BUFFALO STORIES - Joseph Xavier Martin

Older houses have images of past lives of those who lived within them. Listen to one home that muses on its history.


Do Subtitles Really Say Something ? In the early days of the American film industry, before talkies came on the scene, a running string of subtitles would explain, in brief phrases, the action occurring on the film. The correlation between the action pictured and the content of the subtitles offered was sometimes open to question.

"9-11" a Remembrance

Coming To America They came by the thousands to stand silently in the cool, September's night air. They were searching for something that they knew

"Guess who's coming to dinner?"

"Guess Who's Coming to Dinner The silken strands of the web glistened in the morning sunlight. The dew filled in sections of the web with a silver pane of moisture as artfully crafted as if inserted with a glazier's deft touch.

A Light In The Closet

A Light in the Closet I could see the narrow band of light gleaming from across the open space at the top of the hall closet door, which was slightly ajar. My childhood memories immediately conjured up a visage of something that you might see in those 1950's science fiction movies. You just knew then when you saw it, that something evil was waiting just beyond the door, waiting for you to be dumb enough to go and open it.

A Bunch of Squatters

A Bunch of Squatters

Amelia Island, Florida

Amelia Island, Florida Tuesday- May 3, 2011- Bonita Springs, Florida


Saturday, 8/25- Anchorage, Alaska


ARUBA - DUTCH ANTILLES Saturday, March 30, - Buffalo, NY

Asheville, N.C.- St. Augustine, Fl.

Asheville, North Carolina- St. Augustine,Florida- Tues. Nov. 7- Amherst. NY.

August 1997

August 1997

Babcock Ranch- SW Florida

Babcock Ranch Excursion Friday, January 15, 2010- Ft. Myers, Florida

Badge Of Honor

Badge of Honor During the late 1950's, in a small Catholic Parish on the South Side of Buffalo,N.Y., a cadre of children daily stood guard on the busy street corners around our grammar school. Our designated assignment was to hold back the overly rambunctious children, at major street crossings, until the adult crossing guard had reached the middle of the intersection.There, she extended her arms fully, stopping all vehicular traffic. Then and only then, we allowed the crowd of children, that we were holding back, to proceed safely across the busy thoroughfare.


Nassau-Bahamas-March 07 Friday-March 2, 2007- Ft.Myers. Fl.

Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore is Believeable

Banks Of The Cazenovia

The Banks of The Cazenovia I grew up along the banks of this redoubtable stream in Western New York State. The people who live along this waterway are my friends and neighbors. Over the years, we have watched ice jams and floods wreak havoc on the surrounding terrain. We have also enjoyed its' languorous beauty during late summer and early fall. The history of Western New York is reflected in the growth of settlements up and down the Cazenovia, from the late 1700's to present day. The names of the towns and villages, on its banks, are reflective of America's waves of immigrants.


The Hall of Legends Cooperstown is a small, rural village in upstate New York, just South of Utica. The rolling hills and well ordered farms that surround the town might just as easily be found in Kansas or Iowa.


B E G I N I N G S I was born on the Fourth of March, a time of year in Buffalo, N.Y. when Winter still locks the area in its icy grip. Spring always seemed a long time in coming. At that time, my family lived at 207 Amber St., in a two-story frame dwelling, on the South side of the City. We lived in the shadow of giant steel plants like Bethlehem and Republic. The air smelled like sulfur and anything left outside would soon be covered by a fine layer of soot and metal flakes. No one noticed. It wasn't until many years later, when I first brought my future wife home for Thanksgiving dinner, that I became aware that there even was an odor. Mary is from Rochester and noticed the aroma as we neared the homestead. I guess we just learned to live with it.

Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Wed. 4/23 Bora Bora- French Polynesia

BOSTON, Massachusetts

Boston Excursion- August Thursday, - Amherst, NY.

Brain Farts

" Brain Farts " It was the custom, at our house, to sit quietly around the dinner table, after a leisurely supper, and talk of the events of the day. Subjects as wide ranging as the computer technology, of remote control Dentistry, and the difficulty of raising autistic children, would receive careful analysis and comment. My Father usually led the discussion, but it could often spread with the intensity of a wildfire. Sometimes, the conversation took on a life all its' own, as a barrage of ideas and comments were lobbed back and forth across the peach cobbler. New faces at the dinner table, in the person of friends and relatives, meant new perspectives and differing opinions. We welcomed them all, with the gusto of a pride of lions looking over a prospective kill. Nobody got away with generic statements or half formed opinions. If you were rash enough to open your mouth and offer comment, it was expected that you would explain and if necessary, defend your position. The give and take wasn't acrimonious, just spirited debate and honest curiosity.

British Isles Excursion- London, day 1

British Isle Excursion -London Thurs. July 12, 2011- Amherst, N.Y.

British Isles- Day 14- Cork, Eire

Tuesday, July 26,2011- Cobh, Eire (Cork)

British Isles- Day 15- Guernsey & homeward bound.

Wed. July 27. 2011- The Isle of Guernsey - off the French Coast in the English Channel.

British Isles- Day 3- Central London

Friday. July 15, 2011- London, England

British Isles- day 5- Paris

Sunday, July 17, 2011- La Havre, France.

British Isles- Day 8 & 9- Northern Scotland

Wednesday, July 20, 2011- Invergordon, Scotland

British Isles-Day 13- Dublin, Eire

Monday, July 25, 2011- Dublin, Eire

British Isles-day 6- Day at sea

Monday, July 18, 2011- aboard the Crown Princess in Britain’s North Sea.

Buffalo Bills Impeach Iraq

The Day The Buffalo Bills Impeached Iraq It was the second Saturday in December, 1999. Our football team, The Buffalo Bills, were in a shoot out with our much despised down state rivals, the New York Jets. The game was important in deciding who would get home field advantage in the coming play-offs. The spirited rivalry of the two teams goes all of the way back into the days of the American Football League in the early 1960's, when the Jets were still the New York Titans. Life as we know it came to a virtual halt in Western New York as the faithful got ready to view the contest.

Buffalo's Southern Island

Buffalo's Southern Island It is a place that exists more in the minds of those who live there, than anywhere else. You won't ever see the designation for it on any map reference. But, you will hear


The Bus Ride The swaying motion,from side to side as the bus picked up speed onto the interstate, was rhythmic and comforting. The cancelled ticket in my hand was stamped "New York City, from Buffalo.

BUSCH Gardens- Tampa, Florida

Busch Gardens & Tampa, Florida Wednesday, December 23,2009-Ft. Myers, Florida

Cabbage Key, Florida

Cabbage Key, Florida Wednesday, January 14, 2009- Fort Myers, Fl.

