The kismet fate of serendipity

These are poems I’ve written over many years with also some of my most recent attempts –besides; I hope you will find many of them enjoyable.

Shining like a bride’s eyes

I’ve wandered blindly like a whisper Into the dark, Swallowed up by the promises, the lies In your heart, I’ve called out for you: but you’ve

He's the boy I loved

Oh, I'm so sick of this small country town man stepping in and out of my shadow He's that child without a game plan Dreaming of his newlywed wife in a foreign chateau...

Who could want more!

gold is in the core of the mountain hurry hurry gold is in the gorge of the valley hurry hurry gold is in the spores of the meadow hurry hurry gold is in the roar of the sea hurry hurry

!!! What you ask?!!!

A punctuation mark…! Molten in wax A shimmering flirtation; within the night

"7"autumn haiku

autumn—red and gold her dress a prier—crumpling rose trees bare—interlock Emerging from ice and snow—a white swan—appears “abject moon—thy sorrow”

2 unorthodox haiku

the bible—love—no psalms passages or litanies

3 Haiku

Rashers of bacon—

38 yrs—on,

As my eyes now fixed abysmally Ahead of some far distant point Way-down Market Street, Piccadilly Time lurches-on, takes my viewpoint

4 Haiku

The oval lake whispers

4 Tanka

here opens my hearts breast a field of scarlet poppies where sacrament sleep awake deep furrows of love... spring seeds, again, the tulips blood. each; days a dungeon

9 Haiku

crushed in autumns closing window frame—the ladybirds

A backwards look in the mirror…

I’ve seen those eyes before like pack-ice Residuary-melting, scraped off the floor Beats me how, an addict beats the count And rises; from the canvas once more.

A bout of bronchitis!

Someone, somewhere Maybe, not everywhere!

A cradle of time

Vexed; widow spider Lazing on your Ida …down Don’t point your index …Finger. Or behave as if you’re Not nearer… Too being, found. How, unobtrusively …do you sleep?

A distant kind of love

A dove calls her mate in the moon But a sea wind calls, go not to soon... For the night is young in circles new The waves are rolling deep and blue. So’ it is for you; the world was made

A hall of mirrors...

She said—she’d love me forever. And that she always would. That our two hearts—thoughts “Could bond; the stars for good”. It wasn’t harmony: From

A hoedown love

In weakness - I love you. And I hope to hold you. I mean - I mean - I want to hold you… To hold you - time after time, Time after time all, all over—again…

A Joy if heaven is perpetually bright!

My soul; be not undeterred, to find... Myrrh, frankincense or precious, gold: A swaddling fever to rein out the cold, Truth; dare not I, not; agonize mankind.

A long-time dead and forgotten!

What will be the final, requiem? Some charming, bird chorus... Beside a graveside, condominium: That frog prince—tokenism! Married; crocking into heaven? Tears shall sing without question...

A love slave’s shanty to a goddess...

I’d like to look for—the spry-blossom, called Phoebe There is nought as virtuous, or saintly, as the white gypsy... I’d like to find me—that last green forget-me-not

A Medusa's calling…

As its translucent body rings-out Under an unheard, jet propulsion… Question; does it cast shadows? Does its prey know of an answer? To this rhythmic, Medusa's calling…

a pigeon’s loft

Give me a pigeon’s loft of neglect because I want to be left alone here in the city where everyone’s busy.

A pilgrim’s question

A pilgrim asked a penny on the road To where dose a lonely penny roam To which the entire penny said, was To a pocketful of gold. He then asked a beggar on the road

A poem holds your hand

A poem holds your hand It whispers come gather These windblown, fruits Eat of this suns lather. The bee’s stamens sting, Is like a gloved fist. And, like the poets pen!

A poetic exile

What is there to berate Life—for: Why equate It has not any meaning..? Every sap that’s shelled-out The husk, longs further, seeding. “Every breath a water-spout

A poet’s epitaph

No joy is here to stroke away the hours That love has bent with her mortal powers So veil not the scaring in your solace-eyes For this marks well the habitual pages,

A pond fly

A pond fly gazes up And sees the day erupt I don’t want to be eaten My wings plucked Can’t I dry them on the wing? And hear the clarion of wind Before bearing On my song to sing!

A prescription of love

What love is, is? A populous hunger A delusive thirst The abstinence of lust... What love wants is? Famishments of passion… Ones magnanimous! Choice of deceit: What love requires is?

A question amongst equals

Compare the woodpigeon to a street pigeon There couldn’t be amongst equal’s two more apart Ones dignified, as if by religion Chosen; and then given a full head start.

A red-roaring foot-tapping jukebox

Starlight..., is the milk breast of human dreams. Like a harlot in the fingering thighs of leaves. A rootless compendium with nonstop needs A straw sucked flower once more turning to seed,

A Stealth-fighter

Her legs were like a Stealth-fighter Sleek and thin With limited, resistance Or finesse to begin. But; once she rode and roared... Above the clouds Her; supersonic adventures

A temporal vision

A temporal vision That's what I had When I was a child I walked not as a struggling little lad, But as natures little lord; Dreaming of becoming a full-grown man.

A temporal vision

A temporal vision That’s what I had When I was a child I walked not as a lad But as a lord or a man Wandering, wistfully, blissfully tall Wild and mad, hand in hand

A tenant is he

A tenant is he the would-be bee Too husband a flower. That wishes not, her ambles free In fear of the seed-plougher! O her rose of purest white Now crimsons the purple night

A tropical thunder

A tropical thunder Under a violet moon A violent murder On a sunny afternoon Is how she felt about you? You sent her over Barefoot in ardour That rainbows edge!

A white Christmas

When the last of the rowanberries are eaten It is said, then’ that truly the winter began; Invaders sit on TV aerials of ermine Pinkish-brown birds from as far as Japan.

Afraid you’d lose your virtue

You had to delegate Something deep inside of me Because I was like an abbot Hiding in his little grey monastery Trembling in his grazed brown; size 9 shoes. Afraid to gaze at you

Afrikaner, Caribbean

Afrikaner, Caribbean You’re the shepherd of this land You make the mighty lion meek Lowly as a shadow at your feet Afrikaner, Caribbean Life's your nativity in the sand

Ahead; anew moon, raises falsehood.

Her face a velum of smiles That thrums across open water Glistens as a moth-moon, beguiles. “Snake charms” the earth under. And had he not kneaded straw With clay too see it build

All and sundry loosely delved

Stars and there planets, comprise. Hold the orbital, in my eyes. Immense sorrow doesn’t transcend Time want be drawn nearer an end: We can only say “what went wrong”

All long' the reign of absorption

Footprints’ of people now unforeseen’ Travelling cogent in one direction, Such is the felicity the raiment of a dream. Each death-nail step a predestination,

All to show some self-control

Boots on teardrops purveyed Like a forte of guards on parade!

All will come to understand?

Mayfly traveller of the astronautics Nothing less dour than your death Separates the spider from his weft... From his mercurial, acrobatics! Webs a zillion, intravenous hang!

An angel walks in snowdrifts…

On cashmere snows An angel walks in snowdrifts. It’s here; she weaves no tracing steps Those wolves or roe deer trackers can follow. Just, when the winds fall hush…

An unfinished song

What it is not to know An unfinished song How it is to live and not grow In the wall flowers throng When you’re not given into meaning When there is non And yet you lit up the world

And time the green unfurling ferns frond

Imagine a world without a feather Without an angels wing in tether What would be the call of a thing? Like a turtledove, without a ring. Imagine this world without a marriage

Anesthetized shock!

People, people, people, today, —Don’t they all, but seem, Accustomed to the agonies— Of sorrow and shock! To pain and suffering. (Today…)

Anne Frank

Anne Frank, your smile was wide So to those eyes of life That kindled into fame Words of living, flame. Make-believe, “was it more real Then dreams consigned to sleep”

Another valentine!

Another valentine! Another day of roses and wine And you will always be mine. O valentine there’s more to this Than just another passionate kiss There’s a lifetimes worth of promise.

Any more than the moons aglow…

There are fairies in the light In that glowing bulb so bright Resin trunks - amber lockets Wound-around a ring of spirits. Who goes there… in the wilderness?

Apposing purple—day?

Red is the new white White is the new red As black is blue But do tell, what do? These colours mean too you! Green is orange, As yellow is brown, As pink is grey: Such is the colour

Aren’t words apt?

Blue and battered falling… like leaves Aren’t words apt; hollow in feeling? When, you’re rummaging-depth of seaweeds, Drowning; besides mermaids a merman ever sweetly.

Art beauty and lust…

Her portrait has nobility, A certain Je ne sais quoi Yes, age has taken its toll… But, the lady is well honed. She could speak; Esperanto’s


Everything is a carbon copy

Ashtray blues

I have those ashtray blues Not wanting to walk Another day in these shoes Singing these butt end songs It’s never easy enough for us But still they contain Some essence of what

Ask what is there to hunt or fish for now?

Your hunting days they're fading now your strength is skinned like a seal-pup your bones they’re like cotton collars needing starch to hold them trousers up.

At dusk as I urged the fish too bite

I remember the lake light shining Like a disk as I fished for perch or pike At dusk as I urged the fish too bite! Bite a spoon of shimmering bait… I remember bats flitting and circling

Autumn breeze...

The autumn breeze, wanders purposeful. Crispy waves both warmish and cold: Crisscross the lawn, sometimes wrathful, Other times gently consoled. Like a lamb not quite ready to walk

Autumn love...

Wild orchard I’ve tasted your soft sinew. It’s sweeter than ever—remembered. I’ve held you root-fast; in my own autumn to’ My heart it felt somewhat—dismembered?

Autumn’s beauty transcends

Autumn’s beauty transcends the joyous leaves That weep fallen! like the red-orange flame! In the swirl-leaping, gust-gutter: eaves. Sunrises ashen aglow his, aim!


What door is there left to open? That isn’t already revolving in momentum Form the peak of a mountain top To that ravine avalanche white and fearsome

Babylon’s garden

By his biogenesis the lowly earthworm So that I might make my own, Eden! Gives unto me some rotting earth... Strewn wild; dead in winter—frozen!

