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Buried Pride

A son finding it hard too join his family after years away, missing.

Depend On Me

Trying to aquire the very Essence of your happiness soley through Others,can lead you on a path of Ever winding soul destroying.

Rise Above it

If you look at me and say, Don't like the colour of your Skin,or the 6 inch scar on Your face, or your fat, To short, your bald, ugly or old. That would be sad, but instead Of being mean back, which Would not change your mind, Instead I would simply be kind And not judge you.

Your Still The Best.

Son thinking of his dad

Just For The Night. IP

people helping each other.

How will they know.


My Quote Of The Moment.

Quote of inspiration

My Own Quote

something that's still not taxed

My Quote Of The Day. :)

Inspirational Thought I like saying some times thought I would share it.

Solitude Eyes

A person self doubting their abilities.

Unbelievable. Inspirational Point!

Woman having a coffee and thinking about the future.

My Quote of The Week!!

About being positve when people put you down e.t.c

My Quote/Thought Of The Week.

thoughts on humans with other humans

The Exact Time (IP)

Dealing with every day challenges.

Show Me The Right Path. IP

A woman touched my her unknown good entity.

Different And Special. I.P

how we forget how important our names are seen.

How Did I Get Here.

Nothing in life, is as it seems or sounds and we often never see the warning signs.

Just For One Second Please.

christmas thoughts. Forgive me for errors, I will correct them when possible :) but I still hope you can enjoy my work.

New Year, New Hope.

not just a new year resolution.

The Smile Benefth The Ground.

It's not for you to bare My pain,that life ordained For me.Which stagnates into Your present world and makes It empty. Such full of life roamed Happily all over this land

My Fault. IP

I am so jealous yet again of Of your accomplishments That you have achieved. Scared I could not make it work And in a recession as well. So I lay back and watched you take my

Thinking Of You All On Easter

people remembering others@easter .I was aiming for a poem,then It turned into Lyrics so more work, me thinks :)I hope you all spent the day how you all wanted 2 :)

Young and Lost

daughter reliving sad childhood memories

No One Can ever Love You Like I do. (IP)

You know how to make me smile everything about you oozes delight, you make me feel so happy inside and full At night. We have this routine every Day, even when I've tried

Think Of Others First IP

Over 40 tenants Of which most were over 60,

Through Your Eyes

Man's best friend on a miserable day.

IP. Nothing Last For Ever.

dealing with illness and feeling not whole.

Misguided Choices, IP.

Two west midlands lads discussing adults.

It's Ok To Be You... IP

Not all sky's you can look up too.

Open Mind

Judge me not for the way I dress, Or the color of my hair, Nor the Country I was born. Only for what's inside, and how I treat mankind. I understand...

Some Times To Quick Without Thought

We are eager it seems at times, To judge those in front of us. Yet forget to take a good look, In our mirror of imperfection. We may think at times,

Please Don't Make Me Choose

Torn between two waves, Moving at a fast pace, Which I'm unable to keep up. Colliding togeather, time after time. One never misses the chance, To...

There Can Be A Brighter Life

The Weight Of Life Can be great, I know. Especially when beautiful Rainbows lose their glow, And Silent Winds Just blow and blow. While sunlight...

Lost In The Crowd. IP

Drowning in a never ending pile of Hate, love, pain and confusion. Lost for words, no energy left to spare yet, I do still care. Torn between the...

Community Spirit, Live's

Not what I expected when I Heard a knock at my front door, To see a young man all smiles And a basket full of all sorts. I try not to judge and let...

Happy, Christmas My ABC Family :)

Before I get caught up In this frantic last chase of Madness thats sweeps most Of us at this festive time. I want to wish you all a Christmas Filled...


Life can be hard at times and having our eyes wide shut to the obvious,that just want's us to see, wont Help you or me. Because even when the hour is...

The Honey Trap. (IP)

When you plant a seed In the ground, you have Hope it will always be Around. Many a seasons will come, Winters may be harsh but Summer sun, bright...

Long Dark Nights IP

Those long dark nights Give me such a fright And a shiver down My spine. Being on my own doesn't Help,and all of this makes Me feel blue from about...