Cartagena, Columbia

Thursday, 2/26/09 Cartagena, Columbia

Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston, South Carolina Wednesday, November 27 - Buffalo, NY

Chasing Liberty

“ Chasing Liberty”

Christmas Is For Big Kids Too !

Christmas is for big kids too! The magic of Christmas is an often-elusive chimera that can elude the sophisticated. Life, and the vagaries of winsome fate, sometimes condition those of us "on the shady side of forty to look with irritation or indifference on the "hustle and bustle of Christmas. The overt commercialism of the holidays can be sometimes less than appealing. It is a mindset that I think we all would like to get more away from, returning to the religious and spiritual side of the holidays.


The Christmas Visit The wind, blowing across Lake Erie from the west, was chilling on this cold December day in Buffalo, N.Y. The snows had not yet come, but the temperature had fallen to the 20's and the air was frigid. The clouds were a dark, dirty gray and pregnant with snow that was to come.

Christmas Comes To Kevin Leary

Christmas Comes To Kevin Leary Kevin Leary was a bum. He wasn't a homeless person, nor an individual set adrift by physical or mental difficulties, he was just a plain and ordinary bum. He didn't work and he didn't want to. He was a small time pool hustler and an errand boy for a number of local gangsters. He did whatever they needed and he didn't care who got hurt in the process.

Christmas Day in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Saturday, December 26, 2010 Christmas Day- Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Christmas Eve in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Christmas Eve Fort Lauderdale, Florida Friday- December 24,2010- Bonita Springs, Florida.

Christmas Eve- Ft. Lauderdale, 2011

Christmas Eve in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida- 12/24/11


THE COMMUNION The chilly winds swept over the Lake Erie ice. The mist and damp, of an overnight cloudburst, lingered and added to the feeling of late autumn. It was May 1st in Western New York.


THE CONFESSION "Bless Me Father For I have Sinned, was the opening incantation of the penitent. "Ego Te Absolve, In Nomine Patris, Filie, Spiritu, Sancti" was the muffled reply. It came both as an admonition and an inquiry, through the wooden lattice panel, of the confessional. For ease of purpose, The Priest in the middle was able to hear confessions from booths, on both sides. He had but to slide back the wooden shutter, to speak with either of us. Anonymity was hoped for by everyone, but sometimes voices had a way of carrying, in the larger churches with older members whose hearing wasn't very good.

Conversations With Arthur

A Conversation with Arthur The neon green frizbee floated effortlessly, in a lazy arc, across the broad expanse of carefully trimmed lawn.The long haired and graceful collie jumped high in a carefully planned, intersecting parabola and caught the whirling saucer in her teeth,.to the squealing delight of several small children who were playing with this magnificent animal.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Monday, August 3 - Gothenburg, Sweden to Copenhagen, Denmark

Costa Rica

Saturday 2/28/09- Limon, Costa Rica.

Going to the Dogs

“Going to the dogs”

I didn't forget, just didn't know I knew that !

I didn’t forget. I just didn’t know I knew that.

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Virginia Beach, Virginia Savannah, Ga. –Sunday May 19th, 2013

Immigration to Florida

Immigration to Florida

Margaret Thatcher meets Annette Funicello

Annette Funicello, of Beach Blanket Bingo movies and the Mousketeer’s television fame and former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, the “Iron Lady” both passed on to their eternal rewards

Picture Box

THE PICTURE BOX Long ago and far away, in a land beneath the clouds, there lived a simple watermelon farmer named Waldo. He was a distant cousin of the famous "Jack in the bean stalk." That relationship made him very sad. He worked hard tending his melons and being good, but no one ever talked of Wally, it was always " Jack " - "Jack and the Beanstalk."

Washington D.C. Mall

Washington D.C. - May- Fri. 5/26- Buffalo, N.Y.

The Florida Keys

Florida Keys- January- 2007 Mon. Jan. 8,2007-Ft. Myers,Fl.

Southern California

Southern California- Wed. 9/18- Amherst, N.Y.

Rhode Island's Riviera


Georgia's Golden Isles

“Georgia’s Golden Isles.” Sun. May 13,2007- Ft. Myers, Fl.


Hawaii & Tahiti- Sat. 4/12- Williamsville, N.Y.

Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix, Arizona Wed. March 23- Amherst, N.Y.

Seattle, Washington

Seattle Monday. July 22, 2002- Amherst, N.Y.

Hawaii, The Big Island

Thursday, 4/17 Hilo, Hawaii




PARIS, France Friday-April 6th -Buffalo,N.Y.

Ketchikan, ALASKA

Thursday- September- Ketchikan, Alaska


Savannah, Georgia Sat. Nov. 26 - Petersburg,Va.

San Francisco & Monterey Peninsula

San Francisco - Monterey Peninsula Thursday,12/19- Buffalo, N.Y.

The Red Cash Box

The Red Cash Box

New Orleans


Stockholm, Sweden

Tuesday, July 28- Buffalo, New York / Wednesday, July 29 - Stockholm, Sweden

New York City

New York City- May, 2001 Friday- 5/4- We were up early to finish packing for the trip. At 7:15 A.M., we drove to Bflo International

Monaco & EZE

Saturday, April 10th Cannes, France

Venice, Italy

Wednesday,4/8- Venice,Italy

Ottawa, Canada

Wednesday, July 26- Gananoque, Ontario- Canada

St. Maarten, Dutch Antilles

ST. MAARTEN – Easter Fri. 3/22- Williamsville, N.Y. We arose early. It was 15 degrees outside and four new inches of snow had fallen. Aye yei yei! I hit


EASTER SUNDAY,April 12-Florence,Italy

St. Martin, French West Indies

Nathaniel Wyatt, a prosperous, native islander ferried us around the island's narrow roads, in his immaculately kept six passenger cab.($25) He

The Shining Stone

“The Shining Stone”

Poetry a medium for any message

Poetry is amongst the most treasured of our oral traditions. Hundreds of years ago, poets sat around smoky peat fires reciting tales of their ancestors to an audience of the unlettered.

The Legacy

A Play The Legacy Dramatis Personnae: Brother John: 27 year old High School Civics Teacher

The Cremation of Sam Mc Gee- a critical look.

"There are strange things done in the midnight sun by the meen who moil for gold"

The Fall of Camelot

The Fall of Camelot There once was a time our nation has now forgot, when American’s stood proud and shining bright.

Siena, Italia

Thurs. April 8th- Livorno, Italia

Language Of The Brag

Language of the Brag I have always wanted to fly above the ground, without plane or chute or tendrils to me bound. How would I do this you maybe asking me,

Southern Coastal Maine

Southern Coastal Maine Mon.-7/20-Buffalo,N.Y.