Be then he a man who is manly

I say..?! If every man became more and more feminine! Then where would be a man’s androgens masculinity. Surly her desires would be less passionate and sultry.

Beautiful creations

Tears the size of pearls Ribbons in there curls Beautiful creations Are beautiful girls Beautiful creations Are beautiful girls Porcelain hands Run you’re fingers through the sands

Beneath a mango moon our love

We came barefoot to the mountains… Weaving in and out; Through the purple sleeping flowers … Outside the forest; Like ancient beasts we came to a clearing… With a hyacinth blue stream:

Big ships sail out to sea

Big ships sale out to sea But they can’t hold my heart Or harbor my soul Since you traveled away… The sky is as blue as ink But it can’t hurt or feel As much as I feel for you

Binary butterflies

Love without the pain What would be the gain? What would be the point? Should life never disappoint? Not even once in awhile... Should we not all be more?

Binary butterflies

Love without the pain What would be the gain? What would be the point? Should life never disappoint? Not even once in awhile... Should we not all be more?


What will be the new, Black? Will it be Blue, Green or Orange? Or something truly obscene In a paisley, polysynthetic; dream. Will there be ponchos? Or turtle necks Or denim, dungarees

Blank canvas…

I often think the artist Needs a vast blank canvas I often feel the poet songs Arise out of pure emotion Loneliness, emptiness… A void to be filled, transgressed.

Bleary eyed beauty in aromas sweet

Bleary eyed beauty in aromas sweet By tinctures of air lilac on the leaf Give not unto me that broken heartbeat That crushed sense of being.., of belief.


A nagging doubt? What's it all about? What's it all about? If only I knew..? I'd quiet these trouser pocket sinews And even maybe write some better haiku

Blue and white flower zeniths…

On approaching the white cliffs of Beachy Head A feeling of hysteria and glee—snuck over me. As sunshine began pouring down, instead of slanting rain

Blueberries and ice-cream

Blue berries and ice-cream What more could I dream Blue berries and ice-cream What more could there be That isn’t immaterial That isn’t material Somebody warm and cool

Bubble gum pavements

City pigeons make street art under bridges A Jackson Pollock, something organic. It could be Mural 1950s and look—here? A bubble-gum pavement; is this urban street art

But it wasn’t my chivalry you were after…

I knew you too at once felt free. When the wind blew… through Your salt wet raven hair. You felt Newly born when the nightingale sang, Songs to your chambers—there!

But wasn’t it just purest blue…

“I’ve watched these horizontal skies turn gray…


Soulful as a butterfly on the wind You speak your notes, like a bird would sing Midnight is a garden, filled with stars When you speak to me Raindrops of passion, dissolving...

By the river of contemplation

We sat by the river of contemplation And girl you did whisper unto me Like a summer breeze All the secret's of your world to me And I was so mesmerized I unlearned how to breathe...

California sunshine

Tireless words are calling Through the echo’s of my mind An oceans love keeps burning Till the sands of time run, dry. California sunshine I’m dancing in your rays Naked in that forest

Can I bask in the meadow?

Can I bask in the meadow? Of her sunlit shade; Breathe in the musk tomorrow That holds her golden name. Can I walk in the garden? Along her rivers of pain Where the surface woodlands

Candle wax sky

Pellucid blue-eyes, whoever told you to-be-wise whoever told you, you could dream, beyond those? Monolithic, moonlit, midnight skies to drink the midnight curtain of sleep into waking hours

Carte blanche…

Find me a rose bed Where lovers have wed Where angels have fed Drunk on the nectar Of love and passion Drunk on the spectre Of petticoats ashen A butterfly collector I would projector

Catching moths and butterflies together!

His muscular moonlit body Caresses her; warm, milky, skin. Flex’s taut - masculinity Over; every pore therein. For his embraces, she shivers

Caught between two opposing angels

One glorious summer evening, Out drinking… In O'Sheas Irish Bar in Manchester I bought a round at last orders. When the bell began to sound… I thought it odd, people are leaving

Cemetery walks…

The gravel goads me as I walk… Do you not hear me, do you not see me Do you not feel me under foot? Do you not, talk …Speak! Why sir you are ruder Than the sky, ruder than stars and moon

Charge him with a pirate infraction…

“Shot drills are meted-out Whatever’s oppressing? Surely we’ll play it out of our flutes… We’ll find a solace”. Wistfully, caressing… Some heartbreak’s; grace.

Circle of life

Let suitcases stand around you empty Like a Stonehenge circle Let your heartbeat, be at the centre Of a dark darts centrifugal force Let the flower that closes encase you

Come with the throes of your lov

Come here my damsel-fly with a coupling dance Come to my bed of reeds I’ll do the romance Come on tiptoes, heart pressed to heart

Communion souls

I’ll never nearer know the graveside manner of my bewitching lover's heart. Or why she hurts with pride so sad, as to make me worry in fear. I feel I must mourn each passing-

Cot death

I dream so, oh so, so high of ye Night and the soul wilt rest And raise me on an oncoming cloud Aloft to my angel, my angel child That winged my hearts flutters with joy

Crab apple…

We've all sunken teeth into a sour ball. Aghast at its bitter depths of beauty, Hidden too appal like human nature. Loves no different than this tutti-frutti These golden orbs halve rouge with pith They're shrunken skull's a coffins core. With a taste like a dead suns zenith, O tang of death it's rancorous, tariff.

Damask rose

Damask rose how fair your beauty holds the light How fair your fragrance subdues the fears of night and how fair your lowly crimson-head Is with gallantry and passion fed.

Damien angel

Is there seated a Damien angel? About my shoulders or nape, contour. Must he be so petulantly-pushy? As to sadly knock me to the floor Will he be my only advocate?

Dark Matter

Lord in absence... Lord in silence... Lord in ordinance... Lord of brilliance... Lord of all our temperance’s... Lord of our entire semblance’s...


Daybreak brings a hope so grand; Only in our torn dreams brier roses Untangling do we begin to understand? What sparkle in the shadows composes The lyrics on the wind quietly broken

Days swiftly passing

Days swiftly passing Like a double helix rainbow Spooned, breaths kissing, Her breasts sculpted, torso. Time! I a bird out hand, Touching her wingtips-nest; A root travellers, tideland


The cup of water has a mouth for stars in the shadow where a black hole fills our hearts. The cup of water Flavors our eyes like dew wet dill we gaze into the skies. Ferment-do-gooders

Death is a luxury

Heart..? Open on the divine..! Slopes of death Concert all fragments-gypsy in-one-dying breath. Torment, intoxicating! The dazzling-storm... That labouring anguish blindingly newborn,

Deceit and lies

I've gotta wheel of hurt A millstone of pain That keeps right-on Turning right-on turning Right-on turning in on me Tears in my eyes Just when I hoped to realize!

Does the hummingbird know best?

There’s a banquet table So big, and so, high It leaves us mindful …That the floor is a pigsty. Hummingbird on the wind Flutter; just suspend… Note not flowers pinned.

Eastern sunlight

All love is a liquid it surrounds you amber as pure eastern sunlight all love is a guide if you listen inside you; there is a dove her wings are preened moonlight

Electrical wirings...

Insular feelings that’s what we all share Electrical wirings vibrating the air! One impulse to hold - another to leap!


Star colourful films of light Dance in the mayhem of the night Stiletto angles say; it’s cold outside. But, in here a meteor-fire inside Showers with electrical anatomical sparks…

Every flower has a lonely song to sing to the bee

Every flower has a lonely song to sing to the bee And each time I look at these flowers I’m glad I’m so glad not to be as lonely as a bee!

Fine silk spun with gold

Folded moth wings placed together in prayer Open to discover the moon and starlit air In madness flap circle my heart— And like a curtain, take little bites at my soul.

I combed, Hemsby beach…

I combed the beach for comets Knowing only too well They exist where I’m walking, And at last I find my comet. But ‘O’ look there’s another And now another and another!

I curse the day

I curse the day As does a vulture - its living prey I cursed that day, I met you I rue the day, I drew breath, And you kissed me. Almost; resuscitating, me Back from a living - death.

I fed the stars into your mouth

It was I fed those stars into your mouth This is normality, isn’t it?

I’m dreaming of an Indian summer

It was a very dry spring And previously a very wet summer Now, what will it deliver? After a record breaking, warm winter. “Yes, I’m talking about the weather”.

Japanese water chimes

I notice a dip in his eyes Like some Japanese water chime His eyes were like mine What parables we share. Gazing at her sweptback; strait hair. Then her parting ample breasts,

Love on resin setting fire

Oh white Jasmine flower Love on resin setting fire Incense burning in my soul Catching me on fire Oh white Jasmine flower I’m extracting oils Wonderfully, heavenly

Love waits tables

Love waits tables and passes the salt Love is a that preverbal thunderbolt Love leans over a winter’s bowl Of pearl barley, soup Love is the one you, affectionately, Called a nincompoop!


I traverse the evening with a glass wine From a newly opened bottle of merlot In the morning my head will ache! Ache with the growth of a cherry stone Imbedding its roots, suckering up

My bright star

Lie down my dark star Heaven must sleep and be fecund Only in my imagining, Do stars light up and never wizened? Lie down my dark star My horizons have swollen in a fish

My heart is a hanging garden of Babylon

Forgive my Babylon temperate floods… There’s no evil in my sodden roots So forgive my Babylonian Dynasty Oh forgive me in all honesty I can’t help the debris I leave


“Redemption” does it come with a sell by date! If it does I fear I’m already too late! See I’ve done my bit of blasphemy disrespectfully

Says the singer - before you…

Your voice is underdeveloped It won’t grow an atom- More! …Bigger! But what use is this famed, futility, Matched to order… “Oh you feed the greedy, crowd …

Silver birches...

A crack of light Like a silver birch In the night Holds its spell over me It’s like looking into a well Knowing – tranquillity exists In completeness, No matter how dark – this…

The cog

So, the world is always out of focus In its Ferris wheel of strangeness It locates to the nearest cog deftly.

