so good, you have all the fascinating busyness and movement, the equivalent of our day and night.  I find swirling seaweed mesmerising so particularly liked the second verse as it reminds me of this dreamy feeling of seeing another world...

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Posted in Inter-tidal life

1 Vote

This needs a bit of effort,

Posted on Fri, 24 Aug 2018

This needs a bit of effort, like opening a geode, then more and more bits start to sparkle

"snakes that lie in wait"

"To chase raw deliverance and

Shun the safety of the paved way"

"Both cowardly and brave


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Posted in The Dirt Road

1 Vote

This is one of your

Posted on Sat, 25 Aug 2018

This is one of your alliteration masterpieces! Using the sounds and rhythm as a way to say the same thing as the words' meaning, it's so clever! I think this is one of my favourites of yours so far :0)

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Posted in Sharing

1 Vote

Enjoyed this. Lots of great

Posted on Wed, 15 Aug 2018

Enjoyed this. Lots of great descriptions, particularly liked falling on the sofa in a dingy heap, and how his wet shoes sounded like squishing bugs.

Where you first mention students, do you need "the"?

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Posted in The Last Case of Dr. Jonah Wexley Abbott (Pt. 1)

1 Vote

you have great skill making

Posted on Wed, 15 Aug 2018

you have great skill making lots of facts easy and enjoyable to read. I had no idea Norway had a potato famine.

I liked the way you mixed a wider history in with your family's history, too. And that you have been able to write something...

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Posted in The Shipping Line Clock

1 Vote

Great rhythm you have cought

Posted on Tue, 14 Aug 2018

Great rhythm you have cought the music of the storm and made it into words

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Posted in Storm

1 Vote

lots of good lines,  what a

Posted on Sat, 11 Aug 2018

the first bit - what a way to describe how someone sounds!

also very much liked :

"Tonight grows older

than I can handle"


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1 Vote

gosh, the stress!

Posted on Mon, 23 Jul 2018

gosh, the stress!

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Posted in Saturday Part One.