Donovan's Dilemna

Donovan’s Choice

The Speech Of Babel

"The Speech of Babel” A Frenzied exchange of conflicitng ideas Inquisitive eyes seeking reassurance

The Storm

When all about you is crumbling, And darkness supplants the Day. You must reach deep within yourself, For the resolve and the grit to say,

Niagara On The Lake- Canada

Thanksgiving- Niagara On the Lake Thurs. 11/25/ -Amherst, N.Y.

Troll's Bridge

Troll’s Bridge

Juneau, Alaska

Wednesday- September 7- Juneau, Alaska

Idol Worship

Idol Worship Polished ebony, chiseled, tooled and beautiful Finely detailed, carved by a knowing hand. A wondrous figurine, apt for adoration.

Special People

Special People There are people ever among us With a special style and grace. And it seems to take no effort, For they to assume their place. The glow of a warmly winning smile

Going Home

The Feel Of Home

The Feel of Home There are many exotic places, Where I would sometimes like to be. And there are many interesting faces, That I think I’d like someday to see.

Roll The Dice

Roll The Dice


Due Settimani in Italia Sunday,April 5-1-Amherst,N.Y.

Panama Canal Zone

Friday, 2/27/09- At Sea approaching the Panama Canal Zone.

Only With Our Own

Only With Our Own!

The Wiccan's Bank

The Wiccan’s Bank

Southern Ireland- twenty years ago

Saturday July 30, 1988 (London-England)

Give me your poor huddled masses

“Give me your poor huddled masses yearning to be free.”

Light The Candle

Light The Candle

Westward From Eire- final version

The final version of my book "Westward From Eire" can be found on my web page: http://web.me.com/jxmartin1/JXMARTIN/Home.html I hope it is a good read. J.X.M

The Religious Fist Bump

We were having friends over for dinner on a chilly night in October. They were bringing with them their two adult children and their significant others.

Useppa Island Cruise SW Florida

Useppa Island Cruise- SW Florida

YBOR City & Dunedin Florida

Thursday- December 24,2009-Tampa, Florida- Christmas Eve.

For those who have fallen

For those who have fallen

Humor In a Golf Injury

Humor in a Golf Injury

The Fear of Fear.

Fear of Fear

Historic Buffalo River Tour

Historic Buffalo River Tour

The Magic of Christmas

Christmas is for big kids too!

The Lament of the Cormorant

In the Avian world, those talented birds that can gather the most fish and feed their young are the ones who survive and pass on their genes.

The Passing of a Grand Lady- my Mother

Friday- March 11, 2011- Bonita Springs, Florida

The Saturday Morning Shit Birds

The Saturday Morning Shit birds

Vero Beach, Florida

Vero Beach Florida Tues. April 19,2011- Bonita Springs, Florida

Monsters In The Rough

Monsters In The Rough

Disney World- Animal KIngdom

Disney Excursion- Animal Kingdom Friday- February 3,2012- Bonita Springs, Florida

Men of Steel

Men of Steel

The Sounds Of Silence

The Sounds of Silence

Lexington, Kentucky- Horse Country

Horse Country- Lexington, Kentucky Tues. May 22nd, 2012- Athens, Ga.

The Magic Hours

The Magic Hours


Entering a Tavern, in South Buffalo N.Y., is an experience similar to walking into an old fashioned saloon on the Western Frontier of America, during the mid 1800’s.

The Stairs in the Park

The Stairs in the Park

The "Head- Downers"

“The Head-downers”

Two Abandoned Bicycles On a Rack

Two Bicycles on a rack We were having coffee on the outside patio of the Panera Bread Company at Coconut Pt. in Estero, Florida. It is one of the...

John F. Kennedy Remembered

The Fall of America's Camelot It was a time of chivalry, of knights and ladies, performing like actors in an ethereal Brigadoon, evoking visions of a...

A Taste For Humans

“A TASTE FOR HUMANS” Fifty thousand barbarians marched in armored array, row upon row of them tramping in deadly unison. Sullen hatred was etched...

Excursion Down Under- part I

Excursion Down under April 2014 Wed. Mar. 26th, 2014- Bonita Springs, Florida We were up at 3:30 A.M to make final preparations for leaving. Our 4 A...

Excursioin Down Under- part II

Monday, March 31st, 2014- Auckland, New Zealand We were up by 4:30 A.M. The Circadian rhythms of our bodies would not adapt for several days yet. We...

Excursion Down Under- part III

Wed. April 2, 2014- Auckland, New Zealand We were up by 5 A.M. eager to begin the day. We had coffee and read the papers in our room, while packing...

Excursion Down Under part VIII

Down Under- part VIII Saturday, April 5,2014 Wellington, New Zealand During the evening hours, The Dawn Princess motored across Hawke’s Bay, rounding...

Down Under- part IX

Sunday, April 6, 2014- Akaroa, New Zealand At night, the great ship sailed SW around the Banks Peninsula and through the Timotumu Head and the Akaroa...

Excursion Down Under- part X

Monday, April 7, 2014- Dunedin, New Zealand The Dawn Princess sailed south overnight, passing between the breakwater and the Tabora Headland and on...

Down Under- part XI

Tuesday, April 8, 2014- Fjords National Park, Southwest coast of New Zealand During the evening hours, the great ship motored through the Fouveaux...

Excursion Down Under- part XII

Friday, April 11,2014 & Saturday April 12,2014- Sailing across the Tasman Sea towards SE Australia. These two days at sea were both restful and...

Down Under- part XIII

Saturday, April 12, 2014- Tasman Sea off SE Australia The ship had left Melbourne last night, motoring NE through the Bass Strait towards Cape Howe...

Excursion Down Under- Part XIV

Monday, April 14, 2014- Sydney, Australia We were up by 6 A.M. and made preparations for a long day. We enjoyed a breakfast in the lobby of the Push...

Excursion Down Under- part XV- finis

Tuesday, April 15, 2014- Sydney, Australia We were up by 6:30 A.M. It was a cool 57 (F) degrees out. We had tea in our room and then a decent...

How Others View us

How Others View Us. I had an interesting exchange, with some warm-hearted people making comments about a fallen brother, the other day. It gave me...

What Will People Think Of Us ?

What Will Others Think of Us? The thought occurred to me again last week when, for the third time, my e-mail account was hacked. A missive was sent...

Let Them Eat Cake !

Let them eat cake ! Most well-read people are aware of the phrase and its origin, Marie Antoinette at the time of the French Revolution. These few...

Big Chill Redux

I recently watched this excellent movie for the umpteenth time. The tsunami of memories flooded through me like with a flood of images that made me...

Big Chill Redux part II

I did make a number of great friends, some of whom I have shared friendship with for forty years. I have lots of tales to tell of that Delta Kappa...

