Passed on

The supporting act. All works Copyright Kevin Buckle 2011.

Scared to death

The painful awkwardness of those who care.


In the style of Mr. W. Wordsworth.


For all (hu)mankind.


You Beast! You Beast! You vile, rotten, polluted Beast. How do you get away with it? How can you still be there? And operating with contempt for all that is decent? How can it be?

Gnawing Away

Run, run, run little furry friend.

Harry Gore 1

For Harry

the thief (unplugged)

Stripped down version of the original. No carbs. Hope it works.

Personal Best

Terror on the cycle (psycho) path. 50 mins dead from Bristol to Bath.

Half-lives I

Watching clocks and making hay, skiving someone’s busy day. Beg an hour, taking two to mend a door and have a brew. It’s nothing new. Chilling winter evenings,


I look into the vortex and it's you. Surrounded by the madness of shattered homes and lives. Drawing me deep and down into the night. The end of everything but you.

Oh, Apple Tree

Is that really Him? But he looks like a... Shhhhh! Please!


I carry the weight, that tears my back and cuts my heart, I bear it on, heft the boulder, take the strain, weigh the load that's mine to shoulder.


Across the moor a curious glance away through brooding darkness hangs a shimmering web

Song for Stephen

But where is God? Where is Heaven? Where is Hell? Where is the spirit? the bringer of life? Where is the question? the feeling? the hurt? the joy? the being? and knowing?

Neil Armstrong

One of the last great pioneers.

It can only get verse

Sometimes I feel like grabbing the guitar by the neck and wrapping it round the wall Then I realise it’s not the guitar’s fault at all And I think...

Here I sit

You cannot be serious! I'm not.


“Pappy.” “Pappy. Wake up, I gotta tell you something.” “Uh? What is it son? Can’t you see I’m sick?” “You been asleep for days off and on, Pappy. The...

Sunday throw-aways

A side-slap at Ledbury's stunt-poets

Somewhere in between

Somewhere between sleep and wakefulness, something calls me. I don’t know what it is among the confusion of scenes and dreams and people who half...

The tragedy of dying young

You sometimes have to wonder Did Jim, Jimi, Jimmy Dean have the right idea when they got the hell out of here while the going was still good We talk...


Waiting for the dream (language warning) You have been warned. Poor use of language.

Tome - thoughts of a weary traveller

We talk a lot in our culture about the fall from grace, the fall from paradise, from Eden. The loss of innocence. The devil, the influence of evil...

Meet me in the morning

Meet me in the morning is one of those great blues / jazz tunes where a whole bunch of musicians are doing their own thing broadly in line with the...

Wednesday prayer to visible and non-visible stuff

Protect me from people who claim to know better than I do how I should live my life. Protect me from people with theories. Protect me especially from...

The ends justify the means

The ends justify the means Always That’s the spirit of the age

On war

How many wars are the settling of scores nurtured in young hearts Filled with romance hormonally charged and searching for easy answers? How many...

Los peregrinos

Peeling the plaster from under my foot the skin tears away from juicy flesh The Austrian kept on calling it meat It turned my stomach then but now it...

Face the day

Having only recently written the words “Don’t fear the dead”, I awoke in my own private catacomb. Everything was still and silent in the impenetrable...

More from the sphincter of the grandiose

Life cleaves with cruel steel a world of brutal logic from that of child-like dreams. Each day a cull of innocents . Victims’ screams echoing through...


I stood and watched the stars this morning Bathed in beauty But when I turned around you had all gone I was alone


It’s been a hard week. I can’t believe I’m sitting on this train. How did I get here? Jumping on. Jumping off. I just can’t see what it means. What...

California sunshine and motorcycles

Hey! I tell ya! HST sure has a point about California, sunshine and motorcycles. I’ve been an all-weather biker most of my life and it’s taken til...

Eyes closed - standin up

Revisited - just a little ditty for taking to the city when you're feeling sh*tty.


