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I am a Brummie living in Northampton. I love to write but get distracted with other things. I enjoy horror/fantasy and anything that provokes original thought. My literary heroes are Clive Barker, Stephen King, Edgar Allan Poe and HP Lovecraft.

I think that everyone should read George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-four .

I have short stories published in a horror anthology by @thealienbuddha, anthology Vol.IV by @LoftPublishing and flash fiction at @paragraphplanet.

Poems of mine have been published by @thealienbuddha (The Alien Buddha Gets Rejected) and @blackboughpoems (Winter-Christmas Anthology 2023).

I have new stories published in 2023 by @darkwinterlit and @thealienbuddha (Halloween anthology and ABZ55 at ABP) along with appearing in an anthology by @LoftPublishing (Anthology Vol V).

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My stories


Chinese Whispers

I guess there was no way of knowing that things would turn out like this. As I stood and stared out across the moonlit, mountain vista, I reflected back on what had led up to this moment. When you're a mile high in the sky the air seems so much clearer and your thoughts become crystallised like a moth caught in an arctic freeze.

A Working Complaint

It's been a hard day's night, And I've been working like a dog,

Just Another War

How can we possibly imagine? ---------------------------------------- I look out of the window to see a sun shine, My children in a library, a million books define, An accumulation of knowledge, an acknowledgement to men,

The World's End Motel

In the beginning, things were great. Seemingly, it had been a match made in heaven. All the signs were that we had a bright enough future together. I can still recall our wedding day. The sky was an ebullient blue, phosphorescent clouds in the minority as the sun streamed down on the gathering entourage. We readied ourselves for our vows with the theme of the day being how well suited we were. Maybe even the stars had fated our partnership, what with Aquarius and Aries a completely compatible combination. It's hard to imagine how things could turn out so differently.

Private Hell

It had been this way for thousands of years; there was never a question of boredom so long as new entertainment could be found. The only hell in a purgatory of sorts was to be bored. After all, this was forever in a manner of speaking. Memnock took his place as he did every day, perched on top of his fluffy white cloud, positioned nicely for the coming hours.


1085 of my comments have received 1097 Great Feedback votes

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Those pesky Russians get

Posted on Thu, 12 Jan 2023

Those pesky Russians get everywhere! A highly visual, evocative piece which I enjoyed reading. Paul :)

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Posted in Mudbath! (The Ultimate Day Trip Of All Possible Day Trips!) by Alfred N. Muggins (from his recent holiday in Marmaris, Turkey!) Part 4 : (Journey Upriver To The Tombs From Turtle Beach)

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Lovely and loving memories.

Posted on Mon, 09 Jan 2023

Lovely and loving memories. Yes, a wonderful picture too. Enjoyed, of course. Paul 

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Posted in 1949

1 Vote

The pot boiling nicely. And

Posted on Sun, 08 Jan 2023

The pot boiling nicely. And all that intrigue. Looking forward to the next part. Paul :) 

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Posted in "Willow's Missing Tail" 7

1 Vote

A highly visual and evocative

Posted on Thu, 05 Jan 2023

A highly visual and evocative, January hike. Felt like I was right there. Enjoyed, of course. Paul [Should that say "light clouds"?] 

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Posted in Wind and squelch and far views

1 Vote

A beautiful tribute, Jane. My

Posted on Tue, 03 Jan 2023

A beautiful tribute, Jane. My collie woofer is 16 going on 17 later this year. Savouring the days we have with him. Paul

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Posted in He's Left These Woods

1 Vote

"...lost in the stillness as

Posted on Tue, 03 Jan 2023

"...lost in the stillness as rain drops..."


Dreamy and timely, Jenny. Nicely done, of course. Paul :) 

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Posted in Walking In January

1 Vote

"Peace on Earth, goodwill to

Posted on Sun, 01 Jan 2023

"Peace on Earth, goodwill to all men (except Plutin). Well, yes! 

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Posted in The Turkish Turtles of Turtle Beach by A.N.Muggins

1 Vote

It definitely works to the

Posted on Sat, 31 Dec 2022

It definitely works to the rhythm of "Hickory Dickory Dock"  Well done and well said, Rhiannon. Happy New Year to you and yours. Paul :) 

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Posted in Tickety, tickety, tock,

1 Vote

That sounds like fab news,

Posted on Sat, 31 Dec 2022

That sounds like fab news, Jean. Keep up the good work in the New Year. Hoping 2023 is kind to you. Take care. Paul x

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Posted in Chemo 17

1 Vote

Lordy, that whole world of

Posted on Wed, 28 Dec 2022

Lordy, that whole world of dating apps has passed me by. Thankfully. A funny, almost visceral account of what looks like a brutal world of honesty and dishonesty. Enjoyed. Paul :)

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Posted in The Tinder Date (Tinder is the night)