The Goofy Good Will of Families

The goofy good will of families We were sitting in our kitchen one morning drinking coffee and reading the daily paper. “I got a call from my sister...

The Pull Up Society of Left Turn People

The Pull Up Society of Left Turn People As late as the middle part of the twentieth century in America, we were a nation of small towns with mom and...

You Can't Go Home Again

“You Can’t Go Home Again” You hear the words often enough, “You can’t go home again.” Novelist Thomas Wolfe is most often credited with the phrase...

Saturday's Rant

“ Man is the only animal that blushes, or needs to,” is a well known quote of American humorist Mark Twain. It occurs to me on any number of...

The Annual Physical

The Annual Physical One of the rights of passage, into the golden agers club of humanity, is the ritual of the annual physical. Every year about this...

The Fair Skinned Lad

The Fair Skinned Lad Fall was approaching. It was time for my annual dermatological exam. In my earlier years, I would never have thought in a...

Darwin versus Dior

Darwin versus Dior In scientific circles, the debate over whether nature or nurture most influences humans as a species has been batted back and...

The Talkmonsters

The Talkmonsters I have always been amazed by the ability of friends and colleagues who can literally talk forever. Most of us are gabbers by nature...

Friendships are Ephemeral

Friendships are ephemeral When we were younger, we had friends that were involved in every aspect of our lives. We knew everyone in their families,...

Work is who we are

Work is who we are. Our jobs are the essence of what we are. You wouldn’t think so when you listen to daily casual conversations. “This Job sucks!”...

Riding up hill, into the wind, both ways

Riding uphill, into the wind, both ways. There are those restless souls amongst us who always seem to be swimming upriver in the mainstream of life...

The pleasure of human interaction

The Pleasure of Human Interaction The eminent Psychologist, Sigmund Freud, defined “isolationism” as a mind’s “defense mechanism” against perceived...

What is Christmas, Virginia??

What is Christmas, Virginia? “Oh Holy Night! The stars are brightly shining. It is the night of our dear Savior’s birth.” These are the words to one...

New Year's Eve

New Year’s Eve It is the 31st of December in the year of our Lord, 2014. As I contemplate the beginnings of New Year, arriving in a few hours, I...

A Sucker born every minute

“There is a sucker born every minute” is a famous quotation of American circus impresario P.T. Barnum. I always thought his sentiments a tad cynical...

Martin Luther King Day in America

Martin Luther King Day is celebrated every January 15 th in America as a national holiday. Most people like me, who are of a certain age, remember...

Florida Reflections

Florida Reflections We were sitting on our lanai the other night, with a decent cabernet in hand, as we enjoyed the welcome cool of the evening. It...

Vaya Con Dios, Mr. Spock

Vaya Con Dios, Mr. Spock Leonard Nemoy passed on to his eternal reward this Friday, the 27 th of February, in the year of our Lord 2015. The...

Is It LIve or is it Memorex?

Is it Live or is it Memorex ? The above question is a line from a 1982 television commercial, touting the auditory quality of a VHS tape and...

Festa San Guiseppe

Viva San Guiseppe Every year, on March 19 th In Italy, is celebrated the feast of St. Joseph. In particular, Sicilians revere him. In centuries past...


SPRINGTIME Even the casual evocation of the name brings a smile to people’s faces and a twinkle to their eyes. “Spring.” It is the harbinger of...

Stairs- a bridgeable chasm

Stairs- a Bridgeable Chasm Like most people, I never gave much thought to a set of stairs. Most of us climb a flight or two daily and think nothing...

Caloosahatchee River Cruise

Caloosahatchee River Cruise It was a bright and sunny spring day in Ft. Myers, Florida. We were heading across town from Bonita Springs to downtown...

Stories From My Dad

Stories From My Father In my mind’s ear, I can hear the eerie cadence of words even now. My dad would have a flock of us gathered around a campfire...

These Boots are made for walking !

These Boots are made for walkin’ The words from an old Nancy Sinatra song echoed through my head as I left the Doctor’s office this morning. It was...

This Sucker Ain't Gonna Work No More !

“This sucker ain’t gonna work no more” The above laconic expression was not judgmental. It was the considered opinion of a gifted and licensed...

Carpe Diem, Mes Amie.

“Carpe Diem, Mes Amie” Sheesh, the words on the print out read “removal of a malignant lesion.” That even sounded scary to me and I wasn’t all that...

The Poetry Of Life

The Poetry Of Life We were sitting in a writer’s critique group in Amherst, N.Y. discussing a poem presentation that had just been given by the...

Keepers Of The Flame

Keepers Of The Flame It was a sunny day, temperature in the seventies, in Western New York. In Buffalo, when the sun shines, all hands are outside...

Look Away. Look Away Dixieland

Look Away, Look Away, Dixieland Most people, over a certain age, remember this catchy tune from the Old South. It is from a difficult period in our...

Buffalo- A Series of Ethnic Villages

A Piece Of The Banner Chapter I A Series of Ethnic Villages It is a place that exists more in the minds of those who live there than anywhere else...

A Gathering Of The Clan

A Gathering Of The Clan It was a balmy Saturday in late August. We were gathered at the sparkling new venue of the Buffalo River Works on Ganson...

Never Mind !

Nevermind ! Saturday Night Live produced a number of iconic characters that resonated with the American Psyche. John Belushi, Dan Akroyd, Chevy Chase...

The Satraps Of Sneer

The Satraps Of Sneer It was a solemn occasion, the passing of a friend. We were sitting in church, thinking of the vibrant person that he had been...

Ebenezer Scrooge Was a Jolly Old Soul !

Scrooge was really a jolly old soul! As Christmas time approached us, in the 1950’s, we always looked with great anticipation to watching the 1951...

Niagara On The Lake- Canada

Niagara On The lake Excursion Sun. Sept. 13, 2015- Amherst, N.Y. We were up by 7 A.M. It was still raining outside. Yesterday, a stalled low front...

Niagara On The Lake- part 2

Mon. Sept. 14, 2015- Niagara On The Lake- Ontario, Canada We were up by 6:30 A.M. It was 49 degrees F and cool. We watched the early news and enjoyed...

Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night

Do not go gentle into that good night, Old age should burn and rage at close of day; Rage, rage against the dying of the light. The words are the...

David versus corporate goliath ?

Hyundai Motors Corp. Dear Managers, Thank you for your latest attempt to communicate with us on Friday, Sept. 24, 2015. While we do appreciate the...

Have you no sense of decency, Gentlemen?

“Have you no sense of decency, Gentlemen?” During the 1954 “Army vs. McCarthy” congressional hearings, there occurred one of the more memorable...

Off With Their Heads !