Mausoleum I was always baffled by the need to spell out one's name on the front of a car Then today it struck me (excuse the pun) They can no longer...

The old man

A doorway encounter. Toying with an idea.

This is where I am

This is where I am It comes up pretty random tapping the keys out of something The true beauty of the universe Pre-human We stand as witness to a...


I had this thought, but then I realised it was too close to reality and I knew it wouldn't be prudent or decent to share it. How can anyone floating...


I see the moon a-loitering Three-quarter phase diffused through clouds You light my dreams Illuminate my everywhere I'm humbled by your constancy Oh...

Embrace Change

We are travelling at speed through the German countryside in a vehicle that holds us in comfort and makes almost no sound. This is Deutsche Bahn, the...

The crowd

To be in the same place for too long, to be doing the same thing, spending time with the same people is not for the best. To understand a situation...


Wraith-like, I move between the sterile towers through passageways of stainless steel and glass Each floor is empty Deserted by its occupants who,...

Eight a.m.

I’m caught between hope and dreams. But, like the weather, reality hangs over me. Beyond my control it seems. I look around the clutter of the room...


Well, here I am lying in the devastation of a corporate day, flea-pit shit-hole hotel room feeling sorry and misplaced with the smell of drains...

Departure lounge

Wish I was in some concrete bus stop a day's flight from here A hum of quiet expectation A clock upon the wall The only thing I need for tomorrow is...

So. This is Christmas.

Mon beau sapin, roi des forêts Que j'aime ta verdure! Quand, par l'hiver, bois et guérets Sont dépouillés de leurs attraits Mon beau sapin, roi des...

Ode ere

Shelley's little known elegy to a friend

New Year Thoughts of a Simple Man

Just finished watching It's A Wonderful Life. Well, now. Catch those thoughts as they whizz around. Friendly-Capitalism propaganda? Feelgood factor...



three a.m.

What is this curse "You think too much" I know But how to stop and live life without questioning How to work and not wonder How to stay put and be...

The savage is just beneath the skin

We look on, horror-struck, while human-beings are tortured and murdered on our screens. We broadcast and rebroadcast those scenes in orgies of...


Empty doorways, specialists in matt darkness, never punctured by a flickering point of light. Hinges hang forlorn, long-abandoned and bereft of hope...

Spruce or cedar

So. Cedar versus spruce Well, spruce is lighter, clearer More defined and simple It gives those highs and brightness of tone One sound with many...

Wisdom from the Barley Mow

Events that may have actually taken place somewhere. Maybe.


To be perfectly honest A Harley shining in the yard A guitar in your hand A pen and a clean sheet of paper The love of your life Company of friends...

On waking

Haiku, maybe.

Curriculum vitae

Once upon a time, there was a cute little boy with a crooked smile and hair sprouting out of the back of his head that refused to lie down. His...

Self-indulgent plaything

The troublesome Dm change is all self-consciousness, and yet there’s no one here but me – so what’s to fear? The flowers in the corner bleed their...


She was a driver on the Metro. Dark skin, long black hair and eyes like hot coals. A single look revealed our synchronicity. We walked up to the...

Modern life

Modern life - reinforced concrete standards - cream-grey, rough-cast - been there since the War Exposed parts - steel forged in Sheffield Corby or...

Temple of despair

There is nothing so ugly as this place There is nothing so ugly as this place There is nothing so ugly as this place There is nothing so ugly as this...


Do you know what's wrong with my writing? It's dishonest. That's my big problem: dishonest writing. A dishonest life. I try to fit in. Try not to...


On which side of the law do the real crooks work? Whose money buys those houses in the Cotswolds, the blacked-out 4x4s, the elite schooling? Who...

Money is all that matters

Money is all that matters. Get that. Money is all that matters. A ninety-year-old WWII veteran is evicted from his house in New York because of debts...

Small world

Small world? You're kidding. It's firkin huge. Jets may be fast, but this is one big ball. Lying in a Bristol hotel-room running cities through my...