My Phrase 4 the Week

We are all beautiful, just some Of us miss out on excellent Lighting! .

We Could Be That Person.

Remember, we are all lost At some time in our life And often only find what We seek, or peace Because of love and Generosity of another. So when we...

What A day

I try to scramble money out Of my newly deep black Leather handbag,I hate At best but I needed it to look The part and that was the start. I couldn't...

My Thought Of The Moment

Keep Smiling through the rough days! It can help others to cope, Even when you feel your not .

My Thought Of The Moment.

When the harmony of your heart Gets tainted with hate or anger It can be hard to enforce some Forgiveness, this his true. But, if there is a way too...

My Thought Of The Moment.

We should try not to Complain about what We don't have today, And consume with Gratefulness of what We do. Because tomorrow We may not be around To...

Little Niggles

Stop,Pause Focus and Continue that's what we Can do, when the little Things start to annoy Us, for a moment in our Day, and overshadow the bigger...

Bluebell Woods

Happy anniversary my handsome Dai, I know you always preferred to be called David,since you Were bullied when your mother shouted ' have a good day...

It's Ok To Be Sad For A Minute Or Two

I know the sun doesn't Shine all the time and The rain can pound so very Heavy at your worn down door. With the winter chill not making Things easy...

My Thought Of The Moment

There's often a moment in Everyone's day that makes Us want to scream or Run Away. So it's that quick trip To the loo,you made time For while your...

I'm Alone,Even When You'r There

No words can express the love I feel when I'm with you,or the magic Memories of so much fun we have Had over 34 years we've shared. Even the tears...

My Thought Of The Moment

While we worry away the day's We don't start to appreciate The hour's.

My Thought Of The Moment.

The sun may hide behind So many mask's of unpredictive Clouds. But our inner glow can still Shine through.When ever Or where ever, we are struck a...

There Are Rainbow's Ahead.

We continue life's inconsistent, Often burdensome path,to an Unknown destination,but One certain granted Pass. But for every minute,hour,day Of...

My Thought Of The Moment.

With Every Drop Of Pain, There is a bucketfull Of Hope.

Thinking Of You

When we stop to take five minutes Out of this fast paced world we live in. And smile at the thought of loved Ones we are lucky to see later that day...

My Thought Of The Moment

Let writing ease the loneliness And pain.And ascend,filled With appreciation,belonging, And a reminder there's always Others online.

Love For The Perfect Gem Of All.

There are so many different Jewels In this world,so for Those of us lucky enough to Have held one, know how Precious these rare gems Really are. And...

Cry All Day Friday.

When you have one of Those none stop days,where Your phone becomes irksome From it's continuous ringtone, Not allowing you some 'me Time'.but which...

My Thought Of The Moment :)

For all the many Ripples that cross our Beautiful waters.There Are hundreds more Of still, calm ones that Will cross our path again, And let us enjoy...

My Thought Of The Moment

The Rain may have kept pouring On our lovely happy morning But don't feel ,dispirited, Have a treat, big or small After all, it's the end our...

My Thought Of The Moment :)

Only when you want To fight for your happiness. The key that holds your gates Of crestfallen firmly shut, will open once more.

Thought of the Moment :)

Try to stay strong and keep smiling, Because although it seems impossible To believe,there is always a brighter day A head,when all the dark clouds...

Enjoy, Its Saturdayyyyy

What can I say apart from It's Saturdayyy,and although It's certainly been brisk,like a Mini tornado having an hissy fit, it still felt bliss to me...

Thought Of The Moment

With a lot of strength and welcoming Hands,lets share the precious Gift that cost only minutes of Our time. Compassion for others,home, And all...

More To Love Than 'That'

You look like a pinup, so my Alfred Said, but he was blind as a bat,but With an.heart of gold and eyes So kind, I didn't mind he wasn't Sexually that...

No Straight Forward Answers

While we often can't predict pain,betrayal, Death and destruction, we will inevitably Have to face in our hopefully long life on Our precious,...

