Miscellaneous Poems

Just Another War

How can we possibly imagine? ---------------------------------------- I look out of the window to see a sun shine, My children in a library, a million books define, An accumulation of knowledge, an acknowledgement to men,

A Working Complaint

It's been a hard day's night, And I've been working like a dog,

At the Going Down of The Sun

I looked back at a crowded celluloid, I was a nameless actor just for a few moments,
Gold cherry


Celluloid dreams, electric sheep, Talkies from the 40s, Silent movie nostalgia, Art imitating life. Curtains peeling, revealing an MGM lion roaring,...

Roy Batty

Stoical, silicon android eyes of a beholder beholden, only to what’s real. Where consciousness ends and the subconscious begins. In a twilight world...

A Case of Serial Misjudgement

“Should have done better (at school)” it said, My report card as summarised by the Head, If only he’d been the son of a lawyer, A dentist, a doctor...

My Mom's Heart

Dawn chorus calling, sunrise of a new soul, she weeps, gazing at your seraphic features. A guardian angel for the ages. Always there, listening, her...

Radio Times

A polyphonic spectrum of melody and sound, a rhapsody of composition, a toccata in fugue. Aural symphony, timpani, Marconi’s dream retold, Wireless...

Hibernal Solstice

Dark winter dawn broken by shards of sunlight beckoning the shortest day. A diurnal heraldry calling Jupiter and Saturn, a Christmas star forged by...

Christmas Time

Silent reflections of latter day Saints, Kings and martyrs in Christian lore. Magi bearing gifts, led by a star, instructed by Herod, malevolence...

Eleanor Cross

Eleanor, highborn of Castile, favoured daughter of Ferdinand, beloved, revered Queen to Albion’s powerhouse: The Longshanks. Noble monarch, woman of...