Off With Their Heads ! Many of us grew up watching the animated cartoon version of the Lewis Carroll fantasy, “Alice In Wonderland.” The greatly...

Happy Days Are here again or are they?

Happy Days are here again or are they ? In a personable tour de force, Donald Trump appeared on ABC’s morning “ Today Show.” The genial Mr. Trump...

Never Look a gift horse in the mouth

Never look a gift horse in the mouth. The meaning of that phrase came to mind one day when we were standing in line at the Panera Bread Company,...

What Does That Mean?

What Does That Mean? Our language is continually evolving. Every generation contributes its own idioms expressing their collective wisdom. A few...


Christmas “Oh Holy Night! The stars are brightly shining. It is the night of our dear Savior’s birth.” These are the words to one of the more...

The Fal of St. Brigid's Hall

The Fall of St. Brigid’s Hall The December 29, 2015 Buffalo News article was prosaic enough. It denoted the razing of St. Brigid’s Community Center...


"S M I T T Y ' S" Like most ethnic neighborhoods, there are a few watering holes, in South Buffalo, that act as front line positions, in the...

The Day The Sunset Waited

The Day the Sunset Waited We were playing golf, at the Spring Run Golf Complex in Estero Florida, with friends, Joe & Phyllis Schneider, from...

Playing Golf is not for Mastodon Hunters

Playing Golf is not for Mastodon Hunters The game of golf involves the smooth coordination of a number of the bodies muscles groups and skeletal...

The Stepford People

The Stepford People I grew up in a very good home, with eleven brothers and sisters. We lived in a neighborhood where such large families were the...

Take me out to the Ball Game

Take me out to the ball game It was one of those golden days of late February that make Florida so famous for its mild weather. The temps were a...

Visiting your own wake

Visiting your own wake I have often wondered what it would be like to attend my own wake. After a lifetime in the political arena, I have amassed a...

The Easter Conundrum

The Easter Conundrum Easter was always a special time for us as children growing up in a Catholic household. New Clothes and a week-long build up of...

Theater of the Real

Theater Of The Real We were enjoying a live, dramatic performance of “Twelve Angry Men.” It was a rendition of Reginald Rose’s powerful tale of...

Turning up the flame on the simmering pot.

Turning up the flame on a simmering pot. At sixty- seven years of age, and living in retirement in Florida, you would think my native Hibernian...

New York Presidential Primary

For the first time in many years, the New York State Presidential Primary has become a critical benchmark in the American electoral process. Both the...

The Rites of Spring

The Rites of Spring I was making my annual spring pilgrimage to Holy Cross Cemetery in Lackawanna, N.Y. It was one of those golden days of spring in...

A Riot of Pastels on a Sunny Day

A Riot of Pastels on a sunny day. It was one of those golden days of late May in Buffalo, New York. The 80-degree temperature was tempered by a seven...

Truth or Illusion ?

Did the media jump the gun in awarding Hillary Clinton the Democratic nomination before all of the delegates were elected officially? Yes, but the...

Camels Riding on the Moon

Camels Riding On The Moon I was driving down Sheridan Dr. in Amherst, New York. I was stooped at a red light, idling the car and musing. I happened...

Buffalo The Beautiful

Buffalo The Beautiful It is late June of 2016, as I write this missive. These last five weeks in Buffalo have been the most idyllic that I have ever...

Buffalo's Outer harbor

Buffalo’s Outer Harbor It was another sunny, glorious Saturday in the Big B. We loaded up our bikes onto the bike rack and set off for the outer...

The Fourth of July in America

The Fourth of July “We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal,” is one of the stirring phrases from our Declaration of...

Alpine Adventure- part I

Alpine Adventure We had always wanted to visit Bavaria and see Switzerland and Austria. Dozens of movies, like “Heidi, “ “The Sound of Music,” and “...

Alpine Adventure- part II

Saturday, July 16 th - Frankfurt Am Main, Germany We were up early, eager to explore Frankfurt. Its history dates back to the time of the Romans...

Alpine Adventure- part III

Part III Sunday July 17. 2016- Frankfurt am Main, Germany We were up early today at 5 A.M., our Circadian rhythms all askew. We watched the British...

Alpine Adventure- Part IV

Part IV Monday, July 18,2016- Rothenburg to Muenchen We were all assembled and rolling by 8 A.M. We were travelling down the “Romantic Highway.”...

Alpine Adventure- part V

Tuesday, July 19, 2016- Muenchen & Oberammergau We were up and rolling by 8:30 A.M. A local guide, named Elizabeth, had joined us for a tour of...

Alpine Adventure- part VI

Part VI Wed. July 20,2016- Salzburg, Austria We were up and rolling by 7:30 A.M. It was to be a long day, headed south and east into Osterreich (...

Alpine Adventure- part VII

Fri. July 22, 2016- Vienna (Wien) Austria We were up and rolling by 7:30 A.M. for our visit to the Hapsburg Summer Palace at Schonbroen. Gabby, a...

Alpine Adventure- part VIII

Sat. July 23, 2016- Villach, Austria It was muggy and in the 70’s (F) as we left Villach. We were driving west, along the scenic Drau River valley...

Alpine Adventure- part IX

Part IX Sunday, July 24,2016- Innsbruck, Austria An early morning start found us driving along the INN River Valley into Switzerland. The River Inn,...

Alpine Adventure-part X

Part X- Alpine Adventure Mon. July 25, 2016- St. Moritz, Switzerland. A later start this morning allowed us to loll about until 8:30 A.M. The huge...

Alpine Adventure- part XI

part- XI Tuesday, July 26, 2016- Lugano, Switzerland. We were rolling early this morning at 7:45 A.M. driving south and west along the Alta Strada...

Alpine Adventure- part XII

Part XII Wed. July 27, 2016- Zermatt, Switzerland We were up early at 7:00 A.M., conditioned already to the early wake up call, rushed breakfast and...

Alpine Adventure- part XIII

Part XIII Wed. July 28, 2016- Zermatt, Switzerland We got rolling even earlier this morning. We were scheduled to meet Lucy at the Bahnhof, by 7:45 A...

Alpine Adventure- part XIV

Part XIV Saturday, July 30, 2016- Lucerne, Switzerland We were up early. I was able to pack up and get our bags out into the hall or pickup. Ready...

Alpine Adventure- part XV- Finis

Part XV- finis Sunday, July 31, 2016 - Frankfurt Am main- Finis We rose later this day, having caught a full nine hours of sleep and feeling a little...

Alpine Adventure- part VII- oops, forgot a day !

Thursday July 21, 2016- Vienna, Austria We were up early, had breakfast and boarded the bus for a brief City Tour. Gabby, our local guide introduced...