The colours of the sunrise

Some say her eyes are blue Others that they are green Another said they’re brown

The whirlybirds pod

Death is it falling through the air Like a maple trees whirlybird pod. Why does it “switch on the wind” mid-air? Right then left, why does it maraud…?

These are my mountains…

Do you remember the hand? That shook the cradle And drew the shape of Africa And that land of America, A Land of Hope and Glory… Do you remember the hand? That shook the cradle

To find an arrows pinpoint of weakness…

Love cuts through, cowardly, courage. To find an arrows pinpoint of weakness… Where it can draw drops of crimson blood Eking out its Sires; Bow-wielding warrior’s emptiness...

What size his tiny heart?

What size his tiny heart? Look at this gallant ant Could it be outsmart What a mind savant. What strength it has Carrying 50x its own weight Using pheromones’ To communicate!

Wings and caterpillars

Still - they have shoulder blades of flight And like green caterpillars - will again. Aren’t wingless butterflies ugly as sin?

Wiry, dragon …

A magpie - cawed… Hopping along the roadside verge Betwixt, flight and fear But knowing neither one! And then the thought arose. “Should I take it as a pet?” This wiry, dragon …


The newly, betrothed Wanted only, to sit with me. So there must be alarm bells Of real, “uncertainty”, Ringing… inside needlessly. I’m not your agent nor am I

Elf’s came to shake the bluebells

Elf’s came to shake awake the bluebells But first had to leave; their warmth. It was a tiny house covered in snow. Hidden ever so well; from grizzly trolls…

He’s just a bug on my lapel

The cancer filled my lungs… Like a garden of twining weeds But I still had the beat of my wings And sang in chorus to the wheeze! Yes, cancer took over my body,

I’m only half way to the moon

Why does a tree or a plant Have more DNA than me Am, I any less evolved? Than a plant or a tree! So we’re all coded. By 4 letters A, C, T and G But, where am ‘I' on…

Melancholly wings

Spirit bland as black ink Am I a victim of my own melancholic wings? That is? Is I smudged and spreading, That my darling - won’t work… Darling all I read is your headlines…

Mine is the voice off all things

I am a seagull and all your creations Are as a sea wave beneath my wings So, Lord Mine is the voice off all things Traveled, together in you… Lord. What is the meaning of all this evil?

My souls away with the fairies… (song)

My hands are not my own… They tremble like the school halls piano keys Whenever I see you alone! Ooh, my souls away with the fairies… Every time I turn and see you!

My very own queen of hearts

So you want to kiss the sun and stars And break a thousand lovers’ hearts. Shuffle them as if they were a deck of cards… And you were their only queen of hearts.

Niagara woman

Every hurt consoles me with a new devotion So wont yah join me in jumpin off these falls… Niagara woman—there’s no such destruction

No passion begs

No passion begs the turning off The turning off of the light No passion begs the frost to melt Or the snows drift road block… Unless it’s just to stop! The roll call clock-in clock

Now I find a beehive of discontent

Where once we were like Siamese twins And I really did love you Where once our bodies dissolved Into one another On a salt bed crystallized Now I find the first cracks


The night precipitates I’ll sleep I’ll die by the light of the moon And I’ll dream forever wakeful Pupate in a butterfly’s cocoon. The light precipitates I’ll wake

Tonight the wind is a bone-cutter

Gnawing away; at any internal natural peace. Any muscular sinew that hasn’t fallen- Off the bone and still begs for release…. `Is discarded dropped to earth like a dying petal?

Tradition systematizes all strength in size

All hunting packs on earth are different But we’re all hounds nose to ground… We’re all here for the first time, Scenting blood; like a blood hound.

See his ceiling lit with many a mirrored star

See his ceiling lit with many a mirrored star See the lamps that are truly glitteringly ours Then alchemizes these cherished hearts Into moments, minutes, and hours

The jarring midnight dew

What permanent vanquished beauty What tyrannical sea of change Transmutes and transmogrifies All that is indigenous to atoms Rock, iron, wood, salt, root, Bone and flesh..?

Never to be mainstream

Like water on my tongue Like nectar to a bee Like incense to a flower, sprung! Is your love too me? Have I the weight of wings To find the healings Of greater living things!

The bride

Hewn from a strata of galaxies demure Inured with a witchcraft heartrendingly pure The bride wears her wedding dress like haute couture Dressed in a heavenly gown made by Channel or Dior

Through sorrows of you

Love is a sacred red rose First you must breathe its Hot fiery scented clothes And then passion permits Unveil your hearts velvet Tear-ripped torment-soul Be thankful not to covet

My love

My love Air tastes plum sweeter in my lungs in my mouth after a tropical storm flowers lick deeper on yellow tongues oil and incense are in art form..? My love

What do I find in a kiss?

What do I find in a kiss? The toe curling nerves of bliss Sedimentary, tingling Yes… Intermingling Yes… Fluidity, pings Like a broken glass In that desire to clasp

It’s time to rest

Pity is wasted on the dead As are the token flowers That weren’t forthcoming, When the dead were living... So cry no sad goodbyes... Moreover! Mourn only just... a little! ... {While...}

Final burst of flourishing stillness in the radiance of I?

When you gaze at your own reflection in a pool of water That I that you thought was you has continually moved For you are as a cloud seated to envelope a mountain

Phoenix like an evergreen thorn

In a country native to her thighs An eastern promise no doubt defies The building of straw weeping eyes The cradling of ageless goodbyes In their citadels of golden flower

Heavens torment

O” Morn can open a Violet Like a book of hearts Chapters ultraviolet Coarse and converse In tales of beaux arts O” sees my lady immerse Her delicate soul thereof

Just enter my heart

A folk song!

I use to linger in the falling rain

A song! About a woman poetess on the world wide who has just lost her man. Mike,The Lastromantichero!

Finger on the pulse

If I could nurture life like a woman What a tapestry of light my heart would weave Ambivalent beauty in a shield of light If I could nurture life like a woman

Silk road

I fly like a bird in stillness over pools of lemon and blue and cut through leaves of fire to find safety with you your heart an oasis the milk of human kind

Immersed in anew mistress

Night is a nicotine patch A burnish of black leather A bleeding scratch On the naked nether It is altogether a womb A giants eyelid blinking A mammoth’s bog tomb

Through all our unending time

For however many tears We’ve both tried not to cry For however many years I’ve lived trying not to die Praying, wanting, not to lie Yearning, endlessly, longing,

Messed up riches

A kind of country song!

In these cormorant hours spent swift

I’ve never begun to understand, The sea changing patterns beholden, With holding, onto a woman’s hand, No matter how many times Unwilled she can be emboldened.

Lions lie down like corndogs

Lions lie down like corndogs eaten by the dark As cities cats and mongrels howl in the park A radio hums like a distant hymn for freedom To begin its soul searching beginning s in Edam.

Raspberry canes

In and out the raspberry canes On a jack frost bitten day With nothing more than twine, And knife To earn my daily pay Bending back the line of whips From John O’ Groats to Landsend

The greyer the storm light folds

A soft temperance smile brakes From the bars of the raging sea; Where wave on salt corrosive wave Once purged loves sweetest melody. But age and faith are truer friends

My boyhood lover


On the wings of youth

Mayfly if ever an angel be It was you and me Pirouetting in the air so free Above a cobweb lea If ever a child had azure blue wings As blue as a periwinkle sky

Till the dawn-light ember lilts

The eyes of dawn will make my bed In the river of some dream, Where half forgotten limbs will rise Like vapours on the breeze; But who will walk or lean on me Lean against this idle frame?

The lord of Catchers-Can

In the isles of a gutter In the dim-lit graveyard of a church A man must walk forever With a beggars bowl in hand And succumb to all the weather A man can understand.

Lamenting ladies

A lady laments a voyage of pleasure And cornucopia, English, weather. A lady laments a man’s time for leisure But never the daffodil fields of treasure.

You are our cradle in the water

You are my eyes You are my heaven You are a sunny distant shore You are a cradle in the water Of a rainbow I’ve longed, longed for... You are the white-salt spray

The wood cutter

In the blackest dungeon forest, in the deepest dark There in; lies a post-hold position, in yours and gods heart Where in; he builds a lowly wood cutter habitation,


Everest—child; that’s your mountain, now go and climb its peak It isn’t easy to get to the summit, son, There’s many still there buried at its humble feet.

Sad Susie

The sky is trembling black, the wind is high But down in the low valleys I can still hear sad Susie’s cry Cry, cry for the wind, cry, cry, for the rain

My lord: My honesty

Deliver me Though I’m not blind Deliver me Show me a “sign” I can’t bleed, anymore I can’t still, wait “malign” So put your Arms around me You can’t ignore, me Anymore!

What would this life be, like?

What would this life be, like? With-out a little-bit of faith? If we all feared to live our, life’s Too share what’s in our hearts; would a plane ever get off the ground?

Waiting on all, you; have to say

Soft ephemeral words of love; I feel them floating, like downy Feathery wings, on the wind: “Each time we capture” them: Our white wings dove Into those whispering, eaves

To walk in nature as Wordsworth

“To walk in nature as Wordsworth; did, To see the pensive stars in there grid A Moon-white-ice-crimped lake The hilltops burning, slowly; opaque Ashen as autumns, burnished, reds

The music of one’s love is deaf and dumb

Curiously, I once heard music where there was none! this I perceived when -two deaf and dumb, young lovers were caught-up in an all embracing kiss. After which they spoke in sign,

kingdom of the wind

Why does a humming bee Secret the words That we decline to trust Why does he understand The fledgling world; That we commend to dust. Is there not a flower In the desert sand;

The soul of eternal love

Chase me like a mirror Into the silvery pond Chase me like a bird Into the buds of spring Chase me like a flame Along a candle wick And there we'll share The light of love

Your love is like a pinnacle

Your love is like a pinnacle No man could ever climb But your heart belongs with mine Flowing deeper all the time; Deeper than the rivers Running home to the sea Deeper than an apple core

So pale and hurtfully prissy

Why does she come shadow crawling up my spine. Doesn’t she realize I’ve served a necromancer’s time? Melancholy is a thistle a rose garland in black holy


When the wiring of the brain unravels in this way, like a ball of yarn; there can be no lonelier place on earth; than your own malicious mind, teasing out its own

The soul of eternal love

Chase me like a mirror Into the silvery pond Chase me like a bird Into the buds of spring Chase me like a flame Along a candle wick And there we'll share The light of love

His fallow beasts in prayer go humble

Angelic beasts are men of prayer. Anguish a devils saboteur’s snare. His bounteous fiery pits full of sorrow, Toilsome battalions, wilfully, follow, As forsaken wretches we labour, on;

If beauty could let her love to me

If beauty could let' her love to me' Like the white buds on a magnolia tree What a nature in my soul there would be What a freedom in my breast for thee Could I in truth set wing flung free...

