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StoryI used to be like you Parson Thru142 years 8 months ago
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StoryOn Listening to 'The Lark Ascending'... Silver Spun Sand242 years 9 months ago
StoryJeremy Corbyn Like Saint George (Song) well-wisher22 years 9 months ago
StoryWorse ways to go Parson Thru22 years 9 months ago
StoryFar away, the Manta Ray catherine poarch152 years 9 months ago
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StoryBiss or Bissn't catherine poarch32 years 9 months ago
StoryBlood and Other Substances Philip Sidney172 years 10 months ago
Storycoldest planet celticman232 years 11 months ago
Storyfinding peace Di_Hard262 years 11 months ago
StoryNow Parson Thru132 years 11 months ago
StorySchool  (Automatic poem) well-wisher162 years 11 months ago


My stories

Gold cherry

Bus to Town

mostly just looking out the window on the bus


I write in the Land of Broken Plates.

Five Wolves

Five wolves run... I saw these at Wild Place, near Bristol, yesterday.

Biss or Bissn't

Biss or bissn't said the Bard...


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Great poem. I loved the

Posted on Wed, 21 Feb 2018

Great poem. I loved the coldest star line. It gives the great feeling of distance and unreachabiltiy]....oh I can't spell it and I'm not even sure if it's a word anyway! Unreachable will do. Propaganda in every country, I would say.

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Posted in coldest planet

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I loved this. Looks simple

Posted on Wed, 14 Feb 2018

I loved this. Looks simple but feels intricate. I really liked 'find daylight now in mine.'

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Posted in Now

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Fantastic simple question and

Posted on Tue, 23 Jan 2018

Fantastic simple question and answer structure and the answers are each a loaded story wanting to be told.

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Posted in Traffic

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I confess I'm more of a dog

Posted on Sat, 13 Jan 2018

I confess I'm more of a dog than a cat person - unless they're Big cats! - but this is lovely. Effortlessly long sentences with interesting ideas like the ferry bit or the clock bit. And you've captured the rhythm of the cat's purring throughout...

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Posted in finding peace

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What a reawakening. I liked

Posted on Wed, 27 Dec 2017

What a reawakening. I liked this a lot and looked up where Tobermorey is - looks beautiful. Really liked the line about losing the arrows. Lovely ending.

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Posted in A Time for Living

1 Vote

I really like this - how the

Posted on Sat, 23 Dec 2017

I really like this - how the lines are spaced out, the imaginative words and how it makes you think of things.

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Posted in Adaptibility

1 Vote

I think this has struck a

Posted on Sat, 25 Nov 2017

I think this has struck a chord with all of us. It's very clever, seems well thought out even though you say it's automatic. I sometimes think that so many children are unhappy in school and aren't aware that each other is. It can be a cruel...

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Posted in School  (Automatic poem)

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Congratulations. I liked this

Posted on Thu, 06 Jul 2017

Congratulations. I liked this, it has the pace of someone sitting back in a  chair on a veranda. I like how you are writing easily and feeling surprised by that. Probably the way we write best is the one that comes naturally so just go with it...

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Posted in Tail-end

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Great reply. And I think our

Posted on Wed, 19 Apr 2017

Great reply. And I think our confusion/reluctance/apathy is all down to PR lies, over the centuries, you can see it from the Norman oppression of the Anglo Saxons to the British Empire. So yes, keep telling the truth.

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Posted in You always knew: a poem for the death of progressive politics and the passing of the Welfare State

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I loved this. At the moment I

Posted on Fri, 29 May 2015

I loved this. At the moment I have a heap load of characters stuck in a tardis sized plot which is floating aimlessly through space. I am now concerned that they are all talking to each other and there is going to be some sort of rebellion and...

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