Buffalo's Irish Festival- 2016

A Gathering of Buffalo’s Clan Na Gael. From the center of the small hill, at the seaward side of Wilkeson’s Point on Buffalo’s outer harbor, you can...

Their is dignity in work, however humble the position.

Our jobs are the essence of what we are. You wouldn’t think so when you listen to daily casual conversations. “This Job sucks!” might be a bad day...

The Silly Season

I spent my entire adult life working in the political arena. I have long ago become inured to the nutty and irrelevant comments, charges and counter...

U.S. Electoral College decides U.S. Presidents

I put this together for a Canadian friend who asked what is the role of the "Electoral College" in naming U.S, Presidents and VPs. 2016 Presidential...

In The Lee of Hurricane Mathew

In The Lee of Mathew The offshore winds, from the outer rings of Hurricane Mathew, were whipping the waves into a delightful lacy froth. It is...

The Super Moon

The Super Moon Meteorologists, t.v. weathermen and pundits of all types have been hyping the arrival of the “super Moon” in the third week of...

Civil Dissent in America

Civil dissent in America “To announce that there must be no criticism of the President, or that we are to stand by the President, right or wrong, is...

Nuclear Chess

We were enjoying a lecture about the life and times of Russian Premier Vladimir Putin. The talented speakers included sections about Russian...

Traffic Lottery

The Traffic Lottery I almost killed someone the other day. That sounds a bit dramatic I know, but it is never the less true. We were driving along...

Land of The Free

“The Land of The Free” During the late 1960’s, our nation nearly came apart at the seams. Dissent and protest sprung up everywhere. Not only was the...

The Origin of Stories

My niece, Jennifer Grisanti, a Los Angeles based film and movie script-writing consultant, posted an intriguing comment the other day. “The void...

Save it for good !

Save It For Good It is an expression from child hood that I still sometimes use. Growing up in a large family, with limited resources, meant that...

Lenten Fish Frys

Lenten Fish Frys In an Irish Catholic neighborhood like South Buffalo the Friday night fish fry, during Lent, is a ritual as unbending and as regular...

International Women's Day

International Women’s Day is today. It is a fitting celebration for the most important person in most of our lives. Wife, mother, aunt, sister,...

Tears of the Innocents

I saw a seventeen-year-old girl cry today and it made me angry. The young girl was being interviewed by a local television reporter about the effects...

Grace and Style Under Pressure

I watched a young female golfer on Sunday, named Lexie Thompson. She showed the world what grace under pressure and resilience of spirit are all...

Old Tunes open the gateways of memories

“Oldies” open up the gateways of memory Every once in a while, an old tune from yesteryear will reach out and grab my consciousness. A memorable...

The Doorway Effect

The Doorway Effect Have you ever walked into another room, determined to accomplish some task or other, and when you got there, forgotten what it is...

Deja Vu all over again

Deja Vu all over again ! Here we go again. Will the government of the United States of America shut down this Friday? Will the sky fall? As Famed New...

Oh, Canada

“ Oh Canada, our own and greatest friend” “Oh Canada,” I hear in my thoughts and smile. I have heard and sung that Canadian Anthem on a thousand...

Homeward Bound

Homeward Bound We are setting out tomorrow, headed North to the “Big B.”(Buffalo, N.Y.) It is hot here already in SW Florida, with temperatures...

A Sunny Day

A Riot of Pastels on a sunny day. It was one of those golden days of late May in Buffalo, New York. The 70-degree temperature was tempered by a seven...

Gods, Goblins And Saints

Gods, Goblins and Saints. A comment from a former neighbor and childhood friend got me thinking. She was remarking upon our collective reliance upon...

Fair Britannia, you do not stand alone !

Fair Britannia, You Do Not Stand Alone. During the darkest days of W.W. II, when Britain stood virtually alone on the European Continent, against the...

The Candy Bombers of W.W. II

The Candy Bombers of W.W. II The River Main (mine) divides the city of Frankfort, Germany. Unlike most older cities in Europe, Frankfurt’s downtown...

The Sainted Amongst Us.

The Sainted Amongst Us. I had an opportunity recently to trade messages, with former Buffalo News Editor Margaret Sullivan, now a respected columnist...

The Lake

The Lake It was a magical phrase to those of us in our late teens, during the 1960’s. Several gathering spots, situated along the Lake Erie shore...

Engine Number Eight

Engine # 8 on Chicago Street The boarded up, red-brick, old building at 176 Chicago Street, in Buffalo’s old First Ward, looked forlorn and crumbling...

The Land of Plastic Plants and porcelain Pets.

“The Land of plastic plants and porcelain pets.” It is a name and a sardonic reference to the many rules and regulations, in Florida Golf Communities...

The River of Time

The River of Time The River of Time keeps on flowing along, is probably a song lyric someplace. I have just forgotten where. I had pause to think of...


FILTERS From an early age of my twenties, in the political arena, I have had to grapple with the notion that many people think differently than I do...

Thanks y'all.

Thanks, Y'all ! Grazie Mille is Italian for “Thanks a bunch.” It is a sentiment that I often express here on ABC Tales for the many readers who take...

Women are too strident in their advocacy.

Women Are Too Strident In Their Advocacy I have seen this canard foisted often in the public arena. Women are deemed “strident” if their advocacy of...


Moonspeak “Moonies” is the only name that I have been able to come up with to describe the employment of synchronized thoughts, actions and words of...

Political Illusions

ILLUSIONS AND PERSUASIONS Sometimes, in Government and Politics, logic and the compelling cogency of righteousness, are not enough to win an argument...

Sunday's Rant

Sunday’s Rant Some day’s there just ought to be “someone to see about what is going on.” Like, how do we deal with that megalomaniac child-emperor,...

Hurricane Irma Comes Calling

Hurricane Irma Comes Calling. It was early September, in the year of our Lord, 2017. A monster storm had formed in the Atlantic Ocean, off Cape Verde...

Irma Came calling- part II

Irma came calling- part II Saturday night, the howling monster crawled along the northwest coast of Cuba, devastating that rural area. The Cubans...

When The Rain Falls

When the Rain Falls It is the beginning, of the first line of lyrics, to a favored Beatle’s tune. The phrase always makes me smile in remembrance. I...

A Wild Ride To Florida

A Wild Ride to Florida We rolled into Estero, Fl. This morning after a three-day, 24-hour driving time ride, from Western New York. We had seen much...

Trash Piles in Paradise

Trash Piles in Paradise It is mid-October of 2017, in Southwest Florida. Hurricane Irma had passed over the area some four weeks past, leveling trees...

The Cremation of Sam McGee"

“The Cremation of Sam McGee” - by Robert W. Service The Poem opens with a rhyming Octet explaining the subject of the work: There are strange things...