She put a rind around the world

She put a rind around the world And set it like a flower Then when it grew her dust run through... Like a rainbow after a shower. She put a rind around the world And beheld her oceans pearl

So pale and hurtfully prissy

Why does she come shadow crawling up my spine. Doesn’t she realize I’ve served a necromancer’s time? Melancholy is a thistle a rose garland in black holy

Your love is like a pinnacle

Your love is like a pinnacle No man could ever climb But your heart belongs with mine Flowing deeper all the time; Deeper than the rivers Running home to the sea Deeper than an apple core

The greyer the storm light folds

A soft temperance smile brakes From the bars of the raging sea; Where wave on salt corrosive wave Once purged loves sweetest melody. But age and faith are truer friends

O’ Maiden of a quiet, mournful, repose

O’ Maiden of a quiet, mournful, repose Wasn’t it not love at beauty’s doze That your sweet dark eyes spoke Of this emanated dew ragged rose. Wasn’t it a boy in manlier clothes?

Smiles the choice of rose hips hue

Who brings me the tears of rainbows blue? And smiles the choice of rose hips hue That brings to me the moons gentle dew? With kisses soft as slender new

Like a little pot of gold

If beauty could let” her love to me” Like the white buds on a magnolia tree What a souls tapestry there would be What a freedom in my breast for thee Could I in truth set wing flung free...

O” child of mine grow no-older

Place your head upon my shoulder O” child of mine grow no-older. Less life’s platitudes make you stronger. Stay with me a little longer! Misfortune” rings her lowly bell

Men would quake in their opium hearts

Men would quake in their opium hearts to meet A beauty in whose pleasing narcotic glance All the spheres of the primate’s earth beguile And in who’s still doe like goddess graces dance.

Sunspot shadows

Lead me love in sunspot shadows And let me bathe in there light Let me soothe in there sorrows Let me burn in there night Let me tease a violet flower And unveil a golden chalice

Pink raindrops

April in her crown of splendour Shows to heaven all her beauties-spoil Those clouds of pink-perfection Waver heavily bowed on bare earth Outside the church like confetti.

Weight of love

His heart Became a crumpled Red poppy flower A slip knot Solipsism, thorn A barbed iron Slipping anchor On a day, Night had set sail. On a day, A sun must strum,

Lamenting hearts

Lamenting hearts will always break- Like, shimmering coals in the grate; But before they can honour this? They’ll burn with a simmering, kiss That they and their fated-

The bell of Knutsford’s many throng

A young queen dances around the Knutsford maypole! As though she lingered within some fathomless dream Lifting joyful ribbon arms like a linnet on the breeze;

Let this pilgrim’s sin, inaugurate

Unnerve! Mine-eye That I might, see! That hand that stirs... Upon an unequivocal sky and sea; Lead me through that lowly pastoral gate. Let this nomad’s world abate.

The Credit crunch

Development always means growth and growth always leads to destruction! Man will always wage war on the planet as long as man is here!

Rumble in the jungle

Give us some poetry? Me, we..? These are the words; Of Muhammad Ali..! Ail—baba-booyah! Ali The emperor of Horus Sang back the chorus Ail—baba-booyah! Ail—baba-booyah!

Time sifts through an hour glass

Time sifts through an hour glass Her chains lock the heart; alas Eternity, weeps in hope All lovers tread the tightrope... The cradle of that long, goodbye! Each month one deader July

If I were a Tree

If I were a Tree A rowan would I be, Sitting unaided on ancient-wall, Looking-both-wise; which-way, not to fall! Yes; here would I perch... between the two..?

When I Neptune wear my Naught less

When I Neptune wear my Naught less—crown Twisting floridly like a narwhal up and down! My mercury flower a bouquet sea-cucumber Wasp-castanet-stars of pollen, endless in number

To seed the steps of heaven

Morning-glory must open! To seed the steps of heaven And on her nap of cloud; Might yours be a halo a crown? Opening the gates of heaven... And that basket of laundry

Language is the kingdom

Language is the kingdom of the soul It's compass is the making of the whole Weather by madness Science or art It's lineage contains the heart. And when the needle points out death


Life, death, the here ever after This worlds jib, jibs, triangular! The father, son and Holy Ghost Desire, love and lust! They’re the obsequious... Yearnings, burning in us most;

Spick and span leather shoes

Spick and span leather shoes The pavement has read your news You're worn out soles Curb, rub and run On the coals Of the burnt out sun Once they were bare And had the fun of the fair

For a short time—only?!

For a short time—only?! Needing—without hoping... Wishing—without wanting... Gazing—without looking... Dreaming—without searching... Thinking—without understanding...

Times immoral guest

...Death bleeds... ...Death bleeds... ...Death bleeds... A recurring nightmare, cupped into a mother’s breast Through pinkish-blue milk-white locust lips it breathes..!

Sea of empty space

Tonight I saw an ocean Passing beneath the moon In zig zag slow motion Then a whale was strewn..? Coup de grâce Sea of empty space..? The moon was gone! Like a white chess pawn.

In loves gainsay

She; love “shower me in kisses Rinse my soul of lustful wishes” Blossom but once within my heart A flower seed; your loves impart. He; dare say “I, in loves gainsay,


Does her ivy an oak bough cleave? When her body is clenched in unison Does a twofold breath still bereave? It’s one single, singularity in motion. Does he tent-peg her octagon-love

Uniform of scares

A soul may tally to the stars Like a badge of victory honour But who will know of the wounds And wear its uniform of scares. Who will feel the icy lick of blood?

If I a season more than you—miss my cue

I’ll nearer learn nor bear the endless parting..? Like atoms let our souls collide! Such lust, and passions do us still; imparting, Open your heart let whirlwinds decide!

Together there is music

She speaks to sparkle! Like a fluvial mineral crystal -Waterfall—her angelic voice! -An encomium chalice? A scintilla’s hope—aforementioned, With a—window on the angels!

For a short time—only?!

For a short time—Only?! Needing—without Hoping... Wishing—without Wanting... Gazing—without Looking... Dreaming—without Searching... Thinking—without Understanding...

So many words but only one! “love”?

The world’s dullest word! Is it; “Love?” Breasts... Tits... Nipples... Bosom... Melons... Bazookas... Baps... Jugs... Balloons... Coconuts...

In life’s last lurch

On this piercing night Striations of light Through squinting eyes Shone liquid bright... In a drunken abyss With a heart transfix... A hunched-up figure Modus Vivendi...

Epée duel?

A Davy Jones locker With frolicsome hips With submarine, dyglo- Sherbet lemon, lips. Does lazily toreador..? Then mantis—she just; sits. With wide-eyed hardcore Pointing geographic tits!

Love you’ve got beauty

Love you’ve got beauty In abundance oh so rare It’s wild and it’s earthly -golden as buttercups in your hair Unadorned and oh so radiantly -dressed in arrangements fair.

I say; if every man became more and more feminine!

I say..? If every man became more and more feminine! Then where would be a man’s androgens masculinity. Surly her desires would be less passionate and sultry.

Ode to a catfish

What do we know about the catfish? His silvery shad moonlit Moorish dish Headlong does he leave his naturals? His murky brown backwater, channels. On his kiss curl barbels, who knows?

The juryman hammers!

She breathes into her heart the moons light Breathes into her soul the weary night! The crown of thorns; its incubus stars The brigadier’s landmine legs and arms...

Questions of adultery

Where can we break eggshells? And meet as lovers. When can two lovers kiss, and tell? Their hearts contents to one another. What they’ve shared together Under the covers!

Divisions of vanity

The sun and moon were lovers once Until dancing on the sea They saw in one another A singularity, a vanity! That encumbered them so truly That neither one would meet! And dance in the mirror

The world is a feather within your palm

The world is a feather within your palm The quill of invention the quote of alarm! A wild doe-eyed beauty, you hide your spell. Till written out of hand drawn from the well!

Her love hearts tune!

“Her soul was a saffron moon” A cygnet on a lake in June, Lost into a world of doom... She poured forth... Her love hearts tune! Transparent as the eastern sun!

When you look across the glass

Every style is somewhat the same. When you look across the glass! The picture is the same. But the face is different. The eyes are sadly the same. But each soul is different.

My heart once a butterfly

My heart once a butterfly In the meadow of its soul But times do set flames, on... Its wings of burning gold! All is but a purple wood A black shimmering pool All is but an autumn fall...

Have faith in my hand

Have faith in my hand That holds with your heart. Give love but one chance To disparage the dark! If only by rancorous love Let your passions unfold. With truth permitting of


Antiquated—greed: Serf of hunger—she’d. Cry.., such a hollow pain... Hearing the wheels of time! Clapping along like a train... Through deaths signal-line!

My heart once a butterfly

My heart once a butterfly In the meadow of its soul But time do set flames, on... Its wings of burning gold! All is but a purple wood A black shimmering pool All is but an autumn fall...

If you but wish

If you but wish to turn the keyhole I’ll give to you a Skelton key “I give to you my soul” My hearts love—abiding beauty. If you but freefall in to my arms

Hallelujah for a women’s love

Once when I cried for freedom For freedoms ancient sleep I lay on my bed in my kingdom Feeling sad so sad and bleak. Once when I laughed the world laughed too And so my one true love did you;

My heart is a cactus flower

My heart is a cactus flower Unwilling to bend... Unwilling to wilt... Unwilling to die... But—still. I just can’t walk away... I’ve sold my life. For a deserts ray For a deserts ray

Our love is like a little Jenny wren

Call me she said; call me to bed And say that our love isn’t dead. “So I called her—softly. And I said. Come—lay dear” where we wed.

