Infinity and Beyond

As I gaze ever upward, I wonder at the awsome might of this Universe

Nearest Neighbour

Nearest Neighbour Calling Cosmos…can you see? Do you also gaze just like me? On your tiny scrap of soil Wondering if other Aliens also toil In some...

Where Will We Run To ?

Bang! Fifteen billion years old! Happy birthday universe! Were you the first? Just what came before? Where will you go When your time is done? Tired...

One Way Only

I will walk this way only once. I cannot erase the steps I have already taken, Right or wrong they mark my passage through this life. What is said,...

All In All

In All I Think In all I think In all I am In all I can In all I will In all I shall Be all I can forest_for_ever

Christ in the Cosmos

Christ in the Cosmos The deeper I look at the wonders of the Universe, the more I become convinced of a creator. Yes, all the astrophysicists and...

Many Me

Many Me I lay in the pit-black darkness and dreamed of another me. Free from the distraction of light and vision, my brain made it’s own light and...

The Pharisee and the Tax Collector

The Pharisee & The Tax Collector I must have read this particular Parable a thousand times over my lifetime and heard it in countless sermons...

Explaining God

Explaining God Genesis unfolding In the beginning Once upon a time Tick-tock Can’t go back Revelation’s final stop. God in a book. That’s where to...

Sleep...I Left It somewhere

Sleep…I Left It Somewhere Turbulent, Incessant Insomnia A mind trapped in a maelstrom Of stormy half considered thoughts. Searching, never reaching...


Insomnia, An Unlikely Gift When insomnia strikes me, it does so without warning. I do not suffer daily, nor can I foretell it’s triggers. It always...

Every Corner

Every Corner In my nightmare, in my dream I kept on running Far, far away Over the hills Down dark alleys I kept on running Haunted mills Spectred...

A Star At Christmas

A Star At Christmas Fusion, fission, falling star Heaven’s messenger sparkled in space. Stooping low, simple birth The Christ Child came. No fuss, PR...

Dark Matter

Dark Matter I fear the darkness most of all. Hidden evil, spiked with fear, Rays of hope forbidden, A dark matter lies unseen. We fear the darkness...

The Search for Meaning

The Search for Meaning ‘In the beginning…’ so the Bible says. A linear story, a record of truth? Many philosophers, religious seers and occasional...

Bang Big Bang

Trying to make sense of linear time is hard...

Not In Service

I often pass buses travelling to or from a depot and imagined them as a modern day Charon who crossed the Styx...

Round or Flat

Round or Flat Flat Earthed-thinking, your choice to be blind? Flabby logic from a narrow mind. Terra firma, firmly planted in the past Burgeoning...

God Rest A Child Expired

I have been rocked by the untimely death of a young person. I just had to write on her passing. The picture is a place in my mind where her soul can rest. Permission obtained to use the image direct from the artist's website

Grand Design

The Grand Design Darkness benign Or Grand design? Particle weaver Gravity heaver Unseen strings Shapeless things Clouds of dust Lacking thrust God or...

Watch This Space

Watch This Space (Lost In Space) I ended the day yesterday reading about something called a neutrino and an Ice Cube telescope buried deep in the ice...

Time To Blow

Time To Blow If I wind a clock Does it blow? With it’s dying breath Does it whisper Time to go? An infant breath Long ago Passing wind A zephyr code...

Keep Your Eye On The String

A tenuous link to the Inspiration Point and a nod to quantum string theory...

BOGOFF: The tandem tricks of nature

Next time I get an idea for a poem at 3.a.m. I am switching the lamp on and writing it there and then. This creation cam as dawn appeared and with it the fading memories of a poem somewhere in the darkness..
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Earth's Exit

Imagine if Earth appled to the Solar System to leave...just a bit of fun

Part Of The Spectrum

I couldn't resist it. One last push at colour and a possible offside flag from the editiors tee hee

The Universe From A to Z

I like the dictionary ordering words from A to Z. I have always been fascinated with the Universe so I set myself a task to use the alphabet as the structure for my poem. Zyzzyva is a ind of weevil..I thought it less corny than 'zebra'

Cancel The Apocalypse

This is not an attack on faith or people's beliefs, but a satirical attempt to point out what a good job some are doing to make the Horsemen's jobs redundant.