Fare well and away fair lad.

Fare well and away, fair lad. We were sitting outside of The Panera Bread Company, at Coconut Point, in Estero, Fl. on a balmy, late-November,...

Thanks For The Memoires

Thanks For The Memories, Bob. We were fortunate enough to watch a Bob Hope retrospective tonight, on the local PBS network. It was a nostalgic and...

What Price Glory ?

What Price Glory? Watching the entire “Roy Moore” Senate Election travesty unfold in Alabama, I am reminded of a Chapter from the Bible, specifically...

Snow Cannons

Snow Cannons The sun was shining brightly. It reflected brilliantly off the snowy white blanket that smothered the streets and houses of Buffalo and...


I was born on the Fourth of March, a time of year in Buffalo, N.Y. when Winter still locks the area in its icy grip. Spring always seemed a long time...

Please sir, I would like some more !

" Please Sir, I'd like some more. " The words are from a scene in the movie "Oliver." Charles Dickens portrayed the characters in his epic novel "...

New Year's Eve 2017

New Year’s Eve It is the 31st of December in the year of our Lord, 2017. As I contemplate the beginnings of New Year, arriving in a few hours, I...

America, a colorful quilt of diversity!

Martin Luther King Day is celebrated every January 15 th in America as a national holiday. Most people like me, who are of a certain age, remember...

Respect For Diversity

I sent this letter out, several years back, to a hard-working, hyphenated American citizen whose worth had been maligned by an insensitive comment...

To Trump or not to Trump

I worked for over thirty years in the political arena of WNY. Many of those years were spent battling in the super-heated contests of local elections...

Emmanuel's Wake

Emmanuel’s Wake It was just after the turn of the new century, in 1903, that Emmanuel Martin Sr., founder of the burgeoning Martin clan, passed on at...

Follow The Yellow Brick Road

"Follow The Yellow Brick Road" In Politics, as in many areas of business, the road to advancement can be a rocky one. Sometimes, double dealing,...

Gemstone of the Adirondack Mountains

GEMSTONE OF THE ADIRONDACKS Winter, in upstate New York, is a cross country skiers delight. The snow cover is usually good. There are lots of...

A Breach of Trust

A Breach of Trust I read the current news accounts, about f the Olympic physician abusing his young patients, and am appalled. How could this type of...

Where Do Stories Come From?

My niece, Jennifer Grisanti, posted an intriguing comment on line. “The void between illusion and the truth is where story lives,” she said. It got...

Father Baker's Church

I was born in Our Lady of Victory Hospital, just across the street from the magnificent Basilica of Our Lady of Victory, in Lackawanna, New York. I...

The Booze Cruise

It was a sunny and warm Sunday, during late February in Florida. The temperatures were soaring into the mid-eighties, something unusual even for...

Ride to the sound of the guns !

Saddle Up And Ride To The Sound of The Guns To quote the esteemed fab four (Beatles), “I read the news today, oh boy!” Specifically, I was intrigued...

And a child shall lead them

“And a child shall lead them” is a popular biblical verse, from Isaiah, chapter 11. It is often used as a citation by the religious, advising us that...

St. Patrick's Day in Florida

St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Florida It was eighty degrees and sunny out, on a clear and beautiful morning in Naples Florida. We were standing on the...


Books are a passport for me to the ages. When I see one standing upon a library or bookstore shelf, I think of the many ideas that lie within and the...

A Good Cup of Coffee

A Good Cup of Coffee We read the announcement, for a “Coffee Tasting,” in our Spring Run online bulletin. Josh Petrovsky, our Food and Beverage...

Posting on the net- new age graffiti ?

Posting on The Net- New age graffiti? As a frequent poster on the net, I sometimes wonder who reads my stories. Like graffiti artists the world over...


Opinions-Everybody has them “ Cogito ergo sum” is a Latin, philosophical proposition by René Descartes usually translated into English as "I think,...

English is a colorful language

English is a colorful language. I have always been fascinated by the use of idioms in the English language. Usually, there is no literal correlation...

Contest on a windy day

A golfing trial on a windy day It was a lovely, late April day in Southwest Florida. We had been to the gym and the library earlier in the morning. A...

The Perspicacity of Aging

The Perspicacity of Aging It drives the youngsters up the wall when anyone “over a certain age” intimates that perhaps they have a better and more...

The Florida Immigrants

It was the year of our Lord, 1513. The Spanish explorers, who came after Cristobol Colon (Columbus), had pushed further into the Caribbean Sea,...

Harry & Meghan

Harry & Meghan Like millions of other fascinated viewers, around the globe, we watched the Wedding ceremony of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle at...

Motorized Gophers

Motorized Gophers It was a busy Friday afternoon in Amherst, N.Y. People were in their cars, traveling in swarms, going hither and yon to accomplish...

Spring in Buffalo, N.Y.

It was one of those golden days of late May in Buffalo, New York. The 80-degree temperature was tempered by a seven-mph zephyr that cooled the skin...

Slipping Back in Time

Slipping Back in Time It was a gray and dreary day in western New York. The temps hovered in the low sixties. We were up and about early and decided...

Give Thanks for What You Have

Give Thanks for What You Have We were sitting in front of Wegman’s, on a Saturday morning, enjoying coffee and breakfast. We had been to the gym this...

A Conversation with North Korea

A Conversation with North Korea Like most of the planet on Monday, I watched the televised hoopla surrounding the meeting of U.S. President Donald...

Niagara on the Lake- Ontario, Canada

Niagara On The Lake, Ontario-Canada We were visiting Niagara On the Lake, in Ontario. This charming village sits along the Niagara River, just as it...

U.S. Supreme Court Decisions

A thoughtful friend offered an interesting take on the nuanced term “precedence.” Like most media trendy verbiage, this one presumes to offer...

He ain't heavy, he's my brother.

“He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother” Americans seem to be hurling verbal insults at each other daily, decrying how venomous the “other side” is acting...

Checks and Balances in Government

“We hold these truths to be self-evident” President Donald Trump yesterday nominated appellate Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh to fill the vacancy, of...

"You know" ain't y'all !

“You know?” Ain’t Y’all “YOU KNOW?” It is a phrase that you hear increasingly, from television announcers, after an expository statement. I don’t...

A Drilling from the Dentist

A Drilling from the Dentist One of the more prevalent fears, that most of us have from childhood, is a visit to the Dentist. Most of the apprehension...

Brotherhood of the befuddled

The pressures of paying rent or mortgage, and all of the other collective bills in a family’s life, was a burden that most men carried daily into...

Muscular Thumbs

Muscular Thumbs It was a bright, sunny morning in Amherst, N.Y. We found ourselves in the Fitness 19 gym, on North Forest Rd. At our advancing age,...

