Chronicles of Warlord Putinpot written by Alfred N.Muggins

Varied reports, stories, exaggerations, speculations and chronicles based on observations, fears, dreams, and fantasies (or nightmares!) concerning the Warlord Putinpot (variously named!) and his ambitions, actions, and failings!

Alfred N.Muggins’ Response To Words Of Wisdom From Tolkien!

The Dark Lord eventually returns, unfortunately in a new guise! He has been quietly building his reserves and his military for many years, waiting to restore the Dark Empire, using his slaves to kill his opponents wherever he finds them!

Easter 2022 by Alfred N. Muggins

The whole world prays as Putin’s stooges, young inexperienced soldiers, pilots, sailors and generals reign down death upon civilians turned into...

Inside the Mind Of Vladimir Putin by Mr Alfred N.Muggins

16/3/22 (Potentate Putin, Comrade KGB, The Terrorist President, The Last Czar of Russia (who has now definitely superceded Nicholas Romanov II, who...

Plutocracy! By Alfred N.Muggins

(given that I believe Putin should be exiled to Pluto!) Plutocracy! : the opposite of Democracy : the opposite of decency : the opposite of...

Risk! By A.N.Muggins

I once met a lady from Bratsk, at a bus stop in Sheffield, I’d never heard of the place before, even though I reckoned myself to be a bit of an...

War! : More Thoughts by Alfred N.Muggins

6/3/22 Apparently the Great Leader has pronounced that War is no longer to be called War? Many millions of people across Ukraine, in particular, and...

What’s Wrong With Putin? By Alfred N.Muggins

What’s wrong with Putin? Hasn’t he got enough wives? I would assume that he must have a wife. I can’t say, I’ve never seen her. Does he bring her to...

Where Art Thou James Bond? By Alfred N.Muggins

15/5/22 Unfortunately James Bond had apparently just been killed off in his last film (although Alfred had not seen it yet, and probably would not...