Just that.

Dear Santa

Dear Santa, in the event that you exist, please could I have:

A moth to the flame

What made you want to know me? What secret had you told your friend that brought us into contact with a shove into my consciousness? What made me ask your name?

An apology

Please accept this heartfelt apology.


Restoring trust. Admit that you can't be trusted.

Berlin thoughts

Berlin 3 Dec 2012. Meeting friends in great cities is a wonderful thing

Breakfast TV

Last week, as I sat eating my breakfast, a television overhead was playing the news in English.


Long to reign over us.

Comfort to a radical

Take comfort where you can find it.


Experimentation. A few words here, a few there

Letter #1

Letter #1

Letter #2

Letter #2

Letter #3

Hey Danny! I've been reading this book and it's got me thinking. Things like: how small is infinity? how vast is small?

We generate the wave

(for them to surf)

The pessimistic turn

Was it better once, or did I imagine it?

Obliged, mister

‎'scuse me sir. 'r the clay pigeons flyin this away? No fella. That there's the spectator stand right there. You need to turn about afore y fire that thing. Obliged, mister.

No hay una única realidad

There is no single reality

Why Quality and Pride are Absent - a Rant

Tired now, so this may not hang too well.

The mathematical proof

Writing is one of those activities that provides mathematical proof of the law of perpetual imbalance, where the amount of energy inputted seldom, if ever, reveals itself as an equal output, is not st

Ode to nowhere

The ode to nowhere

Time for a change

Letters coming Danny. The bored mind at play.

Nocturnal rant

Don't feel you have to read this. It will soon settle in the mud. Goodbye, words.

Somewhere in between

I'm looking out into the night at shadows standing in the street dressed with trembling diamonds Sodium droplets falling silently on anthracite I...




A doodle / vignette.

Coffee and cigarettes

“Do you want to know my best kept secret?” Kerry snapped the lid of his lighter shut and drew deeply through his teeth. The girl sitting across the...

Berlin 2

Edit Edit Edit Edit I like these people, but I'm struggling to do them justice.

Just do it!

Summary. Wits untied.

Back with Jack

I’ve been back with my old buddy Jack for two or three days now. We parted company for a while so I could hang with Burroughs and HST. I’m very...

The need

With a pinch of monosodium glutamate. Laugh along if you know the words...

See ya

And so, my friend, we did it.

Bergamo days

Mate, Two weeks ago I stood on the old town walls and looked at the airport on the edge of the city. And I knew that in a few days time I'd have to...

Bloody Madrid

Bloody Madrid! Just had a flashback to the airport and that nervous feeling, high with elation, dragging my case into a strange city late at night...

What I wish

I wish that I could fill a pail with all the love and happiness the world has ever seen and pour it in your heart every single day until it...

Hall of Mirrors

“Roll-up! Roll-up! See yourself as you’ve never done before! Enter the hall of the grotesque! Roll-up!”


Summary text

The dawning

Hey! Bridge added!! :-) Take it to the bridge, man. Take it to the bridge!


We stood beside the harbour. The light was low and phosphorescent.

Critic of Pure Reason

Critic of pure reason I realised at some point that I have a prejudice Or maybe an aversion to those who seem to have no soul Just calm control Cold...

Eyes closed

For she who will always come and go Mmmm. A bit more lyric-like maybe. American teen rock stylee?

Three little words

A dialogue. Language warning.

Now see here Mr. Harley-D

Now see here, Mr. Harley-D About your iron from Milwaukee I just went out to ride it, see? And found a flattened battery I’d fixed to ride it, in my...

My dear friend

My dear friend, We live so far apart these days, though it wasn’t always so. For a short time, we were tied alongside one of life's safe harbours...

Just another Joe

I couldn't work out their accents. Something eastern with a hint of North American. I shoved my hands deep into my pockets and closed my eyes the...


A summary

It would be nice

Jacinto Benavente thoughts


Wiping bird-muck from my hair

Benavente thoughts 2

What a strange world this has become where comedy and tragedy occupy the same stage oblivious to one another What a strange god we've discovered that...

The Brits are looking for someone to blame

The Brits are looking for someone to blame. The first place to look is usually France or Germany, but "Europe" will do – any foreigner, for that...


I’ve been taking some time to think about the counterpoint to all I’ve been thinking and writing about regarding the surge of nationalism and the...

Polishing the magic lamp

Let’s face it, pretty much all of human life is ridiculously complicated, and often the only way to make sense of it is through an emotional response...

The bigger picture

Can you imagine losing almost a whole generation of men? Can you imagine the destruction of cities and their inhabitants? Of everything you knew? And...

The irony! The irony!

There are some wonderful ironies in this whole Brexit thing. One of the most interesting is hearing Brits talking about their country being run by...

Changing the rules

Anyone mind if I propose a new rule? It's ok to patronise when the evidence warrants it. The persistent thought that the nation has been brought to a...

Are we being had?

Thank you, phone, for reminding me what I was going to do next. Post something about mobile phone Wi-Fi. Ok, so the mobile phone manufacturers...
Gold cherry
Story of the week

You, me and Woody Guthrie

Thoughts on three lives.

Pond life

Ponds and life

Document 1

They watched the city burn from a grassy viewpoint on the edge of the Downs.

To a friend

With love


I gather the long hairs from around the bath with the tips of my fingers. The aftermath of shower prayers hangs between the misted screen and wet...

On Mescalin

as it were...


Nothing more or less


A story


Lunch with a friend

Thank you DDF

Better late than never

Priced out

Farewell to the people's palaces

Worlds apart

Idle thoughts on where we find ourselves


Tales from the roadside

The human world

View from here right now