Note to self

Don't forget to live

Greed is good

I’m just sitting here watching the world going to hell in a handcart. Don’t build the Thatcher statue yet: she might be to blame. The competitive...

It is what it is

I do so hope you're not disappointed

To the sound of sirens

There does come a point when you realise you're not in the middle of this anymore. King's Cross, oh, I don't know, whatever follows on. And now I'm...

Mary! Mary!

Terrazas todos las días.


I, the undersigned


Burning bush Sorry I'm late

And on it goes

In the end Perhaps life is just a test of character: Move forward Get stopped Fix the problem Learn Move forward And on it goes Until it doesn’t

Where they finally got it right

Imagine a place far, far away...


Next, please.


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What price loyalty?

Don't get old - or sick

Seven deadly sins

One-a-day. I tried to de-gender this, but it didn’t work. Feel free to substitute he for she or whatever combination suits.

TM's day out

In the sticks

God is a can of beans

Inspired by a black and white film about a factory, possibly in Navarro, possibly in 1963.

Something's broke

Oh Britain! Oh America! A tenuous majority speaks on your behalf Insults the neighbours Turns the tables on humanity Demonstrates its constancy by...

El encuentro - the chance meeting

Cheeky Spanish practice - feel free to correct.

Another one of those

I actually remember thinking “Oh, God! It’s going to be one of those again.” I’d say, from that, that I knew it was a dream. I don’t remember much of...


It means advice. Best piece of advice: never offer advice.


I heard a story once

Pintura 26

On travel


Vile humanity. What to think?


Dry foam

The gig

May as well, I suppose.

Everything just so

The Great American Dream

Pre-emptive strike

Things you see walking home.


Lest we forget

Scraps of anxiety

There’s something pathetic about the way the masses fall in step

The human being

I suppose we’re a failed experiment

Words of truth in a baleful stare

Summer began at 1400 local time.

Royal babies

and weddings


Hey, spiderman

Crows and other successors

The crows land gently, almost respectfully. The sky is black. Word, evidently, is out: “Come to the cities. Come and see. Come and feast on nature’s...

Pack up your troubles

While there's a Lucifer to light your fag Buck-up, there!




Medium-rare, please.

Tricky Davy Davidson

Method in the madness


Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?

Hi, Kevin

I'm your assistant

Working among raised hairs

Whilst watching a spider building its web on my arm.

The final redoubt

A kind of dialectic that got carried away with itself

Dirty little secrets, Stained glass windows or The tiger rodeo

Behind the bonhomie, the family dinners and the football lurks the question no one wants to be asked: Where are the bodies? Scratch the surface,...

At a headstone in Lowell

“So what you saying?” “The rich bastards, when they fall out with other rich bastards and they want a war, they pack all the poor bastards off to...

Moments in history Pt 425b

Recently unearthed from Britain's boggy Bronze Age barrows


It's dark and wet in the plaza

Thought for the day

Do I need to apologise for this? Who knows?


It's an energy. Apparently.

Cause and effect


Taint got one

Title, that is

Vive la France!

Opinion piece. Back of a fag packet. Or thumb on a mobile. Modern version.


and Loach.

Carry on

Summarise this

Treasure islands

Children's story (Cert. 18)


A thing

The boy

(stood on the burning deck). The story continues.

Snippets 135b

What are we but broken and flawed souls dumped into a squalid existence without the right to know why? How can we ever make anything good of such a...

Show me water

I need a TV, high definition The best you’ve got Good morning, sir But of course We’ve got just what you need Just in Our Special Rendition model...

Vortex of daily horrors

What’s to be said when descending a vortex, where best advice is to close one’s mouth and block one’s ears with music (the only escape), whilst...


A commonplace

Roaming thru the gloaming

TLS vs IPA (eepa in español) whilst reading articles on Fox News, Tea Party and attempting Metaphysical Poets.