Her touches are like snow icicles

Her touches are like snow icicles Tongue tickling wisps of frozen light Each fingertip is an isotonic particle A throbbing cosmos of winter—delight Her dock leaf strokes nettle wet kisses

Love is a window starlit bright

Love is a window starlit bright And you are the moon That encompasses its light Thriving like a winters flower Visited in the mystical—night? You are a forest of melting snow

In spring temporary southwest

Temporary southwest “Who am I to address Her flagon-red” dress! Amid the ashen summer Between—each! Tick-tock! Swishing of her scarlet frock Equinox of autumn slumber!

The strumpet

You’d ride the wind… But the wind will not follow… Arse over tit, tit over tale. Greek as an olive You’d squeeze out the sun oil Rape seeds youthful and yellow.

Oh what do you really, quietly, feel?

The eyes of dawn meet me under her grey hoarfrost blanket Oh I never thought the howling in your heart; could be so cold. Or so loud or unforgiving; oh give unto me them stars shining...

Raft of souls

In the biblical waters of the human mind Where we raft upon our souls To some other strange immortal isle! Where death lays not in tombs But is arisen in the palm of the redeemer!

Gift me what I want

Gift me—gift me-gift me With that velvet touch of your lips Gift me—gift me-gift me One more night Perpetual ceaseless like this... Gift me—gift me-gift me

The feeling I’m feeling...

Soft whispers.... quiet hushes The silent moments Where movements take over Words cannot describe The feeling I’m feeling... When silent echoes Are all around me, and all over?

When, you became a reality

“When, you became a reality... to me Not” the falling petals of a dying rose. The enchanted melting’s of recent snow. Not a tale of long ago! “When, you became a reality to me.

They wish their hearts weren’t dead

Profanities, bubble, between us Fish like they uproot a devils tongue. Descend; triple barded loatheness... Death rasping recoils nonchalant lungs.

Winters autumnal beauty the discreet

Sensual as nature is she revealing Her rainbow paint palette yet, azure Gentle as calamine to my healing I to her a courtier a Chaucer...

One day, one step at a time

One day, one step at a time. Is best Search your heart your soul’s apparatus The lower and upper social status Climb out from under the slope oppressed Mortals climb with fortitude blessed

When, you became a reality

“When, you became a reality... to me Not” the falling petals of a dying rose. The enchanted melting’s of recent snow. Not a tale of long ago! “When, you became a reality to me.

Paint palette

You are the one Constant as the sun Constant as the moon Constant as the stars You are the one You are the one Steady sure thing! You are the one Too wear my ring. You are the one.

I sang you a love song...

I sang you a love song... Strong as an oak Ding-dong! Ding-dong! Ding-dong! Amour, amour, amour... Weak to the stroke Centre to the core The wheel and spoke. Amour, amour, amour...

She wore a feather bower

She wore a feather bower Lay upon the ground To me it wasn’t a great mystery To me—was her crown? Had my princedom, my esprit This empted hour

Sanatorium, women

Sanatorium, women I’m under lock and key Trap in a web of delirium... Never to break free From those sweet interims Of your loves insanity, misery! Sanatorium, women

Time is a winged chariot

Time is a winged chariot So spread those wings Of burnish twilight gold Learn to fly above the fold Because child time is not For keeping on your side Youth it is a gift! No-worm suppresser


Lucinda, I’m so cold can you tell me? Is it winter in here because there’s Such a chill that it could kill every man With a woman’s scorn a woman’s will.

Like a dried up flower in a button hole

Like a dried up flower in a button hole The jokes on you pressed to your soul That I’ve got to go, I have now to go. Baby, if you’re honest you’d know

If my love were like a siren

If my love were like a siren In the oceans of my heart Singing like the whales I’d be clinging to the dark Driving those chains apart! If my love were a mermaid

Here, There & Everywhere

Here, There & Everywhere I’m walking along singing a song Cause life doesn't last that long Free as a bird Out on a limb Looking to fly again! High in the air

Milkwort tureen

What scaffold or rusty apparatus! Flower stem or fey, milkwort tureen Will bent? This amber sap, amongst us Powers this human, species; unseen. What nature breathes in loving beauty?

Do the British take their brollies?

Do the British take their brollies? Do the British take their brollies? On Las Palmer Hollies Do they their Earl grey tea? Take with two lumps or three And whilst sitting besides the sea

Miles of wheeling clouds

Miles of wheeling clouds Sit around my head As they pound into my heart As they stamped around my grave I crawled... Too the heavens doors I fall Too the heavens doors I fall

Swim the lengths of your love

Put your emotions into a fishbowl and forget! Swim the lengths of your love and lusts, passionate, from the outset. Bathe in those circle passages, time wills; never the same!

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD)

So seasonal ills lull my every mood Ice flows inward outward my thinking Never does the spring thaw lessen its rude Hold on my life; each day begs questioning.

VII Stanzas

I What does it really matter? Like snow in its patter... If it’s to light for heavy—weather If love melts away forever! II Motion a kiss... At midnights asking!

I can promise you, I smiled.

I remember summer holidays They were continually hot and dry They were all of them scorchers... I can promise you, I smiled. Basking under those silver willows

Oh, Haven’t we all of us

Oh, Haven’t we all of us Once in awhile discovered? In a distant part Of his hearts fire Another woman’s ember Another woman’s lustre Burning behind his silent eyes

Is he now rounded into all of The Three Graces?

Adhering Adam is like a clownfish Within a grottos coral reef Intrinsic as a decimal starfish Five fingered within one sheaf; Absent of disapproving, disbelief.

To wake arise for the dawn to keep

The moon follows - In the shadows Of the last; seen, star. As does whoever, you; are! Instinct each, when; falling... Is to rise and reach our Own destinies—calling..!

Rounded in the ways of life

Cowslips grow along a winding-woodland stream In this here amphitheater they’re all that’s left Too show me its spring that I’m not alone in the arc


Planetary gray stars we keep them in our hearts where we never returning go… Diamonds in the summer snow… these stars we already know are our friends of along ago.

Go us to my protector

“Grasses Feather in” the wind. Determined swift like an envoy Dart along the barn, crosswind Life fills the air inextricably with joy. Like the joy of a young child.


White, midnight! Fear-woken insight! Of Midnight! Sweat dripping angel Lost in a carnage of fright! Screams for the light! Wake me! Wake me!! Wake MEEE!!! Touch me with angelic sunlight!

Out on the street

Out on the street: I hear the beat the patter of feet People and faces of those I meet Friends and family those I greet. I happily play out on the street With friends, who share a treat?

The last visit and conversion…

Here lies, My grandmother… A week from: death. The archetypal grandmother Of all nursery cries Made that much, better. Here lies, My grandmother… In that week of heinous—lies,

When winter does wrestle death

When winter does wrestle death Snow lies falling with petals bereft Her mantle a meadow white lily Uprooting stars in heavens pity. Veils of fine silk are spun to order


Wisdom Looms, tempered Like a daylily blooms In bar s of iron; sleep. Wisdom wakes Like a ravenous lion. With ears of golden wheat Folded yet; into another sleep.

Windswept shadows...

A place where shadows, disassociate Themselves; from bough and leaf green stem. Where these dissolved mulches conflate! In that, that is no longer—mayhem.

Winters last apple

As the worlds dimming-dimensions Grew dimmer and hurriedly, darker. I saw a thing crimson as it sweetens? Temptations apple waxing—brighter! The hour the date I don’t remember

Dispatching doves

For moments—need Beyond, your walls Circular emerald-motes You’ve dispatch doves. Throughout keyhole! Static, windows!! Their arrows take aim!!! Beyond ram—drawbridge.

Divergent rivers

Divergent rivers Beneath a moonlit silver lamp Divergent rivers meander, camp. In love alone do they worship..? At the tidal wave in courtship.

Winds of October

Nurtured by winds of October Do some of us feel sold over? Now that rowans russet red And national feed the bird’s day Is here again; for them to be fed. Don’t we ourselves wish to stay?

For you

When I breathe in? You, sigh... For me for you For you: for me. Behind these silences A drawbridge Of hopes, rises And then... falls. Each, pause Reaches its Extremity its

In-between life and death

In-between life and death Let’s not resign another breath Plentiful with a full-pail gainful Reach up into ends rainbow Catch that butterfly’s coattail..?

I’ve got a foghorn angel

I’ve got a foghorn angel Who sounds everything out? On this voyage across the sea This Black Diamond sky With me, tonight Oh and she’s got a cupid crossbow

My babe has got those baby blues...

My babe has got those baby blues... Oh my babe has got those baby blues... When it’s time we kickoff our shoes. Oh I longed that heavenly kiss Her liftoff rocket fuel bliss

The foot and mouth crisis 2001

The foot and mouth crisis 2001 A clue: “Memitim” 2 down, 5 across, DEATH... Another farmer holds his “breath” His crossword puzzle now solved, As he sits by the open fire resolved.

She wore the ribbons

She wore the ribbons She wore the ribbons And he wore the rags She held her velvet voice without force Oh so gentle of course, Whilst his thundered; like a wild rodeo horse.

Outpourings... perfection!

His heart an endless soul A flowering dove tree Tears and clouds cajole His soul an endless heart A whirling dervish Arriving; towards truth... A centered spinning world

The cat’s cradle

Hold it as a child—could Only the melting snow, Love is a living hope Hope a living hell. Love is a dew lit web Strung across our hearts In love alone do we worship?

On fairy lit night

On fairy lit night When the snow shone so bright And I held you so tight I felt my love shine through you... I felt the melting Of every storm cloud blowing Away under a summer breeze...

Our way-would calling?

Star pulsed, lover. “Who’s hearts a purple emperor? Teased-out of a milk-white flower” Churned into curds and whey, Whose rosy, nothingness… In conclave, owlets flicker.

To live beyond the sunrise!

