Alfred Muggins Holiday Writing In Turkey May 2022

     This Collection is the writings of Alfred N.Muggins, created largely while on holiday in Marmaris, Turkey in May 2022, mostly written at the poolside of his hotel, and some in his hotel room. The subjects were largely meant to be about the holiday, in the form of diaries, thoughts, fantasies, political comparatives and exaggerations. He did promise his wife that he would try not to talk about politics and the awful war in Ukraine too much while on holiday, and that he would try to keep his writing within sensitive limits. As usual he has probably failed in this perfectly achievable target, but nonetheless he has tried to broaden his range of writing subjects, and mainly to write about subjects motivated by the holiday. As he would always say, “The pen cannot be controlled any more than the brain!”


     Much of his writing, as always, is not to be taken too seriously, and may even be considered humourous!


    He reserves the right to add to this Collection if he finishes pieces started on the holiday, or creates pieces about the holiday, influenced by the holiday, or in the vein of these holiday writings, or anything he may choose to write on the subject of Turkey and /or its history in the future.


Turkish Hotels : Socialist Paradise? By Alfred N.Muggins

12/5/22 Even the Hotel, the pool area and the Bar areas were like a Socialist Paradise, thought Alfred! There were plenty of staff in the hotels, he...