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Observations, feelings, ramblings and doubtless some crap. From the tired brain of an old 'Paddy'.


Never been published! Found a magazine that actually made sense and gave hope to a frustrated (possibly not very good writer). Discovered a link to this site and am enjoying some of the fantastic work herein. I hope I can contribute something.

Dancing Aphrodite (IP)

...aimez-vous danser...


So perfect, unsullied...

Photo of an Old Refugee (reworked)

Escaping into the furrows of mortal film; Mapping the mountains and valleys of sentiment

Spring In The Air

A hint of fragrance; Scent of life! The daffodils sway, Tidal; waves of yellow.

A Giant Among Men

The sweat of the nightmare; Glistening rivulets of fear on his pale brow

A Long Time Gone!

Human foibles and fancies; no match for natures’ patience…

A Mother's Loss

loosing a child? I can only imagine...

An old battered suitcase

An Ode to a special kind of man!

Animal Farm

All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others. George Orwell

Another Life

Do you ever come across something; an item, a name, a 'thing', that brings you back...or am I just getting old?

Another Mourning

I have been here before, why is it that I do not better know the way?

At the end of a Summer day

Just a simple little Haiku, nothing special but easy to read ;)

Autumn Invades

Seasoned chess?

Autumn Leaves (Goodbye Mum)

The day my heart was broken.

Back Home Again

The waitress, she comes up and says with a sneer; What elegant dish can I get for you dear? Looking into her eyes I see hate there and fear God! I wish I was back home again

Back to School

Am I the only one? I need a job - so that I can get out of this one!

Bag Lady

Glimpsed; Noticed for a second, Then forgotten Forever.

Bag Lady 2 (Tidied up)

Jennifer suggested that I tidy this up the first time round. It somehow got forgotten. Would be interested in any views. ;)

Be Strong!

Easy to say...

Behind Bars!

Happy Christmas to ALL...
Gold cherry


Grief; a burden!

Birthday Magic

Happy Birthday Magic (the fun one will come later)

Books, Comics and Wooden Guns

Destruction planted, quickly spread, Like frogs caught under tyre thread


We stood facing each other Weapons drawn You had chosen metaphors At ten paces; I had wanted satire.

Chill Factor

Gone bad!


It's cry


Written after seeing Dylan in Dublin. Don't know which was the bigger infulence; Dylan or the Guinness? If you don't like Dylan, you prob. won't like it. Think; 'Shelter from the storm' (Kind of..)

Christmas beatings

Not Christmas cheer!

Christmas Cheer

Have a heart, it's Christmas...A very short little Christmas tale. ;)

Clerical Abuse

In the name of God! Why?

Co-operation I.P.

This piece inspired by a chap I met in a nursing home (where my wife works). He was involved in a traffic accident that killed his only child/son on his 21st birthday..

Costa Dreams

Follow the sun

Death of a smile

The insidious mists of senility....

Death's door

Suffering terrible flu (poss the swine variety), feel like death. Will be back soon hopefully - if I get the thumbs up ;)

Photo of an Old Refugee

While reading a newspaper article on Yugoslavian conflict, I noticed a photograph accompanying the piece. It was of an old man sitting on the back of a horse-drawn cart.

I am no more

If I should die; that love should live and not die with me.

Summer's Mourn

I have as much use for Winter as I have for an ashtray on my motorbike.

London 1960

“We ask God to forgive us the sins we will commit in the future”. Every week we ask this, and then we come here next week and ask him to forgive last weeks’. This sinning is complicated.

The Cottage (Poem)

Time, you thief! Have stolen on your endless march, the ‘now’ That from the hour-glass of my mind, was cast, into the Sea of careless youth; to nestle in the shifting sands.

The Cottage (Story - Part 1)

No more the ‘Slan’ or ‘Failte’ creak or click of well worn latch! ‘Slan’: Being the Irish for 'goodbye/good luck' ‘Failte’: Being the Irish for 'Welcome'


A Ladybird hangs from a leaf like a discarded jewel.

Winter Beach

It looked so nice from the window


Forgive me Lord, I’d speak a word And ask the question; why? You send white men With cameras To watch our children die



Mr. Black and White (Pre Mandela)

Wrote this years ago about South Africa; when apartheid was still law. Probably not relevant to that country now...but I wonder if one could apply it to Israel/Palestine? What do you think?


