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StoryLincoln's Crumpled Paper hudsonmoon163 months 1 week ago
StorySelfies luigi_pagano223 months 1 week ago
Blog entryStory and Poem of the Week and Inspiration Point Insertponceyfre...23 months 1 week ago
StoryEchoes Of Town skinner_jennifer123 months 2 weeks ago
StoryLAST LAMENT (DO NOT MOURN) BIGGUS63 months 2 weeks ago


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Poem of the week

a break from hoovering

wriggle bummed bees busy browsing discourse on roses, pore over cool pale petal pages of pollen gold-illumined manuscripts gathering anthologies of...

In your shoes

The bag's bright pink, prawn cocktail in clear script. We don't have prawns now the sea is plastic soup. You wear shoes so your feet don't touch the...
Gold cherry
Poem of the week

renewable 2 (second go at this)

behind a moss furred wall woods slope down and bluebells shimmer peacock hued through bright green shade cool incense filled and in the field airy...


Bluebell slopes shimmer bright green shade full of cool incense. Then across the field airy Rumplestiltskins white, slim as bird bones spin, slow...
Gold cherry


winter fingered earth safed. Now joined as prayer clasped hands they come up from darkness forgotten hopes open for the sun. Fragile, green growing...


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 it made me hurt in sympathy,

Posted on Mon, 03 Jun 2019

 it made me hurt in sympathy, reading. The st of stabbing and stitching, the idea of someone writing their name inside you. "Every door slammed quietly/inside" how you shut yourself in so deep trying to escape feeling

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Posted in Dark Rooms

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to start with I thought wow

Posted on Wed, 29 May 2019

to start with I thought wow what gorgeous photos, how could you make a poem to match, but you HAVE, as the photos are still but the poem is full of movement, just as we look around, you show the cow parsley, the buttercups. Then the movement of...

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Posted in Scenic Variations of the Wye

1 Vote

I love this! You are

Posted on Thu, 23 May 2019

I love this! You are brilliant.

The ogg sounds are like water filled footprints, sucking at the rhythm

Then "idle" mixed with the "S" of secluded makes me think of intruders sliding off, like in fairy tales, the place magically...

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Posted in Bog Brilliance

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wow, that's st francis of

Posted on Tue, 21 May 2019

wow, that's st francis of assissi level!!!

do you find hover flies love your lilles? I had some oriental (I think the beast from the east ate them as gone without trace now) and one had 12 hoverflies either on it or very near? Don't know...

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Posted in I Didn't Kill the Scarlet Beetles

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Enjoyed this so much! I had a

Posted on Wed, 22 May 2019

Enjoyed this so much! I had a bond like that with my dog. the sense that your world is alright because your dog is alright, whatever happens outside you can take it. And the stealthy rhymes, never forced.

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Posted in Anthony and Cleopatra

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Another one of your wonderful

Posted on Fri, 17 May 2019

Another one of your wonderful walking ones :0)

love "woods of birdsong"

and :

notes of a cuckoo echoing
from time to time
from down below

you catch the space between so cleverly

and the feeling of...

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Posted in Up Carningli

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this would make a great film

Posted on Sun, 12 May 2019

this would make a great film :0) What does it say about Bill that he so wanted to be on the winnng side that he got someone who had earned their place to leave? I dread to think what Jennifer thought of him! It feels like a Machiavellian fable...

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Posted in The Cinderella Team

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I hope this is not inspired

Posted on Sat, 11 May 2019

I hope this is not inspired by you working in a horrible new job?

"The world gave away free stuff and it was the best stuff anybody could ever get their hands on but it wasn’t enough. There was a bit more that we all needed and for some of...

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Posted in I Woke Up (in inverted commas)

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This one is gorgeous too! In

Posted on Tue, 07 May 2019

This one is gorgeous too! In so few words so much richness, I felt I had been there too. Thankyou so much for posting. I will want to read this over and over

Are you on holiday?

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Posted in Arrival – Evening Wander

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that's beautiful! I love

Posted on Thu, 09 May 2019

that's beautiful! I love these walking poems! I have never read anything like them, how you make a feeling of walking, place and moment come alive with rhythm and aliteration, more vivid even than your lovely photo

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Posted in Transfixed!