Rock Me In My Cradle

I wanted to show the family featured, but image sizing means I can only post the fulcrum of the family RIP Irene Brown

2001 - What A Year To Be Born - Anew

2001 – The Birth Of A Son Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Attention Deficit Disorder or just plain idle? I have no idea where I fall in terms of category. Back...

How Many Steps

Our house, or the side of it and all the history of a hundred and forty years living.


Boy this is pushing the Inspiration Point to the limit. Quantum realities divided by a simple choice...

KALEDS TO DALEKS:Acrostic Aliens

From alliteration to extermination... a bit of fun and a challenge I set myself.

In A Cavern In A Canyon

Who does the narrator seek, and who is seeking him... the story will continue.

AU A Golden Secret

Funny how energy from the sun comes to feed us. Across 93 million miles an AU for short, which just happens to be the symbol for Gold....How does it feed's a secret

Fit For Heaven?

I carried a lot of unnecessary baggage in my life and all I needed was to change...Image copyright free

Hero or Zero?

I tried to get inside my own head...what IS a hero really?
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Dear Adam & Eve

Imagine how shocked Adam & Eve would be at today...

Bungee Brain

Bungee Brain I sometimes wonder how many words have been written by philosophers of all kind about the human psyche and personality traits within us...

I Never Saw The Rain

Thankfully my childhood was ALL summer...................

Bee Line

I am romantic 364 days of the year when no one tells me to be...I was tempted to be cynical, but the woman I love deserves more than that.

Travelling Free, Travelling On...And On...And On

My dream is to move as free as my dear friend the neutrino amoungst the stars and beyond...forever and ever. No lockdown can contain my imagination or my dreams...

Countdown Sunrise

Countdown Sunrise Today I saw the sunrise I’ve seen oft before I watched the fiery cosmic wonder As it tore the night asunder Soaring in the heavens...

La Luna - Sphere of Light

La Luna – Sphere of Light Never turning orb of hush Silent, acne scarred Void of colours bright Lunar seas of Grey, Grey dust Speeding sunlight...

Angry Spots

I've been away a while and saw what must have been last week's Insopration Point. So I'm posting it anyway.

Heading South

I started with philosophy and ended up with teeth. Amazing where writing can take one.

Night Time Stalker

As a child I often awake from a fading nightmare to peer at the shapes barely visible in the gloom. I my first career on the footplate I trundled across North London on lumbering freight trains at all hours of the night. It's truly scary what the mind can see until replaced by the cold light of dawn.

Route Sixty-Six

Route Sixty-Six is probably the most famous highway in America and also a Bob Dylan album title. It also happens to be the number of books that make up the Bible and this poem is a very brief journey along another route for some.

The Face You See

Oft written about. How I sometines present myself and what people actually see may not be as well hidden as I think............

The Wee Small Hours

The Wee Small Hours It seems that the night and darkness in general are dominating my memories and my writing at the moment. I suppose it’s only...

One Way Ticket

I am writing as a man in his mid--sixties who simply wants to say 'thank you' for my time here on this planet...

Island Earth

This piece was inspired by a mix of dreams and hope and as we squabble over the planet I decided to look up and gaze at the endless sky....and hope.


Alone With every fear filled step of dread Deeper into the darkness now I tread A lonely trail with no end in sight I blindly tread the eternal night...

Fossil Flames

As we crowd this Planet we still continue to send ancient history up in flames.

For-Warning Me

If I went back and warned him maybe things would be different...

A Curious Angel

They say 'home is were the heart is...' and this is defintely at the heart of my existance.

Ever Decreasing Circles

From a rollercoaster festive season to and endless month that seems to exceed its 31 day allocation.

Prism Break

I was inspired by the Inspiration Point and wanted to include a piece that came to me in the middle of the night about all the rainbow colours.

Urania: Star of the Show

I tried to imagine an hierachy amongst the Muses and came up with this.

Fight for the Throne of the Planet

I chose to view the four so called 'elements' locked in a battle for the planet. In my own mind as I pleaded the case for each I arrived at the final conclusion. An enjoyable creative writing exercise.
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Poem of the week

Solar Heatwave Changing

The IP 'Heatwave' got me thinking about how narrow my tolerances are and how extreme the temperatures are even within our Solar System