They have put up my pint So I cannot afford To go out of a night And get drunk as a lord They’re saving my liver They’re saving my life They’re saving my girlfriend Becoming my wife


No joking here. This is how it can feel; I know - I am that soldier!

London 1966

And fastidious; a Connoisseur I hunted for REAL school boy's treasure; the ‘King Conker.’

The Prognosis Train


Mars Bar

And all because I ate her frigging Mars bar!


Tonight; I feel lonely It’s not a life lonely It doesn’t feel like the kind of lonely Life could fix It’s more of a death lonely Yes! I think death could fix it.

Oh heavy heart

Time's Up!

Insidious Disease

1 down, 6 across.

Isn’t it the truth!

What goes ‘round, comes ‘round You screeched; vengefully, throwing My crutches out of the window; Before running out the door, Tripping, falling down the stairs And breaking your leg

First Day 1959

“They will call me ‘The Grey Boy’, I had suggested, while mum wet The comb under the kitchen taps And fixed my ‘quiff’


If we all follow

Un-Prodigal Daughter

Who will live your dreams?

The Chair

An ugly piece Of furniture, Stuffed with wonderful Memories


I am going now To wander where The wild flowers grow And gulls object to Poacher’s lines. I’ll stand upon a Western rock and And cast from spinning reel Into the wild Atlantic's’


You know!


I wonder at genetics; How is it done? That out of lustful kinetics, There came such a one


Sundown - West of Ireland style!

The Tooth Fairy

The tooth fairy said a bad word;

Spring is sprung! I.P.

A different kind of 'Spring'?

Springtime! I.P.

Another springtime!

Jade; R.I.P.

Thick B.... or Saviour?


How my son?

Easter (I.P.)

Tear the gold leaf from the chocolate Jesus

Life’s a Stage

...and we are but actors - and sometimes the play is crap!

Suck and Swallow

Your lips close over the tip...

Pop the Pill (Depression)

A disease with a renewable hunger.

Do you remember?

For my wife's birthday...


If yesterdays were tomorrows...

Photographs and Memories

No camera could compare...

London Monday Morning 1967

Mum in the kitchen, amid egg shells, Tony Blackburn, The Kinks and a ‘Waterloo Sunset’ on a London Monday morning.


Four place settings still; three fragile hearts,

Wipe Out

A statistic!

The Sixties

Woodstock or the Isle of Wight Doctor No is a Thunderball Shaken not stirred The pussy purred There’s an armed man on the knoll


What a cold and lonely place it must be.

Goodbye Note

Disenchanted, lost and beaten...

The Cherry Blossom (I.P.)

One of the most beautiful blossoming fruits

The Hammock

A butterfly flits flower to flower in an Admirals uniform, commanding attention...

Smothered Love

Sometimes, what's lost is lost and gone forever..

Peace removed!

Written for a friend...

French Kisses (I.P.)

‘Aimez-vous danser avec moi?’

Peak of Peace

stepping stone to heaven


Peaceful or lonely?

Teacher Man

Tribute to Frank McCourt (Angela's Ashes, Tis and Teacher Man) Teacher and author. He came, he learned, he taught, he left! Died 19th July 2009

Vitriolic Sticky Wicket

I wondered if it was for real or some joke we would later share. But further comments set the seal they really filled me with despair.

Sexy Spatula I P

Phew! I'm off too flip an egg or two ;) NOT FOR KIDS OR THOSE OF PRUDISH DISPOSITION!

Summer's Mourn

Re-posting this one. The second piece I did on ABC; because I like it - and it is like a winter's day here today ;)

Play it again Sam!

They don't make 'em like that any more...

Leather Frames and Memories

A story...please comment/advise, thanks! ;)

Secondary School (Part 1)

The eleven-plus and Secondary school....

The Brown Leather Atlas I.P.

This weeks I.P. effort; if at first you don't

Pic Line Pervert

Strictly Adults only....seriously!

Forgotten fruit

It's related too...ah, you work it out! ;)


How will our memory be carried?

Old Friends

As Irish as a Shamrock ;)

They Offer Tears

1 in 4! I know this thief well. I was going to offer this for the I.P. but thought it didn't quite fit the picture.

The Blind I.P.

Positively my last go at this weeks I.P. (probably) ;)


Sinful misses

The Final Oasis

How many generations will toast your memory?

The Dying Breed

Have you seen them or do you want too?

Tough of the Track

This weeks I.P....My Hero!