Better you just dry those sopping-wet big eyes What’s the point in both of us weeping? Surely you can’t now coquettishly disguise… The ways, in which I’m cut, the way I am bleeding…

In the staging of opposites!

In the staging of opposites! Each a beginning to an end: As one door closes 'tight' Another opens arms godsend Calm, untroubled alight. Everything has its origins?


Do you buy into this ballot-box choice? Are we not all blindly, taught and lead. Leaderless, restless; without a “voice” Walked; hand in hand with the dead.

How royally Avant-garde am I?

How royally Avant-garde am I? Don’t tell me it isn’t so— As if I needn’t ever know? There’s a peahen at the centre Of every pert-peacocks breast Who pre-empts a willing body

The one my soul abides

You brought meaning Where there was none. You lit-up this world, Where no-other shone! Because quite simply, Put; you are the one. The one my heart beats For; ten to the dozen!

The first unsullied snowdrop

Love; what flower do you most aspire? Love; what flower should I most admire? Red peony’s with “lustful conduit desire Purple” crocuses cupped with fire.

Nap of monarch’s wing

On nap of monarch’s wing have I not flown? Done crossed times mortal ravages Into that livery my king holds his throne Save all; but these wolfs and savages.

The dying flame you might expire

Lord; you can extract the salt Out of the sea; But how lord do you decree? Too take the briny-sea out the salt. Lord; you can smudge a cloud Out of the skies;

Where’s that crowning fortress

Where’s the fortress crowning that kingly belief? Only he is tort with a child tempers goal? He, “who strikes the lightening”, forms your soul

“5” Persian and Sufi influenced poems

Heedfully glowing of embers gently, vying. “O” tyrannies of love burn endlessly, undying... “O” dervish men dance and sing all—afire! The way of love lies in thy self-denying/nothing.

If it was not for the wind

If it was not for the wind I would be there in spirit Somewhere—embodied If it was not for the seas Volcanic ashes, tirelessly Mounting and moaning, Ever inwardly, groaning I would be there

From A to Z

From A to Z I do everything with you from A to Z. From the moment you wake up Till I pat you on your head, And tuck you up into bed. I do everything with you For you, because the day

Séance reading...

Their eyes their lips closed ever tightly. With a rogue cabals pre-emptive, smile. “As of yet; such comprehending’, Has not sent; them—on”, a séance reading.

No two people

No two people are ever the same By day or by night Their tapers both lit by shame The joy of their light! No two rivers run smooth or strait The valley is winding...

Two short poems:

I. Definitely, a coin has but two-sides. “On one must it fall; as fate” divines. “Heads-up tails-down” He gambles on.., the outcome Of this you’re silver-half a crown!

Whatever creation is;

There’s a glow-worm, embedded in each head. Awaking men; at the entrance of the Spithead: It opens-up southward stretching them eastward... They themselves are not sea walls or driftwood...

Straight-out of the delivery box

Straight-out of the delivery box Unharmed by the surgeon’s knife His newly delivered laptop coos. It laughs whist it gripes & grasps At his forefinger! “Now” already

See the world is anon...

There are eyes within eyes But blink; and these words are gone! Open—your eyes And then; see the world is anon... All is but one grain... One ear of rice “What more need—you or I’

For all the worlds caring—we’ve done!

...Here’s to that evenings summer solstice Here’s to my palpable bones beneath the lawn; Here’s to our shy union of rigor-mortis’

wars tug of love

Lust weighs heavily upon each breast With a heavier heart and soul A serpent coils around to ingest The spirit that is more than a pinhole Enactor awaiting the embroiders

Whatever creation is

No time to judge The flowers the dust Whatever creation is, It is imbued with love. And must! Have the good- Sense to fly like a dove. No time for ill will But lust corrupts

To call upon the winds dust

Today is but a sore parting gift of tears To call upon the winds dust—his oil-lamp spirit! Such seas suspended in her dew-lit spheres: His imminence; her acumens dispirit.

Nicknames for Aislinn

She was born a bald little lassie Long and thin and ever so pretty 6 lbs and 8 oz if memory serves me well She was slender and strong as gazelle.

Wear on the same gargoyle face

In the corner of a shop doorway Did I see the canvas of life? Preening its self with claws, tightly, frappe. Feet wrapt in dead, wildlife: One nonchalantly, above the other

Search endlessly for this truth divine

Ghostly are blossoms conjured? Swirling paths remembered... On these petals shall we tread? Rise as though they never shed. On their pink ribbons, shall we glide?

To the intolerant elected us must learn to love:

To the intolerant elected us must learn to love: for it is they, who have frozen on the path to light. For it is they, who have frozen short sighted and fastened their tempers of understanding.

The joys in her heart shall never be eclipse!

Before he could blink or close fast his eyes Her joyous moment cast the final dyes Prior his christening the naming harangue Her chorus amended the death-knell rang.

Sing as I never did before

If on some morning, I should die A snuffed out candle; from the sky Nought shall know my graveyard shift Nor I processed any gift

Self profiling, prophesies...

What man lusts he takes What man seeks he finds? What man desires he fractures What man envisages transpires. What man hates up-rises, manifold..? What man breaks hence is, fixed.

Toss my hat; with the great, Hurrah...

Love, what shall be my proudest-hour? Too write a poem about Some purple ...wallflower.

What we worship guides our thirst...

“Only he God can charge or judge The ink, that pores-out its blood. That algae-spore” of each, dreams-drudge, That made its way—out; from the crud.

Peace on a bough never withers

As is, has been, has will be seen All that is night is day File at the prison-bars, light the gasoline! Death is indifferent, anyway. Pies need a crust; a dog its lust.

Ex-Streams of consciousness’

Eternal life is a blank page... In a diary that goes unwritten. Life is an entry in that diary-page That continues daily to be written. The universe therefore is a library

For as molten metal bound are we not in the magma

Love if only I could love the stone core of your heart Love you like the vine that splits and climbs a rock face Love you like a sun orbiting the moon—what art

For as molten metal bound are we not in the magma

For as molten metal bound Love if only I could love the stone core of your heart Love you like the vine that splits and climbs a rock face Love you like a sun orbiting the moon—what art Tendril drip

Follow my coat tails...

A lonely star shone upon the moon Her blank expression broke his gloom Deeply wanton did his affections seek… To enlighten her orbs that nightly did mystique

Thieves and menschen

She’s a precocious milky sky A moon white opals radius Her velvet hand of winter calls Beckoning to all, who’ll pause? In their stalactite breaths; outdoors

Her treasury is quite empty

Summer she’s had her time, allot: A drubbing in the rain A tinkling in the chimney-pot Drumming; on the windowpane. Summer she’s all but faded and gone

No two people…

No two people are ever the same… By day or by night! Their tapers both fan the flame… The joy of their light! No two rivers run smooth or strait. The valley is ever winding…

Joy jumps heart to heart

Joy jumps heart to heart From heart to heart like a grasshopper. But all I need do is but hover over zenith green-tips of dew. All I need do' is but dance above His skies grey purlieu

Windswept shadows...

A place shadows didn’t want to disassociate themselves; from His bough and leaf green stem. Where they’re dissolved mulches would conflate Together in that that is no-longer mayhem.

In prayer did I hear a hum..?

In prayer did I hear a hum..? Loud as any drum: With what measured breath; did it weigh..? The probity of this another day: The incline of this my decay… Faiths emphatic leap…

Lest his pilgrim, sins do not inaugurate…

…Unnerve mine-eye. That I might see! That hand that stirs... Upon an unequivocal; sky and sea… Lead me through thy lowly pastoral gate. Lest this nomad’s world; does not abate.

The garden

The garden is a living cell A Monet' of color and still reflection! Its life is onwards moving… But still like the sun forever in dusk or dawn: A theatre of hearts beating as one!

Winters apart

We live winters apart That’s how we live and love It may have become a black art But it’s indicative of The way we live the lie The way we seek To share “but honestly, misapply

That’s what they at the asylum now say

I have walked in wait of my own death I have swam and drowned in my own life I have climbed only to sink beneath the sky I have crawled belly-down and stood on-high

My last bone

I have welcomed death, his gaze his thoughts, his valentines day kiss his black tulips pressed against my blood filled lustful lips Death is not my foe, we are bed fellows

My thoughts were like a feather

My thoughts were like a feather falling into your gaze your heart and soul did cipher the lust behind these forays. You held me tight in mid air part of a wing that wouldn't fly...

I have not love, enough...?

I have not love, enough...? To tempt birds from trees nor even less the angels on an ever static breeze... I have not love, enough...? To love you, as you do, me I have not love, enough...?

Into the vastness of a dream...

If elderflower; could wake me from my, eternal, dreaming... Would I wake, and still be? dreaming; lying, next to you... Like a bank of meadow, grass would I still, sway, beneath...

I'll love you all this world and back...

I'll love you all this world and back.... Till this feeling never goes away... till all these stars in the heavens have collided into star-dust within your fiery loving eyes.

Who are the best players...

When does boredom set in and that “niche heart ache” begin? Who are the best players the women...? Or the men in their hot cauldron...?

Fumbling for words...

Does love have the weight of infinity. Either-way its either bountiful or nil, liberal or Nada... bats, dream in sonar? “My thoughts are—yes”

What was she doing, there?

What was she doing, there? Like some old bag lady A foreigner... Sitting in Piccadilly, gardens Manchester, today...? “With a toy pram And 2 clothed dollies” The dollies lying face down.

The spring gardener...

I have a world of daffodils To plant in a garden “6 by 4” They’ll come-up—after The snowdrop descends. But in-the-in-between, The crocus will call ...with. The Grape Hyacinths

The truth about Ruth…

Describe to me something…? Such, as…? Well, any old thing You want; but make it true. Else, I’ll only come to rue’ A lie, if it were told as truth.

Why? Travel

Is everything more palpable, tomorrow? Than it is today… Like that fleeting eight-day trip to Bordeaux. What was more risqué…?

The path of a believer

Love in absences Where did He go? For a pack of cigarette’s Who amongst would still know? He said his love Would be eternal But, it was just another Cyanide pill; banal.

