In Darkness (Suffocated)

I'm being suffocated by a clouding darkness A darkness no one can see A darkness sinking in deep inside of me. Too deep inside to be treated No...

Interlectual Rape

NOT rape in the normal term, it's to say about actions getting inside you and taking from you.

New fears day

Happy new year&;#063;


Wishing I Never Let You Know

K: Stop

i wrote this in school. derive from it what you will.

Joke (Beyond a)

heart ache and suicide

On Aging

A slightly satirical look at aging

Skipping This

Girls are ahead of boys in the awakening love game

The Letter

The Letter It wasn't until a couple of years later when he'd been sifting through some old papers, that he's come across the letter. The letter. The...


The Truth About Fame

I Will Come

I is for I Will Come --------------- I will come to you out of the darkness Out of the depths of sorrow and despair When you are lost and afraid and...


Apostrophe This is you in me Oversized apostrophe, Just a punctuation A punk with intuition A pause, a stop A time for intermission, Growing green,...

This miscarriage

This Miscarriage Life has been withdrawn Promise given, then taken away, Cruel the snatching Nipped in the bud, they might say. So many just thrown...

Old Paths

Old Paths After fifty years, the path was a stranger. The birch, oak and lime trees now looped high overhead, reducing the sunlight of memories to...

Your shambolic past

Your Shambolic Past Dizzy spin top heart tears round and round The core is an image I can't forget My mind focuses with the coolness of igloos...


Sadness I never had a tragedy Just a sadness stirring underneath An organised face, Sorrow simmered quietly Then froze to keep control of My guilty...

Common Sense

It's not common and makes no sense!

My cat Piper

Easy childrens readMy cat PiperMy cat Piper