Vaya Con Dios, John McCain

Johnny, we hardly knew ye The title is in fact from that of a favored novel about the late President John Fitzgerald Kennedy. But in many ways, it...


Fame An outsized statue, standing tall It sits in a park or monument hall. It speaks of valor in times now past. I wonder how long the memory can...

Equal Justice Under The law

“ Equal Justice under the law.” “Equal Justice Under the Law” is the motto of the Supreme Court of the United States of America. It is a powerful...

Diogenes would be proud !

Diogenes would be proud! Most of us run the financial gauntlet daily. Our eyes are on the lookout for rascals and charlatans in our daily commerce...

Canadian Weed

“Weed is blowing in the wind to the North” Marijuana is now legal to purchase and use all across the grand expanse of La Belle Canada. Who would have...

Crocodile Tears

Crocodile Tears According to Wikipedia, the expression comes from an ancient anecdote that crocodiles weep for the victims they are eating. A...

Landing On Mars

Landing On Mars At approximately 11:30 A.M. (EST) on this Monday, the day of our Lord, November 26 th 2018, The American Space Agency (NASA)...

Cuba-Land of Mystery & Revolution

Cuba, Land of Mystery And Revolution We were off to see the wizard on Fri. November 30 th . That is of course a figurative term, for going to places...

Habana, Cuba- parte dos

Cuban Excursion- parte- dos Sat. Dec. 1,2018- Havana, Cuba We were up early at 6 A.M. hoping to watch the ship enter Havana Harbor. The television...

Cuban Excursion- parte-tre

Cuban Excursion- parte- tre Sunday, Dec. 2, 2018 We were up early at 6:30 A.M. Mary had retrieved coffee and a pastry from the deck five coffee bar...

Cuban Excursion parte- quatro (at sea)

Cuba Excursion- parte- quatro (at sea) Mon. Dec. 3 rd , 2018- (at sea) We were up early at 5:30 A.M. The seas, rounding the southwest tip of Cuba,...

Cuba- parte cinco-Cien Fuegos

Cuban Excursion- parte- cinco -Cien Fuegos Tues. Dec 4 th , 2018- At sea near Cien fuegos, Cuba We were up by 6 A.M. Coffee and a pastry tided us...

Cuba- parte seis- Santiago

Cuban Excursion- parte – seis -Santiago Wed. Dec. 8 th , 2018- Santiago, Cuba We were up by 7 A.M. The ship was sailing towards Santiago, Cuba. The...

Cuban Excursion- parte ocho- at sea

Cuban Excursion- parte-ocho- at sea- Friday, Dec. 7 th , 2018- at sea- windward passage We were up by 7 A.M. It was already 80 degrees out. Coffee...

Cuban Excursion parte siete- Ocho Rios- Jamaica

Cuban Excursion- parte siete- Ocho Rios, Jamaica Thurs. Dec. 6 th , 2018 We were up by 7 A.M as the Sirena drifted into her berth at Ocho Rios,...

Cuban Excursion-parte nueva- Bahamas and home

Cuban Excursion- parte Nueva- Bahamas Sun. Dec. 9 th , 2018- Great Stirrup Cay- Bahamas We were up at 6 A.M. The Sirena was sailing into the Berry...

The Skin of a Vampire

It is early January in Florida. It was time for another dermatological exam. In my earlier years, I would never have thought in a million years of...

The Great Southern Wall Debate

The Great Southern Wall Debate The great wall of China was constructed over a period of 2,000 years, using at times up to one million men every year...

He ain't heavy, he's my brother.

A recent article in the New York Times, by Bret Stephens a columnist, offered an appraisal of the collapse of the Venezuelan economic model. The...

San Antonio, Texas -part one

San Antonio, Texas – Trip Log Thurs. Feb. 28, 2019 We arose early at 3:30 A.M., prepped and set off for Ft. Myers Airport (RSW) by 4:15 A.M. Planes...

San Antonio,Texas- part II

San Antonio- part II Fri. March 1, 2019- San Antonio, Texas We were up by 6 A.M. It was a chilly 46 degrees out. Coffee and news programs occupied us...

San Antonio, Texas- part III

San Antonio, Texas- part III Sat. March 2, 2019 We arose early to a gray and damp day. It was 47 degrees out. Like most cities, San Antonio looks...

San Antonio, Texas- part IV

San Antonio, Texas- part IV Sunday, March 2, 2019 We were up early, on this bleak and cold morning. It was 30 degrees out. Matt Garcia, from...

John S. Mc Cain- American Hero

Johnny, we hardly knew ye The title is in fact from that of a favored novel about the late President John Fitzgerald Kennedy. But in many ways, it...

Woodpeckers Bring on the Darkness

Woodpeckers bring on the darkness We were watching a golf match on television one Thursday afternoon, in our place in Estero, Florida, when the TV...

Razing the Roof

Razing the Roof The day for re-roofing had finally arrived. Seventeen months ago, Hurricane Irma had struck South Florida, doing considerable damage...

My First published story. 25 years ago

The Tiger Gun When we were children, Carl and I used to roam the wilds of Cazenovia Park, on the south side of Buffalo, New York. We walked the creek...

DNA. Dance of the Gene pools.

DNA- Dance of the gene pool. Who are you? My wife Mary had purchased me one of those DNA kits as a birthday present. I dutifully expectorated into...

The Kleenex People

The Kleenex People In the daily struggle, of serving in the public life of elective politics, there are unique individuals who are entitled “The...

"Post it notes" on your forehead

Have you ever walked into another room, determined to accomplish some task or other, and when you got there, forgotten what it is you were going to...


The impeachment of a president Like most Americans, I looked forward with great anticipation to reading of the findings of the “Mueller Report,” a...

The Gift of Gab

The Gift of Gab There are few traits more closely associated with those of Irish Heritage than “The Gift of Gab.” Defined by Wikipedia as “the...

A Free press in a free land

Washinton Post Columnist Margaret Sullivan’s piece, on the imminent departure of White House press rep. Sarah Sanders, caused me to remember many...

The Right of Dissent in America

“The Right of Dissent in America” During the late 1960’s, our nation nearly came apart at the seams. Dissent and protest sprung up everywhere. Not...

Pork or Baloney?

“Pork Chop” is a two hundred-pound, pot-bellied pig who resides in a suburban home in Amherst, N.Y. All was well in the household until the lard-...


The entrance gates are a massive, granite and wrought iron affair that would do honor to a Loire Valley Chateau. “Forest Lawn” is emblazoned across...

Democratic Presidential debates

Big Brother is watching and tweeting The first of the Democratic Presidential debates are near. With a crowd of two dozen or more prospective...