Harvey’s: Lullaby…

Harvey, Harvey, drives a red, Ferrari… Around; St. Peters Square. Eating an apple or a pear He really, really, doesn’t care. He’ll drive it right around there—I swear…!

Life is like a leather bicycle seat

Life is like a leather bicycle seat

Meal ticket

The piece of meat She put aside for him

Who but could—the saints preserve us, resist her...

Here; alone lying on this cotton pillow. I can still recall the lure of her lily scent: Bouquets do me gaze and camphor and shadow...

Forever autumn

The sun has gone in to shade And, turned a corner

I felt like the bough upon she wanted to live.

I knelt entangled in her arms and legs. For once she wore the scales and, I was her prey.

Playing soldiers

She solders a bit of cheese on toast Then she cuts them into soldiers neat Whist he dreams a large rack of rib roast She says—it's over. Did you cheat?

Egotistic eccentric things like this…

Poetry is my one passion—my one love But, what do’ I forgo’ What infernal fires glow? In this life there—of’ What other things, what of’ “Do I not understanding know?

No louder than the snoring tigers lolling tongue!

O’ my sleeping; weeping, thoughts. We’re like army blankets, you and I Observing; nought but sunbeams... Nought... But the lintel iron moonbeams, Under—which no one listens.

Even the cuckoo has to find its layer...

All fledgling poetry starts in the stoic hearts nest Even the cuckoo has to find its layer... Somewhere near to ostracize the rest:

There's no misogyny just government feet

There's no misogyny just government feet This whole system is corrupt… Such is man’s humanity to man. The whole world over It’s the survival of the fittest...

Middle age puberty...

When does puberty, end...? I’m 45 and I’m still here asking… My former self; when will it end. When will I be a man? There’s no harm in looking… Is there, is ...there girls?

“Again” I cannot read...

“Again” I cannot read... This world is just too busy. ...In its—countless, stampede Shouting, stamping, loudly Like the tarmacs black millipede. Slamming-gates, coughing

Gods’ ballerinas

Placed under; a living spells breath As lighter fuel does a lit fire. Consume a slow kindling death That ignites the eternal; greenbrier. Gods’ ballerina swanlike swooned:

The night runs in fear of the dreamer

The night runs in fear of the dreamer As for he there is no night. For even though there is darkness in abundance He only need close his eyes to see there is light.

Once they spall-sparkled like foxglove

The downbeat, downtrodden, joys of love. Once they spall-sparkled like the foxglove! But now descend like a beach ball… Pig’s balder, words choke in the hairball.

Minding my own business...

Whilst standing in a Withington bar. ‘The Old Man At Home’ Minding my own business... Doing my stuff, as a support worker Ordering a clients drink; taking him out for an evening meal.


I have merged my hearts ambergris With all the oceans of the stars Mine soul harpooned like a cuttlefish Has cut me from the loom So, I am but a tapestry

What the tabloids say about love!

True love is effortless, ha—so some say. Some even compare it to child’s play But whatever it is, it is neither Child’s play, nor is it effortless, I say.

God’s eyes must have the scimitars kiss.

God’s eyes must have the scimitars kiss. Because he cuts us; blindly remiss… With a brazen look the zeniths fall And rise to stagger, for curtain call.

End of day’s that's what I bequeath

To the entire world I vent my passion Lord you curse in good fashion Ceaseless wonders wet my eyelids Joyous thoughts have swept into grids. But still I vanquish each new day

Minted and crowned

Imagine if you can the greatest bank vault… Ribbed door; heavier than any mountain wall. Where no safecracker can by time lock default: Gain access … The glorious treasures, enthral.

Filter out the dreamless, sleepless dark

“You’d ask me to change, ha! But what would I change to Haven’t I already given—over to you? Would you have me an opaque jewel? Would you irradiate a clear diamond?

The tide is out... far beyond sight

The tide is out... far beyond sight There’s little lord here in view... Fatigue hangs bejewelled. Heavily webbed our finite! Silence hovers here whereto...

Love unbeknown...?

Your eye is a stationary set stone If it were a press it would Squeeze marrow from the bone If it were a wing it would Plummet from its heavenly thrown If it were the ocean it would


I’ve cut my teeth on smoking barrels Chewed honker in a drawn out kiss

Windup my sail

Windup my sail Like falling, leaves. Windup these pirate tales What no one else believes? Oh, quarter master— Mistress of the high seas Beat your drum Let these oars men

Lord my love don’t you know…?

We’re going to be soaked in seed Divorced of low crawling weed We’re going to be clematis climbers Entwining all we lambast—fast We’re going to be flower chamfers

Stillness is not, acceptable!

Stillness is not, acceptable. Like an incense burning candle It needs a purple vicious night It needs a vacuous, Veracious, blowing breeze It needs a lotus blushing Pink and diamond white!

The physical scent of life has gone…

Where; did all the wood garlic—go? Sure it must have been dispensed. By the ice, and snow, 2 yrs.’ ago 2010 / 2011 now never; seen again. I ask myself will it ever recover…

Over new; greens seas drip-fed

The poet is a lonely, snail… With elongated eyes espy. Following a spiritual brail… Questioning: what’s a wry? What; lucidity nears him by. A non-apologetic; dreamer…


Hold him in your heart: A poppy seed shaker… A risk taker… One - you’ll ride at a morning’s canter. Till; you’re sure to be hearing, Mozart. Hold him to your breast:

The father’s love

“Of cause I’ll love, you With the beating of a hand, But—with this love”. Be sure to understand. “Love is not a bye word, Written in the moving; sand.

To be the silence that is a full moon

If I’m not listening to music Or writing... I’d like ‘complete silence’ Like a phantom on the wind... Like a woodland, flower, sleeping. I’d never want to bloom...

Will our wounds be sutured?

Haven’t I watered tears with tears? What’s here… that still endears. What are your big ideas? Now our divine path umbra’s… And pales in its pulses, Like a frigid - winter rose.

Smoke rings...

Didn’t life see us dance? In the arms of death, That giver of breath, if, so. What commodities, do These smoke rings have left. Surely in essences burned It is purer, watered and fed.

Séance ordering…

There is, there is This ice curtain Of silent conversation A séance ordering… Watch and you’ll learn. {Understanding, unspoken}… How it works I’ve no idea.

Happiest is he under a lone sunbeam

“What the soothsayer says. Love is effortless as a dream”. Say’ what he wants, love’s neither Childs play, nor as easy, as it seems… It’s not ever easy or effortless.

Out of life’s billowing dust:

Out of life’s billowing dust: Wings life’s transient –flower. The butterfly, diligently, For a day—without hour! …Songs soar; batons leap… The world and the wind:

Her legs are like earrings…

Clad in jingling charms these veils fall…

Listening to angelic flutes like Plato!

She makes me long summer long evenings of gold. Where the silver willow takes a moonlit glide O’ sees the unicorn on that drifting cloud infold

You are my?

You are my dignity my hope You are my deep hearts longing, With you I’d wish now to elope And never return one waxwings -Stroke of my soul to the air! You are my dream my prayer!

Kahlil Gibran

Kahlil Gibran said many a beautiful thing. His quotes and stories are to be admired… A man of such genius he makes the heart sing. All that spirits desire, spirits attain. (Inspired…)

The carpenter’s hands are bleeding blood

The carpenter’s hands are bleeding blood His hearts a house made of sandalwood He carves and smooth’s it to fit a tawdry groove A dovetail joint he shares with you. And you approve.

Join me listen to the sitar players theorise…

Join me on your knees on your belly please… With Gold in her teeth and hunger in her eyes The devil whispers in the reeds come join me Join me listen to the sitar players theorise…

The devils handy-work at work

In childhood, I was a non-believer. Though, demons seemed many: Odd miracles occurred—perhaps So I consider what the local priest Says; at Saint Willibrords to be true.

Somewhere inside of you!

Every life, shall meet death. Every breath crosses that bridge Every autumn leaf falls bereft. See all in its burning leafage. Oh diamond sparks burn inside

I remember my own insanities…

I remember my own insanities… Oh, what presence attends our emptiness … this…? I’ve dived down drowning with these daylight thieves

It was in self-defense, I’m quite sure

In his defense it was said, she would curiously Spy from the bay windows, like A latter-day Misses Marple Everyone was a suspect, every parcel. Became a crime of illicit passion…

The madness of the bee…

Curvaceous; white rose How—potently, aromatic It is to delve quite freely One’s passionate, nose Tasting; upon our tongues The madness of the bee… Who’ sumptuously,

Liqueur and life

Liqueur and life Trouble and strife Blow my brains away… But quantum physics I better understand Like Janis Joplin, she lives with me

Your life is on a throne

Your life is on a throne Of dust weathered-stone A whirlwind battered face With a mountain to climb Of the time Of the time Of the time Your voices a busted microphone

Swimming, below zero...

We swam the lake in mid-November For a silly, madcap, dare. In the distance watched a figure. With a look of, despair… A man’s grimacing eyes, watched Fishing on the far bank

Yearnings of the longest day and night!

Nameless; she herself dares her, secret kiss Softly, tenderly, he tinkles like a gentle rain fall. Falling down the chimney, her senses sizzle… She calls come this solstice at owl, call.

Married life

Mr—you can kiss me if or when I ask. But do not sir not ever before Mr—you may touch me a little if I grasp But don’t ask what I’m looking for? It might just be a senator or a signor.

Girl with a Pearl Earring

Lift your head - look not in shadows Gaze not into murky dark pools Raise high - let nothing foreshadow Let your heart be my muse. Let me dry ephemeral tears away

Love’s a dodo

Love is effortless they say. Some compare it to child’s play But whatever it is, it’s neither Child’s play, nor effortless… Just look in these glossy magazines

The wedding cake couple

The wedding cake couple Held hands on-top in vigil Clinging on to each other tightly There I do’s written in song Lasted just as long as it took! Mothering law to take another

The turn of a wood-screw

I wouldn’t shake the flies off corpse If I stepped in one!