Lucy The kaleidoscope shutters are drawn!

Young Summer Memories

My daughter's summer holidays memories; we had fun doing this ;)

I remember

The duties of a parent

On Nights Like This I.P.

An effort for the I.P. that is kind of a true story really...see what you think ;)

Goodbye Note! I.P.

Re-posting for the I.P. No offence meant ;) 18's only

Lyrical I.P.

This weeks I.P.

Unemployed (A year on ABC tales)

A re-post in thanks for the last year. I will have been on ABC a year on the 7th Jan. Happy Christmas.

My Pen

Friend or enemy...maybe both?

My Santa Suit

I have worn it one night a year for 20 years; now it is surplus to requirements. How the years have flown...

Future history!

The past, was the future, yesterday. ;)

I am a Sixties Child

I'd love to go back, if only for a day ;)


Not an advocation; just a piece of work!

See the funny side. I.P.

Probably the longest piece I've ever written. Please try it though and tell me what you think; for this weeks I.P.

Winter Visitor

Who am I? I know; it's a tough one ;)

When (For Haiti)

Dedicated to the rescuing angels; still proving that miracles do happen...

Take Me Home (for Kathleen)

Again Cancer deems it necessary to visit my family. This time my lovely mother-in-law. I am devastated; can this so-called God send me no other foe?

Until Your Wings Have Fully Grown (For Kathleen)

Thanks you all for your kind words. I will address them all, when I can do so, without falling apart; 'thank you' is just not enough.


It helps offset the pain...midnight ramblings!

Sunsets (Goodbye Kathleen)

Goodbye my lovely Kathleen...

Just a quick call..

Just a quick call to make sure she's settling in OK...

The Shifting Sand

The dessert of life... For Rhythm think Dylan and 'Shelter from the storm'

Well Suited

It's not like throwing away just feels that way.

The Fire

I wish I was back on the stool... ;)

Seasoned Promises

Sleet and heavy snow here...did I eat a poison apple or something?

Summer Kings

I remember it well... ;)

Echoes in mind

Kathleen's house...still painful.


1st day of Summer is upon us; let's hope it dresses accordingly... ;)

Is it Fate?

Did you ever feel that, every time you are getting up, life kicks you in the teeth and then stands on your wind-pipe?


An insidious but common pastime methinks.

Lost Youth I.P.

Attempt at this week's 'Inspiration Point'

What Summer

Summer? What summer?

The Blue Dress

Incestuously flushing....


When it's over, it's over but can be hard to accept...

When Love Dies

Why? Who knows...?



No Surrender

Been through a rough patch lately. At times it would have been so easy to accept fate and go with it but the genes, wouldn't let me Thank Goodness...


If you can't help them, don't judge them!


Sad but sometimes true...



The Clown

Lonliness, can be more than a state of mind...

The Fissure

Frightening but gloriously so...

My Pen

Posted in Dec '09 This may be getting published; more anon.... ;)

Separate Aisles

Did this ever happen to you?


Is there a plan, or is it pot luck?


Nothing wrong with a bit of fantasy...

Full of Empty

I can only imagine...



The Clown

Re-post..vecause it's time


Don't go back; you can't

No Surprise

Suppose I already knew..

Time Moves On

Time is no illusion!

Shut out!

When the going gets tough......

Worn Down (Despair)

For those that struggle on and those that....don't/can't.


to sleep, perchance to dream...

The Old House

Going back is seldom a good idea. Time can distort the pictures in our mind...

Turf Man

Inspiration comes in many guises...

Shadows in the Darkness

There are no guarantees...but one!


End of the affair!
Poem of the week

Mea Culpa

The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiser people so full of doubts. Bertrand Russell

The Final Act

A one-off production...

Poor You!

Get over it!

Johnny Rich

Life’s a bitch for Johnny Rich, it’s time to walk the plank. The working class that kissed his ass, are propping up the bank. It’s nothing new, he knew he flew, Much higher than he should


We'll all fight this foe...but we'll all lose!

Mirror of Life

It's not always 'great' to look in the mirror...but hey, if you see anything at all, it's a GOOD day. :D

The wind doth blow for Magdalene

Magdalene Laundries; another shameful chapter in Ireland's history - look it up if interested.

Seamus (Heaney)

Seamus (Heaney) Who, now that cruel winter's wind hath swept away the flower of our spring, will turn sods of conscience, exposing those who bray,...