Remeber Me Smiling, As I Want You To Keep Living

It's not for you to bare my pain, That life deputized for me. Which stagnates into your present World and makes It empty. Such happy times roamed our...

My Thought/Quote Of The Moment

Keep Smiling, even if the rain Just keeps on pouring over, What once became, A happy,clement place,

My Thougt Of The Moment

When we want to do our own Things,and feel there's no time To spare for others in need.Let Us remember,one day we could be That person who needs a...

My Thought Of The Moment

Keep Smiling,even when the dark clouds, Just try and try to block your happy sun!!!

My Thought Of The Moment

While it rains and rains At our front door, that Can only mean, somone Else,is thankfully getting Sunshine at theirs.

Look For The Sun

Remember there are always Sunnier day's to look forward To.Even when the rain Seems to never dissapear.

My Thought Of The Moment

Let us try to give gestures Of love not hate,as it may Be the last thing we ever Do or say to someone,but The first thing we regret each Morning when...

Happy Belated Wishes

I would like to convey How very sorry I feel, For not to have wished You all, festive fun and A happier, healthier, fun Peacful new year. So with...

Sunnier Day's Do Appear

When ruins start to fall All around us,lets not Panic, but emerge Stronger,wiser,and ready To build again.

We Can Stop The Pain.

It could be a large prominent building, Packed with hundreds or thousands Of people,or a solitude hardworking Man just finished eating his lunch, On...

Oh It's Monday

Although it's Monday and we all Probably wish it was still Sunday, Lets try and find it in our hearts, To make an effort to effect others In a...

Dear Mom

The pillows still smell of Jasmine, Rose,the slightly fruity,floral Fragrance of White Diamonds, Your favorite,I remember you Saying 'it was like...

Dear Daughter,Second Part To Dear Mom

I may not be there to hold your, hand when things get tough, Or laugh when the kids play in The mud. But I'm in your pictures,thoughts, Heart, so...

Thank You Mom,Is Never Enough! For Torscot 2:)

I know I don't need an excuse Like mothers day, to show you How much I care,or how grateful I am to know your always there. But I hope the card was...

Not My Usual morning

Woke up this morning with the The Sun beaming,birds singing, Green grass growing,daffodils Blooming so picturesque,so Calming and safe.its the last...

A Cold, Dark Spring Day In France

Words can still not convey How much shock and sorrow Is felt for so many lives that Now reside amongst the angelic French Alps. How can an alluring,...

Thought Of The Moment.

While the rain pours down On our happy hearts, And the chill of the wind Wraps it's devious hands Around our algidity body's Let the sun from within...

Chas RIP

Charlie,you were and Always will Be loved And thought of every Single day. Adored By your devoted Sister Pam,and a loving Family,missed by friends...

Happy 18th Son

A room full of strangers and Instruments never been seen Before or would want to see Again, and 9 hours later, I hear you cry. My heart feels Like it...

Together For Our Nation/all

Some times,the hardest thing to do Could be going against our better Judgement. Yet other times,we may need to In order to make a better,safer...

Together For Our Nation/all

Some times,the hardest thing to do Could be going against our better Judgement. Yet other times,we may need to In order to make a better,safer...

someone's always here

When the comfort of caring arms No longer hold you close and Tight,like they use to. Look up at your sad face, That's filled with despair, And start...

We Will Do It For You All :)

While Trying To Keep Calm, In These Times Of Harm, Sadness And Fear. Lets Honor Those Who, We Shed Tears For. For You All, We Smile And Carry On,...

Who Are You To Say That.

If you look at me and say, Don't like the colour of your Skin,or the 6 inch scar on Your face, or your fat, To short, your bald, ugly or old. That...

If I Let It Bother Me....

If i listen to what you say about me, I would not of done amazing Things in my life,or meet Some truly special people. I appreciate help and advice...

Life can be cruel.

So many times we suffer From life's dark side,like When Vibrant flowers lose Their glow and colorful Rainbows fail to show. Beautiful Butterflies Get...

Invisible Enemy

From visiting family and friends Watching our favorite teams play Home and away,or going out for a Romantic meal for two, various Hobbies we liked to...