The father’s daughter

Only his kiss will do Only a smile from him Only his embrace will do Cut from this cardigan Cut from this aging cloth Worn in view of a memory Now only this alone will do

Towering above and beyond…

Sometimes I feel so dirty Unworthy of a human body Sometimes I want to pray or preach Sometimes I want to hide out of reach Sometimes I want to cry like a baby

Lay waste to my own dark wastelands

I have no rest on sea or mainland… Although I’ve ask for, His helping hand As yet I’ve not rest in His right-hand

Living sparks in the dark

The world will fast collide With its own beginning, Then silence shall reign Supreme again, I surmise. Then there’ll be no more singing. Joyous, choirs shall be silent

The drums roll…

I’m going to roll-out, drum rolls, In your heart tonight! It’s going to feel - like thunder Without; any respite. It’s going to feel like snow-fall Drifting over your soul,

I dance in the flames of your love

I will sing a seabird in your arms

Of all I’ve seen waiting to be discovered

A spring of buttercups, when was that now I saw in green pastures a golden jersey cow A river meandering swift-lashing and lush Where blue tit nest on passing, fell hush.

Hope gardens every whisper

Hope gardens every whisper Ever thought flowers A brocade of desire Like dew-fall they are there to wander The landscape of your dreams To filter down and replenish

The potter’s wheel

Their bodies’ ingots shimmering… A picture framed around gold-leaf.

Out of their laurels like Greek gods…

“At night there are moonlit slugs… Whose ivory body’s comet’ “Out of the laurels” like Greek gods… “Alone” these horned demons’ Taste the linden air for life.


Divination… It’s hard even in hindsight. It’s hard to see a connecting light…? When it’s apparent all around is night. So who can foretell a hidden knowledge?

“Up-wellsprings poetry from the coldest; deserts hearts”

“Up-wellsprings poetry from the coldest; deserts hearts”. Where; blooms the most exotic flowers of all… “They’re dunes, they’re zephyrs, and they’re petals caul,

For: Edith Södergran

Inscribed … In red granite A clearer thought, as… Anything—Scandinavian, Or any other rests, upon a grey lawn. Anon, it circles a silent grave! Where once stood a blue forest

Love is a road...

Love is a road... You must follow unto the end: For what isn’t in sight? Hold a candle to the night Ring-fence your heart - that it might, re-offend

God is a prophet don’t you know?

God is a prophet don’t you know? “He said pick these here moon daisies And chain—them—together— Gather—and make merry weather”.

Universal puzzles

In this universe is everything, As rudimentary; as is a sum? As 1 + 1= 2 Are the building blocks of life? So profoundly, complicated As E=mc2 is, or was at first to gist.

Where is the harm in looking?

Where is the harm in looking? Beauty is a delicate blessing… As baking is all in the cooking, And in us constant tasting… Where is the harm in looking?

Of cause it’s all lies, it always is

Of cause it’s all lies, it always is Keep it real keep it real keeps it real. But where’s the substance Where on earth are the facts? They talk about clandestine wars…

Our vases were filled with wine

Our vases were filled with wine As our childhoods spun on a dime But it wasn’t the abstinence of tears That made us, into granite rocks. It wasn’t Mount Vesuvius…

Fewer nicks’ no, grey upholstery

I saw a Volvo for sale for £300 today Outside a swanky refit McDonald’s All blue and chrome, without a home Square as an old 70s coffee table… A thought ran by me, it’s in good nick

Misplaced ego!

I am a writer; if I sell a word or not And if you people are my readers Then I must be, hot to trot…? I’ll make - paper out of these cedars. And, lay waist to a rainforest.

Foreign exchange students…?

Their all parasites He says. Fleas on His back and nape His tridents tail His fiery mane. They circle around His burning boils Licking their ashes - anguished dust

Love and envy…

They’ve colonized the world all over But love is still a desert island. They’re like white tropical angel birds Each pair’s feathers twirled together.

No caldron broths…

Loves entanglement, has no faults? No culpability's, no caldron broths… No angel—devils disguised as moths. Love is a heat sensing, system.

Love without sex - sex without love

Sanitize your dirty thoughts the filth on your mind I might not want you beside me entwined I’m not the maid - called to her master’s ring,

Treasure me like a desert sun

Treasure me like a desert sun Take me for all the sap you can. Be my cacti, my lover pricking Every nerve end till I (…wan!) Oh I’ll make olive oil at dawn

Sunday papers

Now the coffeepot has gone cold. I can see it clearly in her eyes, There’s no more steam or caffeine Demerara sugar or cream… There are no more shortcake biscuits,

You’re not middle aged yet you think?

Old age then your back aches Becomes a viaduct arch of pain Foundation’s get subsidence You lose 10inches all elegance In thought your opinion’s tower

In the froth of life

It’s here a dandelion clock Is nodding in the froth of life, It’s here… A meadow overwhelms us: And all our early seven-senses

Teachers pet…?

Love is a freelance writer If you want my real answer Please don’t take dictation This is only an aural examination. Students aren’t they impertinent. “Oh how I long for the moment”

Love and rapture!

What can a prisoner say about his bars? When, he can’t extrapolate an escape. Ah, I love you— but farewell—hurrah! O let other I’s within, permit my leave”.

Misfortune’s usherettes!

Even when their happy, It’s with sour vinaigrette’s -Wailing and crying… With packets of cigarette’s This leaves me to reflect Why all these Juliette’s Whisper and misdirect…

You’re not middle aged yet you think?

Old age then your back aches Becomes a viaduct arch of pain Foundation’s get subsidence You lose 10inches all elegance In thought your opinion’s tower

What the atom-bomb shall I do?

“What the atom-bomb shall I do”? When I can’t control my bowel Or bladder to urinate or do,

The joys of a young boy are simply cruel

The joys of a young boy are simply cruel They’ll take living things in matchboxes school. To give you a slightly squeamish example! I once squeezed a tiny frog into one.

The thimble of life

Our lord passes us a thimble He says eat drink and be merry. He now passes us a needle And says sow me a patchwork- Quilt, as big as the world… Let all nations gather under one

Your kiss

Your kiss is a rush of oxygen That always leaves me smitten Your kiss is a hot air balloon A helium bubble all-embracing, cocoon Your kiss is the air and sky

Dot to dot…

Starting from the bottom to the top Filling in the gaps from the bottom To the top - dot to dot If love could make the penny drop! If I could feel dilemmas alarm-

So what has become of the yard bird?

The wind and the rain gather you. Like petals on a rain storm So what has become of the yard bird? That stirred the captive rainbows To your and my finger tips What has become of the rose?

Raking over church yard cinders

That night in the church yard, I raked cinders This way and that; like a Chinese gardener. Rinses the suns gold. “Black renders lacquered “

Ermine landscapes...

Running to the mountains all children would go... With hearts aflutter O there’s a golden rainbow. And a pot of gold on a white ermine landscape- Of snow where playful; polar bears play.

The flower

Where does a flower go, father When it has flowered, Inwards or outwards… Child—it doesn’t matter All that matters is, That it has flowered… And, took root within your soul.

The mighty have to fall…

Purges are needed in a forest: The strongest have to fall and com-bust. In-order for the weakest the poorest To grow - regenerate their lushness… —They need a whole new subsistence:

Full breakfast…

Fried bread, Lord, who’s still not; been fed. Not me a little voice said… Who said that? A park duck! Or some hard luck Indian fatherless kid. Eggs and bacon, God, is there, no!

I am but a shadow

I am but a shadow without substance I cannot cling to flesh or to the suns embers I am but the flame yet not extinguished I cannot dance amongst the moving waters

Oh didn’t the year fly by…

Children its safe - Santa won’t catch alight Look the yule logs they're now burning twice as bight As is this spirit refreshed with ice Or is it granddads dancing - beyond price.

Gentle as a lamb the entire world airbrushed

The setting sun was in and around turquoise blue Before; the clouds roar—thundered thorough. …We were playing football, with a puffball fungus When, sapling willows shook with such a ruckus.

Love has its damage

Love has its damage Like a car fender—gets bent. And, headlights blink! And disagree which is the way Ahead: Love is a road of new dawns And midnight folks—

Turkey dinner

He wraps his hands around her throat: A candle about to die Black feathers in hand, almost smote; With daggers bloody goodbye. Then like a male she droop wings But not in courtship display.

Women are quarrelsome

Women are quarrelsome Birds, birds of many wings Like magpies, two shades Of many dissatisfied things. A dove - when the stars The stars are shining bright. But a bank of black disparity,

We’d make corn rings till the day I die

If I could be with you If I could be with you - in a field of fire In the eye of a hurricane I’d chain my heart to a white-picket fence Before I bunker down the grain…

Wearing space specks in space

Dreamer… don’t close your eyes The vultures are circling all around… Acid or flower child… The people are counting up from the ground. As the battery light dies in your torch

Why, dandelion it isn’t easy…

Why, dandelion it isn’t easy to lie down In these weeds and fall in love We don’t all have to be golden, Stoic, and upright; shoulders above. To fall like a seed-head

Until I follow you

Love hangs upon a star But it’s equally as scared As a ministering moon, Whose prayers go unaired? Who’s absent hope abjection? Cries a harbor light! “Love me, land on me soon.

I sat beneath a Bobhi tree

I sat beneath a huge tree its shape and size shaded me as if I were its seedling in search of nourishment as if I were the sapling in search of light...

We looked for something past remembrance

We looked for something past remembrance cutting through some fields of emerald green like a ploughed furrow waiting for a seed to grow we looked for...

Sail boat

A sailboat has no direction. But to go wherever it-is-taken drift or tides make no mistake we too-must glide across this lake, this endlessly, deep...

Sands of time

Nature is a sandstorm It cannot be, controlled It cannot be tamed to be a lamb It cannot be turned on or off But it can fall to form land and even a...

Let Us All Garden One Small Precious Flower

Let us all fall in love & love one another let us all garden one small; precious flower let us all unearth a basic human need let us all plant...

And, There We Are Like Betel Leaves

With eastern emerald splashes And radiant half batting lashes She whispered, her innermost, needs Like vines bent her ankles and knees. And much like...

Blissful Beauty, Personified

I thought I heard your heart beating like a hummingbird, tell me my love, was I wrong, listening was I wrong in melting like ghee? For honey, your...