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I have 176 stories published in 8 collections on the site.
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More Reforms by the New National Labour Party

Just a few ideas about a New National Labour Party, which has just won a landslide in an election, based on its 'common sense' and 'no nonsense' policies. It is just a possible future scenario, but an interesting one I think, in this overcomplex and malfunctioning world.

Tales Of Gallanol : Ch.8 Morith (Part 1)

Jovian is welcomed by the Royal Family of Elladein in Morith, but they are due to flee from the advancing southern army of High King Deneldinhew. They hear his story and encourage him to flee with them.

Creative Media and Sales : Ch.16d The Decline of Civilisation

Janus browsed on the vidnet. He was looking for material for another book he was slowly working on. He was in the job adverts section, under Creative Media and Sales. He wondered what was meant by 'creative media' in this world of work. ...

The Fence (Youth Misbehaviour After The Election)

A Teenager destroys a Fence while showing off, not realising that an election has brought a new, more Left Wing government to power, but one which has brought more traditional punishments back to deal with Youth Misbehaviour and many other crimes.

A Christmas Tale With A Difference

The people of 'England' were facing a General Election, but what was going to happen this time? This was co-written by myself and my wife Wendy in 2006. We 'bounced' a few ideas off each other to write it together. As we are now facing another election, and at Christmas time, we both think it is the perfect time to post our joint work on my abctales account, with due credit to my wife Wendy Kirtley.